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Marketing Tools For building your MLM

Success in MLM is a numbers game! The more leads you have, the more prospects you find, the more prospects the more distributors that sign up.

There are many successful business building approaches I have used, and here are just a few of the powerful ones you will find work well to build your MLM business.

My Lead System Pro

The first thing you need to understand is that your success in MLM is totally a function of luck, the luck of the draw! You may not want to hear this but it’s true.  How quickly you get to the money is totally a function of finding the right people ( the 1% per-centers) who either because of who they are or just a quirky chance of fate will drive your organization like a explosion!

Now the good part, “you make your own luck”  by adopting high volume lead generation marketing approaches. Network Marketing is a numbers game of the highest order. The more people you put information in front of the more people you will find who are interested, the more you will find that sign up, and among that Attraction Marketing Systemgroup are not only the 20% per-centers, but also the sought after 1% per-centers. If you push high enough numbers, you cannot miss!

To drive high numbers effectively you need not only to generate the leads but also manage and stay in contact with the flow. The best system I have found to do this is MLM Lead System Pro. You can take a test drive for $1 for 2 weeks and then after that it will cost you $50/ month, and the only other monthly cost will be your autoresponder account for about $19/month.  Click on the MLSP box to check it out!



Every distributor I have ever had read this short e-book on “Posture” and “Success” in MLM has pretty much had an “Ah-ha!” moment! You know what I mean, one of those flashes of revelation in which you instantly connect the dots and finally see the big picture.

I warn you, from that moment your MLM world will never be the same, you will never be comfortable using the traditional MLM attack approach in recruiting ( the pit bull on the throat approach).

The book is only $47 and its the best money you will ever spend in your MLM business. They evern offer a free 7 day video boot camp to give you an overview. Click on the banner to get started.




This is another of the Magnetic Sponsoring courses but covers being able to use the phone effectively and how to posture yourself when talking to prospects. This is extremely good material, for anyone in MLM.

Take a look by signing up for the Free video interview series with recruiting expert Mark Wieser on the techniques to use when talking to prospects, and how Mark personally sponsors more than 250 a year and how you can too.


This is a simple list builder tool that works very well, and once again it success is simply that it allows you to put your business in front of high numbers of potential prospects!

You can join for free but the real value is in the upgrade. They’ll give you a “one time offer” to upgrade to a “Gold Member” at a discount rate ($197)… take it. You won’t be sorry.

As a “Gold Member” You will be able to blast your MLM E-Mail AD to 3000 members of this service every 3 days for an ENTIRE YEAR!! This system uses their website and the e mails and sent by their website on your behalf, so it’s as simple as going to their website, putting in your e mail ad and pushing a button. All the members it goes to have already opted in to and are waiting to receive your information.

Some reps have conversions of up to 15 reps a month. Let’s see 15 conversions x 12 months = 180 members in One Year!




Twitter is a social media phenomenon and also one of the best ways to develop a huge list of highly targeted people who share the same interests you do.  From a marketing spandpoint it represents one of the easiest, cheapest ways to drive highly targeted traffic to your website. Using the proper automation tools you can develop a twitter list of  10,000 to 50,000 prospects or more in as little as a month.

Here is the best tool I have found to automate the process of not only finding the right prospects using keywords but also adding 200+ to your list every day!


Article Marketing

Next to Video Marketing Article Marketing is the best way to get you webpage into the top Google, Yahoo, or Bing search engine results. This is a powerful marketing strategy especially when used in conjunction with video marketing. It can help you to generate hundreds of “back links” to your website so that is the critical element in having the search engines recognize and rank your site.

Article Builder

Creating article content for your blog can be:

  • Time consuming and
  • Frustrating especially if you don’t really like the idea of becoming a writer

Now there are options to get around this or even if you are a writer to fast track your writing so you can crank out multiple articles per week or even per day

How about an automated software that can create unique targeted content for you that is ready to post on your blog or spin and post to article directories to create those valuable backlinks

Here is a great tool that can get you on the article writing fast track. Click below to see


Unique Article Wizard

This is a service I personally use to post articles to up to 1000 directories at a time. Does multiple article spinning, multiple author boxes, and full branding for you.

Submit a different unique article to hundreds of sites

Article Marketing Automation

This is a slightly different tool. It is also used to create backlinks to your site by way of articles but this service posts your articles to their own network of u

p to 10,000 directories (yes I said 10,000) and allows you to put 3 backlinks in each article. Very powerful service.


SEOPressor alt







Get SEOPressor

This is a killer Word Press blog plugin that will shortcut your On Page SEO learning curve by months. It automatically scores your blog post once you put it into WordPress and tells you exactly what to do to your post to increase your score. Everyone and I mean everyone that has a blog that wants to get ranked should be using this plugin.




TribePro – Reciprocal Social Bookmarking

Get TribePro Today!tribepro alt

So what does that mean? Well its provides you with an easy automated way to generate social bookmarking backlinks to your blog posts or Youtube videos so that they will rank in the search engines. This is part of my article marketing arsenal and if you want to rank you need it. Check the blog post review TribePro Review



iBuzzPro Voice Broadcasting Software

ibuzzpro 1



Now in the time before I was an internet marketer, I used this powerful automated tool to sponsor 10+ new reps into my business each month. Powerful, non-technical, cost effective, this is a lead generation approach anyone can do.

Get iBuzzPro!


 Lead Capture Page Creators


Optimize Press (Word Press Theme)

This killer tool converts a free site into an instant multi purpose marketing tool.

Create Squeeze Pages, sales pages, launch funnels, and even setup your own membership sites. I use this tool a lot!




 Other Capture Page Creators

Squeeze Theme

My Phone Room

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  • Fed up with calling and chasing prospects?
  • Do you find your schedule eaten away by having to spend hours on the phone?
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