Secret Success Machine Conference Call with Marc Barrett

Secret Success Machine conference call recording

On this call you will hear about the incredible success that our team members are having with Secret Success Machine by using our exclusive buyer leads and a unique marketing approach

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Secret Success Machine

A New Years Day Gift From Marc Barrett

So where do you want your “New Year” sent?

It’s pretty amazing to think about really, today we will receive the very special gift of a whole new year to play with.

Untouched, untarnished, unused, a blank slate of 12 full months for us to write the days of our lives on.

So how are you going to use yours? Any plans?

This is the reason that people feel compelled to do New Year’s Resolutions. We kind of pledge to ourselves that we are not going to waste another one of those brand new years.

Well as you are pondering your “Resolutions” for the coming year here is a thought.

I heard a great quote from a motivational coach several months ago who was trying to describe how most people feel about success in life.

Like the old saying goes, he said that most people spend their lives waiting for opportunity to knock at their door.

He went on to say that if you really want success, forget waiting by the door, you should go out, track down opportunity, club it to the ground and drag it home with you.

The essence is of course, to decide what you want, understand that no one but you will ever lay it in your lap, and go for it.

Like the famous saying by comedian Jonathan Winters

“If your ship doesn’t come in, swim out to meet it!”

Success in life is all about taking action, in every moment of every day.

So enough of the sidelines, watching is safe but it’s only in action that we will define our lives.

So let’s make that our resolution

As the ancient Romans used to say, “Carpe diem”

“Seize the Day!”

PS: Ready to make 2015 The Best Income Year you ever had? Here is a special gift that just maybe can make that happen

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Move Your WordPress Blog To A New Host? – Is It Worth The Trouble?

move your wordpress blogWhy on earth would anyone want to move their WordPress blog to a new host?

I mean in this day of cheap shared hosting I could never imagine that you could ever wear out your welcome with a hosting company….

I mean if you look at most shared web hosting packages they pretty much imply that they will give you unlimited Domain hosting, unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, and pretty much unlimited everything for about $4 a month.

What a deal! I mean how can you beat that?

I mean once you jump into bed with a hosting provider why would you ever leave or move to another provider? Especially in the case of trying to move a large WordPress blog, it becomes simply too complicated.

Well unfortunately as you grow you will find that unlimited hosting is not really unlimited, it’s only unlimited up to a certain point….

Good grief and I thought only politicians did that talking out of both sides of your mouth stuff.

So case in point I have a couple of hosting accounts for my websites but my Hostgator account has pretty much been my favorite and so I have loaded it up with 40 or 50 websites and 10 or 15 WordPress sites, plus streaming video, tracking programs, and well you name it and it was there.

Error Messages Part 1

So the first issue that showed up (after 3 years of growth) was that the automatic backup did not run anymore since I had too many “inodes”, whatever those are and so they will not backup a site that has over 100,000 of these strange creatures.

Now when I called them and asked what the problem was and told them I had an unlimited account they said that was true but…………

Not for Inodes….

So at least with the inode issue it turned out that unlimited was not actually unlimited.

So I did manual backups one a week, no big deal.

That was until the next issue…

Error Messages Again…

I started to get a rash of internal sever errors (error code 500) and the web pages that my viewers were trying to look at just came up with a picture of a big alligator (HostGator’s logo) and said

Sorry but there is an internal server error 500 and the web page you were trying to view is not available…

When I contacted support they said that I had too many processes running on my web pages?

It turned out that if you have webpage scripts running (usually PHP) and the usage across all of your sites hits 25 at one time then the server turns your site off for about 5 min

So I told the tech guy… “Hey I thought I had unlimited?”

And he said I did, except for that…..

Ah ha!

I think I am beginning to catch on…

Unlimited is not really unlimited it only sort of unlimited and only in certain areas and on certain days…. Etc

So this was another case of unlimited not really being unlimited….

Deceptive little critters those alligators….

Well I should point out that pretty much every web host out there does exactly the same thing, and up to the point that my website empire had apparently strained the “Unlimited” system, I really had no problems with Hostgator and their customer support had been great.

So it was either upgrade to what is called a VPS (virtual private server) or a dedicated server where you don’t have those same limits and then you have a more unlimited “Unlimited” system

…. Or something like that

Or I had to find the websites that were the worst offenders and somehow fix them?

I have to point out here that I am only sort of tech proficient and have no desire to be more that.

However through their help I did find the major offender was my main blog

I guess it just got too big or I was too wordy in my articles, and well it got to be over 13 gigabytes and apparently was getting way too many hits

That is a happy problem by the way…

So I decided to move  it over to a new C panel hosting account I had just setup on Godaddy..

And to see if once I reduced that pressure on my “Unlimited” system at Hostgator, if that pesky Alligator would stop showing up and harassing my viewers with 500 error messages.

How To Move Your WordPress Blog To A New Host

So the adventure began….

Moving a huge blog and the accompanying database seemed at first to be quite a task but it turned out to actually be not that hard if you follow some step by step instructions

So here is what you do to move your WordPress blog to another host

Move Your WordPress Blog Step 1 

Manually download all files and folders from your WordPress site by FTP and then store them in a folder on your desktop

Move Your WordPress Blog Step 2

Export your MySql database that is attached to your blog

Move Your WordPress Blog Step 3  

Setup an add on domain on your new web host and then upload all WordPress files to your new site

Move Your WordPress Blog Step 4

Import your blog database into your new hosting account and setup a database user identical to the same one you had at your old hosting company

Move Your WordPress Blog Step 5

Change the name servers for your blog to point to your new hosting company

Boom! You’re done! 

Simple yes?

Well to move Your WordPress blog it’s not hard, but there are a few things to watch out for or you may be pulling your hair out in pretty short order with a non-functioning blog and muttering things like


…..OMG what did I do to my blog??


So here is the more detailed version on how to move your WordPress blog to a new host

Move Your WordPress Blog Step 1

Manually download all files and folders from your WordPress site by FTP and then store them in a folder on your desktop

Note 1: Before you move your wordpress blog, clean up your blog and prepare site before downloading anything! Log into your WordPress back office and….

Spam Comments: Delete all spam comments and empty trash in commenting

Delete All Old Themes: These are a security risk, only keep the active one you are using

Caching Programs: Remove all caching plugins and when asked if you also want to delete all files associated with them click “Yes Remove”.

You can re-install them after you move your WordPress blog,  but these plugins will kill your blog on the new site since they will be trying to access data on cached pages that point to references that are no longer there and the php scripts will then crash your blog

If you have problems once you move and re-install your caching program then delete it again (removing all associate files) and install a completely different one

NOTE 2: When transferring files be sure to select all files hidden or otherwise, and be sure your download includes a file called “htaccess”

Note 3: Turn off Anti-Virus Programs: Before you download be sure to turn off your anti-virus software or you may find your anti-virus software grabbing files from your download and removing them into the quarantine and thereby killing your chances of successfully moving your blog

Move Your WordPress Blog Step 2

Export your MySql database that is attached to your blog

NOTE: Use the Cpanel function “PhpMyAdmin”, select your blog database and then select “Export” from the top title bar and then select “Quick” format for the export. Now download and save to your desktop or download folder.

Move Your WordPress Blog Step 3  

Setup an add on domain on your new web host and then upload all WordPress files to your new site by FTP (my favorite program for his is FileZilla)

Move Your WordPress Blog Step 4

Import your blog database into your new hosting account and setup a database user identical to the same one you had at your old hosting company

Note 1: In your Cpanel go to Files>Backups>Restore a MySQL Database and then select the database from your desktop and import

Note 2: Setup Database User: In your new hosting account Cpanel click on “My SQL Databases” and click on “Add New User”.

You must keep the username password the same as you had in your blog previously for you to be able to access the database. If you have forgotten what the password was then you need to go to the folder with your downloaded blog files in it and find the file “Wp-Config.php” and then right click it and select “open with” and select “Notepad” or other text editor on your computer. Then scroll down several lines and you will see a reference to your database password and the password. Write it down and then use this in your new account.

Then in your new host click on “Add User To Database” and select your blog database from the list of available databases and click “Add”

Move Your WordPress Blog Step 5

Change the name servers for your blog to point to your new hosting company

Now if you have done all this step by step your blog should work perfectly on the new site.


Move Your WordPress Blog Error Messages?

If you encounter errors or blank pages when you try to go to your blog then you probably forgot to uninstall the cache plugin on your blog before you transferred it. In this case use you FTP program and go to “wp-content”>”plugins” and then delete the cache plugin folder. Once you can access your blog from your back office then reinstall your Caching program and then immediately un-install it and select to remove all related files. Once you have done that you should be able to re-install it again and it should work fine.

If it still gives you problems then uninstall again and use a different Caching program


Happy Blogging


Move Your WordPress Blog

Secret Success Machine – Fast Track Money Flood Or Just More Hype?

secret success machineSo if you are here looking for a critical arms length review of the Secret Success Machine then you have come to the right place.

In this short critique I will examine the marketing premise behind this supposedly hot money making sales funnel system and if it in fact works as easily as supporters say it does and of course if it really is possible to make money with the Secret Success System.

The Secret Success Machine

So what exactly is the Secret Success Machine and how can it generate the big dollars, $30,000 to $100,000 a month or more, that system users claim it is doing.

The Secret Success Machine – A Top Tier MLM business Model

Well for starters this innovative system uses a Top Tier MLM business model combined with a 100% commission on all sales after qualification.

Top Tier What?…….

So for those of you who do now know this type of business model let me digress for a moment. Al through there are hundreds of different MLM compensation plans out there (ie unilevel, binary, hybrid binary, stairstep breakaway, matrix, etc), there are really only a few business model variations and the big dividing line down the center of this industry is the one that separates Standard MLM and Top Tier MLM.

Standard MLM companies are the ones where the entry level is usually only a few hundred dollars to join. Then this money and the monthly autoship is then distributed by way of their compensation plan down multiple levels in the sales orgasization wiht everyone who qualifies gettign a small piece of the action.

Now once you subtract out all the sexy bells and whistles and Fast Start sponsoring bonuses from the compensation plan, then you are basically left with a 5% compensation plan.

So that means that for every dollar your downline spends on products you make about 5 cents, or for every person on $100 autoship on your team you make about $5.

Now it really does not matter what variety the compensation plan is the bottom line is that they are all about a 5% ballgame.

Standard MLM – The Slow Ticket To Wealth

Now on average you will need over 2000 people in your downline in a standard MLM to even make $5000 a month in residual commissions.

Now this would not be a problem if there were some magical way to bring 2000 people into your organization in the next 30 days however since there is not, this is where you run into the biggest obsticel to the Standard MLM business model…..


It takes time to build a large team, usually 2 + years of consistent work and so you are not going to get to the big money quickly.

Standard MLM business models were never designed to get you to the big money quickly they were designed to let you build an additive residual over time.

So is there any way to actually use a leveraged at home business model and get to the big dollars in a much shorter period of time?

Enter Top Tier MLM or Top Tier Direct Sales

These business models are in the same industry, leveraged home business models, but they are pretty much on the other end of the spectrum from Standard MLM’s.

Top Tier Direct Sales – The Critical Advantage

With business models like the Secret Success Machine and other Top Tier Direct Sales models, the critical difference is that the membership or enrollment fee to join is usually more and the rep gets a much bigger percentage of enrollment fee when they introduce someone to the system.

Many programs will pay anywhere from 50% to as in the case of Secret Success Machine even 100%

So this means that with this business model you can generate money right from the beginning at a much higher level so it is possible to generate first month incomes of anywhere from a few thousand dollars to over $35,000 or more.

Why have I never heard of Top Tier Direct Sales?

Well Top Tier Direct Sales models have been around for 40 years or more but they are not as well known as their low budget cousins since it takes fewer people to power huge incomes.


The Secret of The Secret Success Machine

Now the Secret Success Machine business model has been around since 2009 and so the sales funnel and the system is pretty well time tested.

Secret Success Machine Products

Now generally Top Tier MLM or Top Tier Direct Sales products are usually info products That means they are training or seminar products that teach people something. Now the nice part about this is that in the computer age delivering training products to a customer or member is pretty easy since its setup to stream or autoplay directly from the website (digital delivery) so there is not physical product or inventory, or ship to your new members.

The products within the Secret Success System are seminar based training products that cover several areas including Business Success Training, Marketing Training, and Personal Development Training with the top system having over 111 hours of digital streaming (audio and video) content.

Product Levels start at $500 and go up from there.

The Secret Success System Compensation Plan

The compensation plan is pretty simple, you receive 100% commission on your membership sales on whatever membership level you are enrolled at after you pass-up one qualifying training sale to your enroller (sponsor).

The new Secret Success Machine member will also pay a $197 yearly admin fee to the company for use of the website.

The Secret Success System Integrated Marketing Enginelead generation 650-558

Now as anyone who has been in the home business industry before will tell you the average new person who starts a home business or MLM usually has no idea of how to generate leads for their business.

In Standard MLM’s most sponsors will tend to push new members to make a list of everyone they know and go hunting friends and family for their new enrollees, which of course only gets you so far. I mean how many people do you actulaly know and how many of them are even remotely interested in being in business with you.

You get my drift here…

So to really be successful in this industry you must have a marketing system that can easily generate high volumes of leads for you since…

  • the more leads…
  • the more prospects
  • the more sales
  • the more income

Now one of the things I like about the Secret Success Machine is that they actually mapped this right into their business model. They have a fairly integrated lead generation system that is based on voice broadcasting and can usually generate 20 to 30 hot qualified prospects per day with about 2 hours of work.


What Is The Secret Success System Secret?

Now all this so far may seem pretty standard to anyone who has been in Top Tier Direct Sales before so what’s the secret here? Why is it easier to generate the big dollars with Secret Success Machine than other Top Tier business models?

Well that was part of the reason for my test drive of the Secret Success Machine sales funnel system, I had heard great things about it and some rather astounding numbers in terms of sales and incomes so I just had to check it out myself to see if the hype was true

Check out my Test Drive of the Secret Success Machine Below


Click Video Below To Play

secret success machine

My Test Drive Of This Business Model  Is Complete…

It Generated Over $20,000 Income In 3 Weeks

Using An Out Of The Box System

And Cold Leads….


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Secret Success Machine