Numis Network Merges With WorldVentures – Yet Another MLM Business Bites the Dust

Numis network the collectible gold and silver coin MLM seemed pretty shiny with promise, so what happened? Now this merger is being spun as a huge opportunity for the Numis network but does The Numis Network merger really just mean a huge dead end for the reps? Read more »

Fortune Hi Tech Marketing – FHTM Review Is FHTM A Scam Or A Rocket To MLM Success

ShareFHTM – “Fortune Hi Tech Marketing Update ” Federal, state regulators shut down Fortune Hi-Tech The Federal Trade Commission and three state attorneys general announced Monday that they shut down a national multilevel marketing company they called a “global pyramid scheme”….. Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing of Lexington, Ky., and its top […] Read more »

Zeek Rewards – Too Good To Be True?

You had to have been on another planet to have missed the meteoric rise of Zeek Rewards in the MLM industry. The commission checks were legendary and the growth unstoppable and it appeared Zeek Rewards the sizzling reverse auction mlm was a rocket ship to financial success. However it appears the Zeek Rewards rocket has self destructed? What Happened? Read more »

Qivana Review – What’s Up In MLM Nutrition Land? Have Jerry Campisi And Mark Yarnell Lost Their Minds?

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NuSkin Success Review – How to Succeed In Nu Skin

NuSkin like many other old traditional MLM's still believes that distributors should use personal marketing approaches to build their business. Now NuSkins unilevel compensation plan is powerful but not exactly the easiest to build. Do slow building strategies still have a place in network Marketing today or is it time to move on and embrace new high volume approaches like online marketing to hit the NuSkin success curve? Read more »

NuSkin Comp Plan Review – Can You Still Make Big Money With Nu Skin?

I guess the big question many people have when taking a look at a MLM business like NuSkin is if the Nu Skin compensation plan is really that profitable, and can you actually make money with a company like NuSkin? NuSkin of course has stood the test of time and has paid out some really big bucks to distributors, in some cases over $20 to $40 Million dollars! However in today's fast paced market can you still build a group that big or that fast with NuSkin? Read more »

My Video Talk Review – MLM Tech Disaster Or The Next Big Thing?

My Video Talk is another MLM Tech company trying to conquer the MLM video world. Now we all know that Video is popular online however achieving MLM success using Technology products can be a challenge that most companies don't survive. What about My Video Talk, can they break the barrier? Read more »