Happy Mothers Day Mom!

Well the double whammy happened in 1915!


It was mothers day and also my mom’s birthday.

Image that, being born on mothers day….

Just that one coincidence makes her unique, but of course that is only he barest hint of who she was and what a unique and powerful lady she really was.

Its been over 10 years now that she had been gone, yet the spirit she helped to instill in me will be with me always.

Below is a re-post of a blog post from 10 years ago

My mom is Helen, an inspirational lady in my life and she is 94 and loosing it slowly but surely. The love is still there but the daily mileposts and reminders and memories are now foggy. She still dances to the Beatles music when I take her for ice-cream but then it’s gone.

I visited her this last weekend as I do every week and I noticed something that reached in and seized my soul like an icy hand.

There were these little boxes outside the door of each of their rooms, boxes that they could put things into, mementos and pictures to symbolize them and their lives.

“This is what my life was all about, this is me. “

Wow, what as sobering thought. If we had to, right now  today, put our lives in a little glass box outside our door, what would it say about us?

Would you be proud of your own life? Would you have done all you wanted, or would you still be waiting with the big dreams unfulfilled?

Look before the thought overwhelms you, I will tell you I had a really hard time with that thought. I have had some great success, some huge incomes, I have kids that love me, but wow  my life in a box, that was disturbing.

Those boxes were filled with old pictures of wonderful people in their prime, in the passion of life, living in the moment and looking forward to a future of joy.

I looked at my own life and knew there was so much still left undone, so much still unwritten in my story. Sometimes life presents us with these moments of clarity, of clear view, and challenges us to either hide, or embrace the idea of change and move forward.

I choose forward, you know  its never too late.

May that box at your door be overflowing with a life well lived and with no stone unturned (your bucket list fulfilled). Like the ancient Romans used to say…..

Carpe Diem (seize the day)

Warning! This is How Much Time You Have Left in Life Laid Out in Jelly Beans…..

So a few days ago as I watched the news about all the party hardy spring breakers throwing caution to the wind, not caring about the “Corona Virus” and just

Rocking Out!……

the thought occurred to me how very stupid it was!

But then I went back in my mind and stepped into the shoes of the 20 year old version of myself

and I understood…

When you are young you are immortal right…

And then at some point you realize that you are not! 

and life becomes much more serious as you realize there are limited windows of opportunity to achieve your dreams

Watch this video about your life laid out in jelly beans, and think carefully about the time you have and how you want going to spend it…


A $10 Million Dollar Yacht Sitting Outside My Back Door… Now That’s Success!

Pick your poison…..





What would be your treat to yourself for having really made it?….

For many it would be a sexy car or a huge house, but for me…. The hot button would be a $10 million dollar yacht!

Because I love travel and adventure and just think where that baby could take you….

Oh yeah!

but then when you have a business that allows you to work 4 hours a week

and earn 6 figures a month….


Why Not?


Ready To Join The Club?

top tier direct sales

Do You Feel Like You Are Trapped In The Wrong Life?

big ticket sales

Just admit it!………. 

Watching others succeed when all you have to look forward to is another day of struggle kind of 

Pisses you off!…….. 

You know that feeling you get as you drag yourself out of bed each day and start the commute to work…..  

and realize all you have to look forward to is another 8 hour day…..

and then only a few precious hours to spend with your loved ones before its bedtime and then you have to do it all over again again tomorrow….. 

The feeling that somehow you are trapped in the wrong life…..

Good grief what every happened to the fun life…..

the free time……

the carefree days of hanging out?

Well there is a better way of course…….

All it takes is a better plan and the courage to step outside the box….

Good grief…stop the struggle Let me show you how…

So if you are tired of the commute working 60 hours each week and not really having a life….

Then its time to take control of your own destiny

This is how….

top tier direct sales



Top Tier Direct Sales vs Network Marketing

What Are Big Ticket Sales

So, what exactly are “Big Ticket Sales” and why should you even care?

Well to sum it up in one word, “profitability”


So, if you are an aspiring online businessperson, you will make more money and have more sanity working on the Big Ticket side of the equation.

Even if you are a sales employee working for someone else, why waste your time selling low end stuff and receiving a low end commission when it’s just as easy to change your focus to the big ticket end of the marketing spectrum and make a lot more.

A recent survey of jobs on ZipRecuriter, showed that Big Ticket sales job openings went as high as $225,000++ per year and more.

Big ticket sales are generally anything costing $1,000 or more. These could be any type of high-end product such as cars, high end bikes, jewelry, or online training and coaching courses.

In the world of online business, Big Ticket entrepreneurs can make 7 figures a year or more, many times selling coaching or training courses many of which run upwards of $20,000 to $50,000 or more, that can generate up to a whopping 100% profit!

Well right now you are probably thinking….


Yes Marc, so take me there, that’s the side of the tracks I want to live on!

Next, your excitement will probably be clouded by the insurmountable obstacle….

“Wait! I have no training program to sell and I don’t even know how to create one much less market it!”

Well, if you are not a creative genius, have no fear, there are others who have gone before you and have left trail markers. There are many affiliate programs where the training or info products have already been created, along with the websites, and you can always start by just marketing someone else’s material and collect commissions until that stroke of creative genius taps you on the shoulder.

As a matter of fact, there are a pretty large number of online business people who make over $1 Million are year just marketing Big Ticket affiliate products for others.

So, watch the video above and take a look at how this business model actually works.

Looking for More Information On Top Tier Direct Sales?

Click The Link Below

top tier direct sales

Happy Fathers Day – The Lessons We Learn From Our Fathers

img3005Father’s Day, Ah! Yes!

Sorry this is a couple of days late…

The one day a year all fathers can sit back and bask in the glory of a job well done…..

Well maybe

If you are a dad you probably know where I am going with this right?

Being a Dad can be incredibly frustrating…..

Lets face it if you think raising kids and trying to teach them all the important life lessons is easy…..

Well you just have not been there yet

So what is it about us and learning that sometimes make the lessons so difficult?

I mean here we are a highly intelligent evolved species capable of rational thought (some might argue that point) , self will, and all that good stuff and yet sometimes we struggle so much with the learning process that we miss the actual lesson.

I mean think for a moment about growing up and how your parents probably always tried to make decisions for you that were in your best interest simply because they knew more than you, and because they had learned some of the lessons the hard way they wanted to shield you from the pain of having to go through what they went through, they made the decision for you.

Well you probably know how that turned out…..

Especially if you have tried it with your own kids, it’s usually a disaster, it just doesn’t work.

For some reason, probably because we are all evolved from some person from Missouri (the show me state), we just cant take someone else’s word for something we just have to go and try it ourselves, and then as part of the sometimes painful lesson, we learn it.

We just have to go and make the same mistakes ourselves and only then do we really own it.

That’s the challenge you know of what all parents struggle through, do you make decisions for your kids out of love to keep them from pain, or just step back and give them enough freedom to let them learn the lesson on their own?

Well that brings me to the point of my rant here, today is fathers day and out of tribute to my father I wanted to share how he taught me one of life’s most important lessons.

This is a re-post of a previous blog article

Well it was a combination of things that caused my train of thought to move in this direction.

Harry Barrett

First, it was my father’s birthday a few weeks ago, but there was no birthday cake or candles because he has been gone for 38 years but I did remember him and I was proud.

My father’s name was Harry, and he gave me a gift I know I can never repay, he gave me the gift of belief.

Belief in myself and the idea that I could accomplish anything I chose to, that there were no limits to what you could achieve if you simply decided to make it so.

Like captain Piccard in Star Trek “The Next Generation” used to say……….

“Make it so number 1”

It was not like he handed it to me one day and said  “Marc here’s a box of belief, hang on to it”,  no, he did it by simply being who he was, by the example of his life.

Harry was an exceptional man, born in the coal mining region of Illinois, he was the younger of 10 other siblings and one day there was a mine cave in and fearing one of his brothers was dead went to his dad and told him he was leaving, that the mine was not going to be his future. His understanding father gave him $20 and told his older brother Mitch to go with him and off my dad went to California and his future.

He had about an 8th grade education, but put himself through night school to graduate high school and then moved into the automotive industry.

He ended up working his way into a manufacturing company as a salesman, took the company over and then went on to develop 22 patents on automotive and brake systems for cars.

He ended up with a pretty large company called the “Barrett Equipment Company” that he later sold to a huge publically traded company and then retired.Barrett equipment company


All this with an 8th grade education, some night school, and no formal engineering degree.


I am totally awed… What a guy!


The example of his life has always awed and stuck with me. It provided me with a template for my own.



What it showed me by example, was that we can accomplish anything we wish to, that anything is possible for us if we want it and are willing to pay the price.

Now even though he was enormously successful, he never wore his success to impress people, he was just regular guy. I guess because of this I never felt his shadow on my life as I was growing up. I never had to prove myself or try to be better than him.

There was only the shining example of his life and the very clear lesson he left me with.

Yes you can….

He never told me what to do, he just showed me what was possible.

I thank God for my father and for the possibilities in life….

Now here is the point I was getting to. This morning I watched a YouTube video of Will Smith, the actor talking about life and success. He spoke about talent and about craft. He said that many times people look at people like him and assume his success is due to some gift of talent.

He can be successful where they cannot because he has this talent he was born with. Then he described his craft which is acting and said that it is never enough to have talent if you don’t develop and work on your craft, if you don’t study and develop and master the skills you need to make the talent work.

In short he worked his butt off to develop his acting skills.

I know it was the same with my father, none of it comes easy to any of us, it may seem that way at times but the solid core of truth is that it’s work.

I guess it’s about not only finding our path, but having the belief to hold on to the glimmer of hope and vision that we see somewhere ahead of us, and then never letting go while we grind and polish it to the finely honed diamond of success.

I guess my message here is that you probably wonder if success is really worth the journey…..

Well I smile as I write this….

I think you can see what’s in my heart


Great Words From Actor Will Smith

The Gift of Time

So where do you want your “New Year” sent?

It’s pretty amazing to think about really, Today we will receive the very special gift of a whole new year to play with.

Untouched, untarnished, unused, a blank slate of 12 full months for us to write the days of our lives on.

So how are you going to use yours? Any plans?

This is the reason that people feel compelled to do New Year’s Resolutions. We kind of pledge to ourselves that we are not going to waste another one of those brand new years.

Well as you are pondering your “Resolutions” for the coming year here is a thought.

I heard a great quote from a motivational coach several years ago who was trying to describe how most people feel about success in life.

Like the old saying goes, he said that most people spend their lives waiting for opportunity to knock at their door.

He went on to say that if you really want success, forget waiting by the door, you should go out, track down opportunity, club it to the ground and drag it home with you.

The essence is of course, to decide what you want, understand that no one but you will ever lay it in your lap, and go for it.

Like the famous saying by comedian Jonathan Winters

“If your ship doesn’t come in, swim out to meet it!”

Success in life is all about taking action, in every moment of every day.

So enough of the sidelines, watching is safe, but it’s only in action that we will define our lives.

So let’s make that our resolution

As the ancient Romans used to say, “Carpe diem”

“Seize the Day!”

seize the day

Still searching for Financial Success?

The “Home Business” market can be a bewildering and confusing ocean of exciting but not necessarily easy business models.

Let’s face it, there are a lot of good products and business models out there so how does one even begin to decide?

Hire a guide…

The early explorers to Africa and other strange and new lands knew enough to reach out to the local experts for guidance or they would have spent years wandering around in the bush and never quite getting to where they wanted to go.

Its the same with the home business market, hire a guide that has gone there before you for coaching and guidance. A good coach has the ability to listen to what you want to achieve from your home business and then to sift through all the garbage that is out there and distill it down into the one or two that are going to be the best fit for you.

The marketplace today is teeming with attractive business models and there are a few that can even supercharge your income to over $100,000 per month or more in only a few months but there are also many impostor deals without adequate marketing, training, and support.

Ready for some real coaching from a proven professional…

Contact me for a free consultation


TiDom Review – Ultimate Top Tier Direct Sales or A Doomed Business

TiDomIf you are here looking for a critical non biased review on TiDom you have come to the right website. In this short article I will be reviewing this brand new Top Tier Direct Sales company, its products, its compensation plan, its sales funnel and examining whether or not TiDom is a business that will save your financial future (this is what all Top Tier Direct Sales deals say) or potentially destroy it.

First let’s digress a little bit and take a quick look at what a Top Tier Direct Sales (or as some call it Top Tier MLM) actually is and how it differs from other online or home business models.

Now if you read my article on Home Business Models Review or my article on Top Tier MLM, then you already know the how they compare to each other, but just for the sake of a quick refresher…

Network Marketing

This business model is very popular but the success ratio very low because it takes so long to reach any type of decent monthly income. All variations aside, (Unilevel, Compression, Roll ups, Binary, Directors Check Match, etc.) the bottom line is that pretty much all MLM pay plans yield about 5%.

So that means that since your monthly residual comes primarily from your downlines monthly autoship (usually $100/mo.) it’s going to take on average over 2000 people in your downline to make you even $5,000/month and since there is no quick way to add 2000 people to your team quickly you have to rely on duplication of your downline and that takes time. In most cases even a great recruiter will spend 2 to 3 years to get there.

Online Marketing

You just have to love the appeal of this business model. I mean there are probably 2 Billion (with a big B) people online today and the idea that you can develop a great product and sell to that audience and have your money come in on autopilot is beyond intoxicating…..

It’s like joy on steroids!

Ah but the rub here is that online marketing is hard, very very hard and very technical. Even if you go the easier route of affiliate sales (Selling stuff on amazon, etc.) there is a steep learning curve and the average online marketer probably makes only a few hundred to a few thousand dollars or so a year.

Top Tier Direct Sales – Top Tier MLM

Now this business model takes the Network marketing business model to an entirely new level by making a few critical tweaks.

Top Tier Direct Sales entry levels are higher & the commissions are bigger

With Top Tier Direct Sales, you usually have entry levels that are higher (some going to $22,000 or more) and you get paid a lot larger percentage of the sale, in some cases even 100%

So if you have a Top Tier Direct Sales company where the average sales are $3,500 to $6,500 or more and you make 100% on a sale….


Get the sailboat ready, I am retiring to the Bahamas……

Sorry I got excited…

The Top Tier Plug & Play Business Model

Now two factors I love about the Top Tier Direct Sales business model is that, first the business model is simple and as such easier to duplicate success in, and 2nd most Top Tier Direct Sales companies usually have some type of an integrated Plug & Play marketing system.

Now in the 28 years I have been coaching people in the home business market, the biggest reason I have seen for failure of new members is that the average person has no clue on how to generate leads for their business.

However if you integrate a simple marketing system (that works) into your business model, that makes the business Plug & Play just like many companies do in the franchise industry, then you have a home run.

A simple business model with high profit products, huge demand, and a push button type marketing system that can pour leads into a new members inbox, then you have the makings of a home run.

This explains the popularity of this lesser known business model

Business Model Jumping

Now there has always been an attraction when people in what I call standard MLM’s first are exposed to Top Tier Direct Sales. Its like the blindfold is taken off and they are shocked that there is really a faster more profitable way to earn big money.

However I have also seen successful people in Top Tier Direct Sales models sometimes move to Standard MLM’s. This is usually because believe it or not, they get dissatisfied by just the money and start falling prey to the idea of how great it would be to not have to market every month but just sit back and rake in the residual.

The problem is that they usually have never been there, and do not realize there is a myth to residual income that is not commonly known. Its goes away if you stop business building and recruiting. Slowly but surely attrition eats your team up from the inside and your residual drops. This is why you see top earners in MLM constantly business building, they have to do it to maintain their residual.

Now I am not raining on the Standard MLM business model, I have built a team using this model to over 7 figures a year, and the model is great. Not as good as Top Tier Direct Sales in my humble opinion but still good.

Now that you know the basics let’s examine the latest do all, kill all, to enter the marketplace…

TiDom Top Tier Direct Sales Model

TiDom Origins

TiDom, which according to the promotional video on the site stands for “Time Freedom” was launched several months ago and immediately attracted a pretty big following from other Top Tier Direct Salers companies, most actually coming from another Top Tier Direct Sales company called “Millionaire Marketing Machine”

TiDom Products

TiDom followed the tried and true strategy of using “info products” as their product line and the website lists an impressive review of their “Training Products” that run from Health and Fitness to online marketing and personal development.

Now when you buy into TiDom at a certain level you get 2 things. You get the training products that are attached to that particular level for you to personally use, and you also get resale rights so you can in effect go back out and market those TiDom products and make 100% commissions.

Now just as in Network Marketing business models you can also focus on building a team or in effect just selling the business opportunity rather than trying to market the product.

Now since the bottom line of why people are in business, and especially in a Network Marketing or Top Tier Direct Sales business, is the opportunity to make big money, very few if anyone actually markets the products, they all focus on the business opportunity so the products become secondary.

Important needless to say but secondary

TiDom Compensation Plan

TiDom is structured as a membership based system and there are 5 levels or packages

TiDom Basic Package – $2000

tidom basic

TiDom Builder Package – $3500

tidom builder

TiDom Advanced Package – $6500

tidom advanced

TiDom Pro Package – $12,500

tidom pro

TiDom VIP Package – $22,000

tidom vip

TiDom Compensation Plan

Now in many cases in a Top Tier Direct Sales Model the company will collect the sales revenue and then cut commission checks to the reps which puts the company in control of paying out the commissions.

This for many reasons is not a good business model

Also if the company is not reliable or heaven forbid they are really bad at business then there is the possibility that you may end of not getting your hard earned commissions


However, with digital delivery 100% commission models like Tidom has, the money does not go through the company. The money always goes directly from the Purchaser to the Seller which means you are in control of your paycheck and you do not have to wait for some company to get around to paying you.

I have to tell you there is nothing like the thrill of making a $22,000 sale and then having a cashier’s check in your hands the next day

……and you are smiling all the way to the bank!

This payment model I like a lot more than having a company pay you.

You know….. we all love immediate gratification, and this gives it to you.

How Does TiDom Make Money?

Now it may have occurred to you that if the reps are making 100% commission on the products how the heck does the company make money?

Enter the Continuity Business Model……

Now in the world of online marketing one of the most successful and high profit business models is called the Continuity Business Model. This is where an online vendor will create great products that sell and then they give the majority of the selling price and sometimes all of it to their selling affiliates.

Are they nuts?

No they are very very clever. If you have a business model where you offer sales people such a huge commission to sell for you, you are going to get a lot of them all selling your products.

Then you have them pay a monthly admin or web hosting fee and you make your smaller profits off of a lot of people and in fact make more than any of your sales people.

Interesting huh….

This is exactly what TiDom does, they assembled a great program with great high value products and then give away all the commission. However every rep that joins must pay a yearly Admin fee of between $197 to $497 (depending on which level you buy) and this is where the company makes its profit

Imagine for a moment a company with an exciting business model where a new rep with a little training can generate $10,000++ in their first 30 days and then lets imagine 1000 people joining in a month at an average Admin fee of $297

That’s $297,000 for the company in one month!

Not bad eh….

Everyone makes money and everyone is happy.

The TiDom 1 UP Compensation Plan

Tidom Compensation Plan

Now most people who join a business model like this really think all the money comes from the front end sales but not so.

The compensation plan TiDom uses has been around for probably better than 40 years and is call the 1 UP

In this business model there are 2 factors that control how much commission you make on a sale.

TiDom Membership Level Sets The Compensation Level

In TiDom The Membership Level Determines the max commission you can receive once you are qualified. That means that if someone enters TiDom at the $2000 level then the maximum commission they can receive once qualified is $2000 even if the sale was for $22,000.

The overage on the commission will then float up to the next qualified team member in the line above that member.

Wow… it’s like Xmas all year long

Now with a built in a numbers based marketing system like may reps in TiDom use you know you are going to generate sales and with 70% of the sales coming in at either $3,500 or $6,500, and 25% at the higher levels of $12,500 or $22,000 you can quickly see that if someone comes in at a lower level they are just throwing commission away.

TiDom 1 Up System Gives the 1st Commission to the Sponsor

When a new member makes their first sale of let’s say $3,500 that sale and the new member will pass up to the sponsor as a training sale.

Since you are only qualified based on the amount of the pass-up, that sale will then qualify the new member at the $3,500 level and then every sale that occurs after that at $3,500 or less the new member will get 100% of

Now also remember that the 1st sale passed up the commission and the new member both. That means that the new member is now the directly sponsored team member of the person that they were passed up to.

This generates incredible leverage, I once did a training for a large group to explain why the 1 UP system was so powerful and I used an example of a new member making an average of 4 sales a month at $3,500 and then teaching each new member to duplicate that process so that they enroll 4 each month also.

If you run the numbers out over a year that scenario would generate about $1,775,000 in commissions just based on the pass-ups

Wow the sailboat in the Bahamas is a definite yes now!

TiDom Has Additional Profit Centers

Now the good news does not stop there in this powerful business model you can also generate profit through upgrades and additional pass-ups when a rep has to qualify at the new higher membership levels

TiDom Upgrades

If you are at let’s say $3,500 and you have made a few sales you probably want to upgrade ASAP so that you can pull commissions at a new higher level (especially if you were at $3,500 and your 2nd sale was at $22,000 and you watched $18,500 pass-up to your sponsor because you were not at that level).

Upgrading in TiDom is pretty simple, a new member just pays the difference between the level they are at and the level they want to go to. That payment goes to the sponsor but only if the sponsor is qualified at that higher level.

Then once at that higher TiDom level of let’s say $22,000 the recently upgraded rep now needs to qualify at that higher level and that means they must pass-up a $22,000 sale to the sponsor (if the sponsor is in turn qualified at that higher level). Now if the upgrading member was already qualified at $3,500 then they do get to keep $3,500 of the commission but they must pass up the difference to qualify at the new higher membership level.

So as you can see between direct sales, pass-ups, and upgrades the Direct Sales Business model that uses a 1 UP system is killer profitable……

The best way to position yourself in this type of business model is to enroll at the highest level you can afford, qualify and then upgrade quickly.

The TiDom Pass-up Exemption

Now if you don’t want to jump through all those commission hoops and want to just get to the money quickly then you can enroll at the top VIP level of $22,000 and you will be exempt from all TiDom pass-up requirements


That’s right the reason a lot of people enroll at the $22,000 level is that at the VIP level they do not have to pass up any sales at all. They receive 100% commissions on all sales at all levels from day one.

Is TiDom An ATM On Steroids?

tidom commission

Now the biggest question on your mind right now is probably fall into 3 catagories

  • Is the money for real in TiDom?
  • Is TiDom a scam?
  • Can I make money with TiDom?

The answers in order are Yes-No-Yes

Yes TiDom is a real deal and yes people are making money with this Top Tier Direct Sales model.

No TiDom is not a scam.

Yes you can make money with TiDom.

So that means it’s a go right? Full speed ahead and send your check now!

Well maybe, and maybe not

Now TiDom on the surface has a petty slick presentation and the information is pretty compelling, and you can make a lot of money with a business model like TiDom however unless you are a total self starter most people are going to need some training and coaching to get started the right way and then some kind of an ongoing team support structure so that the new people you bring in can get the same level of training and support.

Believe it or not most people who join a Top Tier Direct Sales model, get excited by the money and jump in with the first person they run into and figure that they will get the same training, coaching and support no matter who they join, and then they get frustrated because they don’t receive support and drop out.

So it’s important to pick your team and sponsor with care and to avid the pump and dump members who enroll people and then that is the last time a new member will ever heard from them.

TiDom The Final Analysis


Now if you have already read any of my posts on home business models on my blog, you already know that it’s a pretty well-known fact that I favor the Top Tier Direct sales models Like TiDom, and over the last several years I have promoted more than one business at a time and I am free to choose any deal I think has merit.

I am not married to any one company or business model, and if I find a better or even an equivalent business model I would generally add it to my portfolio.

So would I join TiDom?……..


Lets see…..

  • Top Notch Products
  • The best designed internal systems and websites I have seen in a quite a while
  • Highly profitable 1 Up compensation plan
  • New Deal momentum

I guess the answer would have to be yes

So What’s The Attraction to TiDom

What has caused TiDom to act like a magnet for members in other Top Tier Direct Sales deals?

Is it just because it’s new?

Well that’s probably part of it…

In the world of business opportunities and Franchises the newer deals just generate more excitement and so you get to take advantage of that additional new deal momentum that gets generated.

TiDom also it has a new very slick presentation (which helps you sell), an updated and fresher looking product mix than several other Top Tier Direct Sales deals that I know of, and it definitively has some growth dynamics working in its favor.

Is TiDom a Sure Bet…

Now will a hot deal with a slick presentation that also pays big bucks make you successful even if you have never been successful in a home business before?

Well yes and no….

TiDom Success – Can I Really Make The Big Bucks Like The Testimonials Say?

Many times people who have not been successful in a home business yet quickly jump to a new deal looking for a quick fix to their slow success.

A powerful deal is only one of the factors that can influence your success, there are equally important factors such as Training, Team Support, and having the right mentor that are the true factors that will really make or break you.

The Pump & Dump Artists

Now since so many people who succeed in Top Tier Direct Sales have not been in other home business models like Network Marketing where the profits come slower and the most critical factor for success is supporting your team so they duplicate into tens of thousands of downline with you getting a small percentage of each. In Network Marketing those who sign people up and then dump them fail big time.

However in Top Tier Direct Sales models like TiDom since there is such a huge commission on the front end the Pump and Dump artists are everywhere. Which in my book is stupid since in a 1 up most of the money is going to be in passups and upgrades once you help someone to be successful, however may do not look at it from my perspective.

Having been a 7 figure earner in my first home business with a Network Marketing company I quickly saw the pattern for success with in support and duplication.

Take my advice here, pictidom reviewk your deal carefully but pick your sponsor and team even more carefully, then get to work and above all never take your eyes off the goal.


Top Tier MLM Fast Track Money Flood or Just More Hype

The Million Dollar Game Plan Business Model

Still Struggling To Get To The Magical $10,000 Per Month

In Your MLM or Home Business?

So lets talk business models here for a moment.

It amazes me how many people I talk to every day that want desperately to achieve success in their home based business and finally enjoy some of that financial freedom that is in fact the holy grail of the home based business industry,  that are just spinning the wheel of fortune ever day just hoping that something will someday work.

That’s right, no concrete business plan or way to achieve that success they desire so they run around chasing every hot new deal to hit the market and then when they go down in flames, they just move on to the next one and do it all again.

So if that pretty much describes you then just stop, take a breath, and re think your strategy. I mean you know the old saying

“If you don’t see light at the end of the tunnel….. Change tunnels!”

The better approach is to get the 50,000 foot view on the market, narrow it down to a business model that is going to get you where you want to go, and then decide on a company.

Ask yourself this…….

What would your life be like if you really hit a home run this year?

What would it feel like to actually have control of your financial destiny?

To have a few hundred thousand in the bank and know that every time you wanted some more, you would know exactly what to do to create success.

Well join us on this special webinar about business models and find out….

  • What building strategies you need to employ to get there
  • The different business models that you can use to achieve your financial objective this year!
  • The one simple business model tweek that you can use to increase your business profit this year by over 900%

The actual Success & Marketing “Blueprint” used by 7 Figure Earner Marc Barrett for over 20 years, and how you can leverage the same business strategy…

Now this is not some “Pie in the Sky” goal setting exercise but a realistic business plan for you to achieve true 5 figure monthly success within the next 30 to 60 days!

top tier direct sales

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Top Tier Direct Sales Model

Top Tier MLM – Fast Track Money Flood Or Just More Hype?

Top Tier MLMSo if you are here looking for a critical arms length review of the Top Tier MLM business model then you have come to the right place.

In this short critique I will examine the marketing premise behind this supposedly hot money making sales funnel system and if it in fact works as easily as supporters say it does and of course if it really is possible to make money with the Top Tier MLM business model.

Top Tier MLM – The Direct Sales Model

So what exactly is the Top Tier MLM and how can it generate the big dollars, $30,000 to $100,000 a month or more, that system users claim it is doing.

What Is A Top Tier MLM business Model?

Well for starters this innovative system uses a Top Tier MLM business model combined with a 100% commission on all sales after qualification.

Top Tier What?…….

So for those of you who do now know this type of business model let me digress for a moment. Al through there are hundreds of different MLM compensation plans out there (ie unilevel, binary, hybrid binary, stairstep breakaway, matrix, etc), there are really only a few business model variations and the big dividing line down the center of this industry is the one that separates Standard MLM and Top Tier MLM.

Standard MLM companies are the ones where the entry level is usually only a few hundred dollars to join. Then this money and the monthly autoship is then distributed by way of their compensation plan down multiple levels in the sales orgasization wiht everyone who qualifies gettign a small piece of the action.

Now once you subtract out all the sexy bells and whistles and Fast Start sponsoring bonuses from the compensation plan, then you are basically left with a 5% compensation plan.

So that means that for every dollar your downline spends on products you make about 5 cents, or for every person on $100 autoship on your team you make about $5.

Now it really does not matter what variety the compensation plan is the bottom line is that they are all about a 5% ballgame.

Standard MLM – The Slow Ticket To Wealth

Now on average you will need over 2000 people in your downline in a standard MLM to even make $5000 a month in residual commissions.

Now this would not be a problem if there were some magical way to bring 2000 people into your organization in the next 30 days however since there is not, this is where you run into the biggest obsticel to the Standard MLM business model…..


It takes time to build a large team, usually 2 + years of consistent work and so you are not going to get to the big money quickly.

Standard MLM business models were never designed to get you to the big money quickly they were designed to let you build an additive residual over time.

So is there any way to actually use a leveraged at home business model and get to the big dollars in a much shorter period of time?

Enter Top Tier MLM or Top Tier Direct Sales

These business models are in the same industry, leveraged home business models, but they are pretty much on the other end of the spectrum from Standard MLM’s.

Top Tier Direct Sales – The Critical Advantage

With business models like Top Tier Direct Sales, the critical difference is that the membership or enrollment fee to join is usually more and the rep gets a much bigger percentage of enrollment fee when they introduce someone to the system.

Many programs will pay anywhere from 50% to even 100%

So this means that with this business model you can generate money right from the beginning at a much higher level so it is possible to generate first month incomes of anywhere from a few thousand dollars to over $35,000 or more.

Why have I never heard of Top Tier Direct Sales?

Well Top Tier Direct Sales models have been around for 40 years or more but they are not as well known as their low budget cousins since it takes fewer people to power huge incomes.

The Secret of Top Tier MLM

Now the Top Tier MLM business model has been around for over 40 years and so the sales concept is pretty well time tested.

Top Tier MLM Products

Now generally Top Tier MLM or Top Tier Direct Sales products are usually info products That means they are training or seminar products that teach people something. Now the nice part about this is that in the computer age delivering training products to a customer or member is pretty easy since its setup to stream or autoplay directly from the website (digital delivery) so there is not physical product or inventory, or ship to your new members.

The products within Some Top Tier MLM systems are seminar based training products that cover several areas including Business Success Training, Marketing Training, and Personal Development Training of digital streaming (audio and video) content.

Product Levels on many of the Top Tier MLM programs start at $500 and go up from there.

The Top Tier MLM Compensation Plan

Now there are a lot of variations but the best compensation plans I have seen are pretty simple programs where you receive 100% commission on your membership sales on whatever membership level you are enrolled at after you pass-up one qualifying training sale to your enroller (sponsor).

The new Top Tier MLM member coming into a 100% program will usually  also pay a few hundred dollar yearly admin fee to the company for use of the website.

The Top Tier MLM System Integrated Marketing Enginelead generation 650-558

Now as anyone who has been in the home business industry before will tell you the average new person who starts a home business or MLM usually has no idea of how to generate leads for their business.

In Standard MLM’s most sponsors will tend to push new members to make a list of everyone they know and go hunting friends and family for their new enrollees, which of course only gets you so far. I mean how many people do you actulaly know and how many of them are even remotely interested in being in business with you.

You get my drift here…

So to really be successful in this industry you must have a marketing system that can easily generate high volumes of leads for you since…

  • the more leads…
  • the more prospects
  • the more sales
  • the more income

Now one of the things I like about the best of the Top Tier MLM programs  is that they actually mapped this right into their business model. They have a fairly integrated lead generation system that is based on voice broadcasting and can usually generate 20 to 30 hot qualified prospects per day with about 2 hours of work.

What Is The Top Tier MLM Secret?

Now all this so far may seem pretty standard to anyone who has been in Top Tier Direct Sales before so what’s the secret here? Why is it easier to generate the big dollars with some of the highly successful Top Tier MLM’s  than with the other Top Tier business models?

Well that was part of the reason for my recent test drive of a leading Top Tier MLM sales funnel system, I had heard great things about it and some rather astounding numbers in terms of sales and incomes so I just had to check it out myself to see if the hype was true

Check out my Test Drive of this Top Tier Program Below


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Top Tier MLM