MLM Leads Are Easy! How To Get Fresh MLM Leads For Pennies…

MLM Leads

Leads, Leads, Leads….. Where can I find some MLM leads?….

Honestly I am sick of hearing this.

Most people in MLM or the home business market constantly struggle with this one facet of their business their entire careers, when in fact generating leads is one of the easiest things to do online

You just have to know a few tricks…..

Here is a very good one I recently came across, so I put it to the test!

MLM Leads On Autopilot

I wanted to make sure it was legit and it can in fact deliver up to 1800 fresh targeted MLM leads to you every month that have actually double opted in.

This means that they are real leads, not some bozo who put down some dummy e mail to get access to some special offer, these are for real.

Before I go there let me give you a little coaching first……….

Over the past 25+ years that I have been in the home business/MLM industry I have watched team members hit huge home runs and make huge incomes that pretty much retired them….

I have also watched team members struggle and fail……

So what is the difference in success and failure in the home business or MLM market?

MLM Leads….

Why do some make a killing in MLM and some never make it?

There are actually 3 simple reasons that set these groups apart

  • Understanding – The successful people understand that MLM is a numbers game of the highest magnitude and as long as you push a high enough volume of leads to your website you pretty much can’t miss. It’s all in the numbers. The people that fail never seem to get a grip on that one simple fact, and they think that talking to a few people a day is going to do it for them. WRONG! It only takes a few key people a day to make a successful business but to get to the gold you need to sift down through hundreds


  • Realistic Business Plan – Successful people know that there is probably a learning curve and don’t expect success overnight and are willing to stay on track to make it happen. Failures give it their best 3 days or until they have been through 25 leads or so. Once again they just do not have a feel for the numbers


  • Adequate Lead Flow – Does it seem like this is a reoccurring theme? It is, success is volume related —- PERIOD!  The average failure does not CONSISTENTLY push a high lead flow where the successful person quickly tracks down several avenues of lead generation and then automates it so that they have CONSISTENT, high lead flow.

This is a great way to build a list of a few thousand new leads every month and an e mail system where you can mail your offers or opportunity to every day if you so choose.

all for about 8 cents a lead.

Now keep in mind that you always must have several sources of leads not just one but this is a great inexpensive system that can deliver some consistent high lead flow to you every month

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MLM Leads


MLM Leads

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