Help! I have been transported into parallel reality where life is a vacation…….

So you probably know that funny feeling you get when Sunday afternoon rolls around and you know Monday is waiting there, and there are only a few hours of freedom left to you…….
Its kind of depressing isn’t it?
That’s unless you either love what you do or you woke up in a parallel reality where everything is the same as before, but in this reality…….
There is no Monday….
Wow! What a concept…
And  you can do whatever you want when you want to do it….
Well right now you are probably saying…
Take me there please…..
Well here is you invitation, and
A way to live the dream..

How FEAR destroys you life…

So lets talk FEAR…

We are all afraid of something you know,
  • its only natural
  • Its how we were built
  • Its a survival tool programmed into us
Its also one of the most destructive forces in our life
And once we let fear creep into our lives we are always 2nd guessing ourselves 
  • What if you make the wrong decision?
  • What if…
  • What if….
  • What if…
And if you really have it bad
  • you just stall out
  • you never take a chance because of the fear you might fail
But stepping through the fear can lead us to pivotal moments that forever change the course of our lives
Quick story here: 
“I was studying Spanish in a little town called Bocas del Toro in Panama, and one day at lunch I saw this beautiful woman at a table alone and I really wanted to strike up a conversation but then there was the fear that all single guys live with “the fear of rejection” 
For a moment I reasoned I really did not have the time, I had to go study that afternoon but then the other side of my brain told me “good grief get your butt over there and say hello, this could be the love of your life”
  • And I did talk to her
  • And you know what! She turned out to be the love of my life
  • And name is Julie
So what are you waiting for?
What is standing in the way of your life being all that it could be?
Are you going to fix it or hide?
Now here is some real fear below. Stepping off a 100′ platform with your feet tied together.
But you know what? 
I lived
life success

Success or Failure? It Really All Comes Down to 1 Pivotal Moment in Our Lives

Its true you know….

Where you are right now is the sum total of all the decisions you have made in the past.

The entire course of our lives rises and falls and changes course forever based on a few pivotal moments in your lives….

You know, its those moments that you can later look back on and say…


I am sure glad that I decided to do (insert your pivotal moment here)

But now think about it.. How may of those pivotal moments did we miss because

  • We guessed wrong
  • We were too blind to see
  • We refused to believe it was possible
  • It was easier to stay where we were…

Scary actually…

That the difference between a great and rewarding life and the agony of regret as we look back on our lives at the end and wish we had done it differently.

So how do we change it?

Be brave, step out and take a risk, there is no shame in failure…

The shame is in not having tried…. And living with regret

Happy Mothers Day Mom!

Well the double whammy happened in 1915!


It was mothers day and also my mom’s birthday.

Image that, being born on mothers day….

Just that one coincidence makes her unique, but of course that is only he barest hint of who she was and what a unique and powerful lady she really was.

Its been over 10 years now that she had been gone, yet the spirit she helped to instill in me will be with me always.

Below is a re-post of a blog post from 10 years ago

My mom is Helen, an inspirational lady in my life and she is 94 and loosing it slowly but surely. The love is still there but the daily mileposts and reminders and memories are now foggy. She still dances to the Beatles music when I take her for ice-cream but then it’s gone.

I visited her this last weekend as I do every week and I noticed something that reached in and seized my soul like an icy hand.

There were these little boxes outside the door of each of their rooms, boxes that they could put things into, mementos and pictures to symbolize them and their lives.

“This is what my life was all about, this is me. “

Wow, what as sobering thought. If we had to, right now  today, put our lives in a little glass box outside our door, what would it say about us?

Would you be proud of your own life? Would you have done all you wanted, or would you still be waiting with the big dreams unfulfilled?

Look before the thought overwhelms you, I will tell you I had a really hard time with that thought. I have had some great success, some huge incomes, I have kids that love me, but wow  my life in a box, that was disturbing.

Those boxes were filled with old pictures of wonderful people in their prime, in the passion of life, living in the moment and looking forward to a future of joy.

I looked at my own life and knew there was so much still left undone, so much still unwritten in my story. Sometimes life presents us with these moments of clarity, of clear view, and challenges us to either hide, or embrace the idea of change and move forward.

I choose forward, you know  its never too late.

May that box at your door be overflowing with a life well lived and with no stone unturned (your bucket list fulfilled). Like the ancient Romans used to say…..

Carpe Diem (seize the day)

Warning! This is How Much Time You Have Left in Life Laid Out in Jelly Beans…..

So a few days ago as I watched the news about all the party hardy spring breakers throwing caution to the wind, not caring about the “Corona Virus” and just

Rocking Out!……

the thought occurred to me how very stupid it was!

But then I went back in my mind and stepped into the shoes of the 20 year old version of myself

and I understood…

When you are young you are immortal right…

And then at some point you realize that you are not! 

and life becomes much more serious as you realize there are limited windows of opportunity to achieve your dreams

Watch this video about your life laid out in jelly beans, and think carefully about the time you have and how you want going to spend it…


A $10 Million Dollar Yacht Sitting Outside My Back Door… Now That’s Success!

Pick your poison…..





What would be your treat to yourself for having really made it?….

For many it would be a sexy car or a huge house, but for me…. The hot button would be a $10 million dollar yacht!

Because I love travel and adventure and just think where that baby could take you….

Oh yeah!

but then when you have a business that allows you to work 4 hours a week

and earn 6 figures a month….


Why Not?


Ready To Join The Club?

top tier direct sales

Do You Feel Like You Are Trapped In The Wrong Life?

big ticket sales

Just admit it!………. 

Watching others succeed when all you have to look forward to is another day of struggle kind of 

Pisses you off!…….. 

You know that feeling you get as you drag yourself out of bed each day and start the commute to work…..  

and realize all you have to look forward to is another 8 hour day…..

and then only a few precious hours to spend with your loved ones before its bedtime and then you have to do it all over again again tomorrow….. 

The feeling that somehow you are trapped in the wrong life…..

Good grief what every happened to the fun life…..

the free time……

the carefree days of hanging out?

Well there is a better way of course…….

All it takes is a better plan and the courage to step outside the box….

Good grief…stop the struggle Let me show you how…

So if you are tired of the commute working 60 hours each week and not really having a life….

Then its time to take control of your own destiny

This is how….

top tier direct sales



Top Tier Direct Sales vs Network Marketing

What Are Big Ticket Sales

So, what exactly are “Big Ticket Sales” and why should you even care?

Well to sum it up in one word, “profitability”


So, if you are an aspiring online businessperson, you will make more money and have more sanity working on the Big Ticket side of the equation.

Even if you are a sales employee working for someone else, why waste your time selling low end stuff and receiving a low end commission when it’s just as easy to change your focus to the big ticket end of the marketing spectrum and make a lot more.

A recent survey of jobs on ZipRecuriter, showed that Big Ticket sales job openings went as high as $225,000++ per year and more.

Big ticket sales are generally anything costing $1,000 or more. These could be any type of high-end product such as cars, high end bikes, jewelry, or online training and coaching courses.

In the world of online business, Big Ticket entrepreneurs can make 7 figures a year or more, many times selling coaching or training courses many of which run upwards of $20,000 to $50,000 or more, that can generate up to a whopping 100% profit!

Well right now you are probably thinking….


Yes Marc, so take me there, that’s the side of the tracks I want to live on!

Next, your excitement will probably be clouded by the insurmountable obstacle….

“Wait! I have no training program to sell and I don’t even know how to create one much less market it!”

Well, if you are not a creative genius, have no fear, there are others who have gone before you and have left trail markers. There are many affiliate programs where the training or info products have already been created, along with the websites, and you can always start by just marketing someone else’s material and collect commissions until that stroke of creative genius taps you on the shoulder.

As a matter of fact, there are a pretty large number of online business people who make over $1 Million are year just marketing Big Ticket affiliate products for others.

So, watch the video above and take a look at how this business model actually works.

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Happy Fathers Day – The Lessons We Learn From Our Fathers

img3005Father’s Day, Ah! Yes!

Sorry this is a couple of days late…

The one day a year all fathers can sit back and bask in the glory of a job well done…..

Well maybe

If you are a dad you probably know where I am going with this right?

Being a Dad can be incredibly frustrating…..

Lets face it if you think raising kids and trying to teach them all the important life lessons is easy…..

Well you just have not been there yet

So what is it about us and learning that sometimes make the lessons so difficult?

I mean here we are a highly intelligent evolved species capable of rational thought (some might argue that point) , self will, and all that good stuff and yet sometimes we struggle so much with the learning process that we miss the actual lesson.

I mean think for a moment about growing up and how your parents probably always tried to make decisions for you that were in your best interest simply because they knew more than you, and because they had learned some of the lessons the hard way they wanted to shield you from the pain of having to go through what they went through, they made the decision for you.

Well you probably know how that turned out…..

Especially if you have tried it with your own kids, it’s usually a disaster, it just doesn’t work.

For some reason, probably because we are all evolved from some person from Missouri (the show me state), we just cant take someone else’s word for something we just have to go and try it ourselves, and then as part of the sometimes painful lesson, we learn it.

We just have to go and make the same mistakes ourselves and only then do we really own it.

That’s the challenge you know of what all parents struggle through, do you make decisions for your kids out of love to keep them from pain, or just step back and give them enough freedom to let them learn the lesson on their own?

Well that brings me to the point of my rant here, today is fathers day and out of tribute to my father I wanted to share how he taught me one of life’s most important lessons.

This is a re-post of a previous blog article

Well it was a combination of things that caused my train of thought to move in this direction.

Harry Barrett

First, it was my father’s birthday a few weeks ago, but there was no birthday cake or candles because he has been gone for 38 years but I did remember him and I was proud.

My father’s name was Harry, and he gave me a gift I know I can never repay, he gave me the gift of belief.

Belief in myself and the idea that I could accomplish anything I chose to, that there were no limits to what you could achieve if you simply decided to make it so.

Like captain Piccard in Star Trek “The Next Generation” used to say……….

“Make it so number 1”

It was not like he handed it to me one day and said  “Marc here’s a box of belief, hang on to it”,  no, he did it by simply being who he was, by the example of his life.

Harry was an exceptional man, born in the coal mining region of Illinois, he was the younger of 10 other siblings and one day there was a mine cave in and fearing one of his brothers was dead went to his dad and told him he was leaving, that the mine was not going to be his future. His understanding father gave him $20 and told his older brother Mitch to go with him and off my dad went to California and his future.

He had about an 8th grade education, but put himself through night school to graduate high school and then moved into the automotive industry.

He ended up working his way into a manufacturing company as a salesman, took the company over and then went on to develop 22 patents on automotive and brake systems for cars.

He ended up with a pretty large company called the “Barrett Equipment Company” that he later sold to a huge publically traded company and then retired.Barrett equipment company


All this with an 8th grade education, some night school, and no formal engineering degree.


I am totally awed… What a guy!


The example of his life has always awed and stuck with me. It provided me with a template for my own.



What it showed me by example, was that we can accomplish anything we wish to, that anything is possible for us if we want it and are willing to pay the price.

Now even though he was enormously successful, he never wore his success to impress people, he was just regular guy. I guess because of this I never felt his shadow on my life as I was growing up. I never had to prove myself or try to be better than him.

There was only the shining example of his life and the very clear lesson he left me with.

Yes you can….

He never told me what to do, he just showed me what was possible.

I thank God for my father and for the possibilities in life….

Now here is the point I was getting to. This morning I watched a YouTube video of Will Smith, the actor talking about life and success. He spoke about talent and about craft. He said that many times people look at people like him and assume his success is due to some gift of talent.

He can be successful where they cannot because he has this talent he was born with. Then he described his craft which is acting and said that it is never enough to have talent if you don’t develop and work on your craft, if you don’t study and develop and master the skills you need to make the talent work.

In short he worked his butt off to develop his acting skills.

I know it was the same with my father, none of it comes easy to any of us, it may seem that way at times but the solid core of truth is that it’s work.

I guess it’s about not only finding our path, but having the belief to hold on to the glimmer of hope and vision that we see somewhere ahead of us, and then never letting go while we grind and polish it to the finely honed diamond of success.

I guess my message here is that you probably wonder if success is really worth the journey…..

Well I smile as I write this….

I think you can see what’s in my heart


Great Words From Actor Will Smith

The Gift of Time

So where do you want your “New Year” sent?

It’s pretty amazing to think about really, Today we will receive the very special gift of a whole new year to play with.

Untouched, untarnished, unused, a blank slate of 12 full months for us to write the days of our lives on.

So how are you going to use yours? Any plans?

This is the reason that people feel compelled to do New Year’s Resolutions. We kind of pledge to ourselves that we are not going to waste another one of those brand new years.

Well as you are pondering your “Resolutions” for the coming year here is a thought.

I heard a great quote from a motivational coach several years ago who was trying to describe how most people feel about success in life.

Like the old saying goes, he said that most people spend their lives waiting for opportunity to knock at their door.

He went on to say that if you really want success, forget waiting by the door, you should go out, track down opportunity, club it to the ground and drag it home with you.

The essence is of course, to decide what you want, understand that no one but you will ever lay it in your lap, and go for it.

Like the famous saying by comedian Jonathan Winters

“If your ship doesn’t come in, swim out to meet it!”

Success in life is all about taking action, in every moment of every day.

So enough of the sidelines, watching is safe, but it’s only in action that we will define our lives.

So let’s make that our resolution

As the ancient Romans used to say, “Carpe diem”

“Seize the Day!”

seize the day

Still searching for Financial Success?

The “Home Business” market can be a bewildering and confusing ocean of exciting but not necessarily easy business models.

Let’s face it, there are a lot of good products and business models out there so how does one even begin to decide?

Hire a guide…

The early explorers to Africa and other strange and new lands knew enough to reach out to the local experts for guidance or they would have spent years wandering around in the bush and never quite getting to where they wanted to go.

Its the same with the home business market, hire a guide that has gone there before you for coaching and guidance. A good coach has the ability to listen to what you want to achieve from your home business and then to sift through all the garbage that is out there and distill it down into the one or two that are going to be the best fit for you.

The marketplace today is teeming with attractive business models and there are a few that can even supercharge your income to over $100,000 per month or more in only a few months but there are also many impostor deals without adequate marketing, training, and support.

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