My Story

For me it’s all about family, friends and fun.

My entrepreneurial journey started many years ago with the thought that there were way to many exciting and fun things to do in life to have to spend most of your time just earning a living.

When I grew up in Miami, FL,  I loved the ocean and diving and dreamed of traveling the world and beingMarc Hard Hat a treasure hunter like the great Mel Fischer.

Interesting start to say the least, and that thought, along with a degree in Psychology, which qualified me for nothing but minimum wage, set the stage for what was to come.

My first true career was mastering the art of leverage in real estate by putting together large partnerships that owned apartment projects. I started at 22 and by the time I was 29 I was almost retired and then ….. oops!! The economy in the early 80’s crashed and took me down with it. Darn I was so close too!

Since then I have spent years working with new startup companies in both traditional and the home business industry. I have sat on the presidential advisory boards of several publicly traded marketing companies advising them on business development and marketing.

I gravitated into the world of online marketing in 2009 to learn how to harness and leverage the incredible power of the online marketplace where billions of consumers spend billions of dollars daily. It is without a doubt one of the best new frontiers for the emerging entrepreunuer seeking financial freedom in today’s market.

After developing training and coaching programs to help others break into this huge market I once again returned to one of my true passions, business development, and working with new companies in the Top Tier Direct Sales industry.


Marc has extensive business background in international marketing of consumer products, development of sales and marketing organizations, real estate development, and investments.

Marc’ first introduction to network marketing was over 28 years ago.

During the 17 years he was with that company he reached top distributor ranking, and achieved Team Elite designation within the first 3 years. He was later awarded “The Millionaires Circle” designation when he had achieved an income of over $1 million dollars.

During that time he was known for his extensive training and marketing expertise which enabled him to develop a sales team of over 100,000 representatives and earn millions of dollars in commissions with the company.

After retiring from active involvement he worked with several other network marketing companies as a lead distributor and developed large organizations for each of them. He also served as adviser on the Presidential Advisory and Product Advisory boards of several network marketing companies.

He has authored audio training programs, video presentation materials, streaming media, and other online support materials that have sold hundreds of thousands of copies.

Because of his expertise and success in the direct sales business he has been featured in 4 nationally published books on direct sales and network marketing.