MLM Business Models & Other Illusions

mlm business modelsSo let’s talk a moment about MLM Business Models.

Have you ever felt the thrill and frustration of being so close to success in something you could actually taste it?

Now if you have been there you know exactly what I mean, you can almost feel your hands on the steering wheel of the Ferrari, and if you close your eyes you can even smell the leather of that sexy interior, but most of the time there is this invisible barrier that keeps you away, and no matter how hard you tried to reach through and seize the success you deserve………..

it’s like trying to grab thin air.

Now a moment of truth here, if you really have the passion then you actually dream about it too, and in those dreams of course you also just can’t seem to get there.

Talk about frustration……………..


So what is the problem here?

Are we perhaps missing some critical MLM success gene? Too short, too tall, bad breath?

Well sometimes it may be that you are just too close to your object of desire to see the flaws, the faults and the mistakes.

That’s what happens when you want it so bad you can taste it,

You lose objectivity…….

If you are drowning in the heat of passion, all you can see is the object of your desire, not the flaws, not the limitations, not even the sometimes obvious solution that is staring you right in the face.

You are flying blind, and to coin an old saying “You can’t see the forest for the trees”

Sometimes you just have to pull back a few thousand feet, get a global view and rethink the objective and the goal.

So let’s for a moment strip our goals down to just the bare essence, set it on the desk top and step back and look at it.

So why are you doing this anyway? Now assuming that it’s not some love affair with the company’s products that set you on this journey, the answer is probably the same for all of us…….

Just show me the money!

So in reality what starts us all on this journey of financial freedom is the thought that there is the faintest glimmer of a hope that there may actually be a path to generating a large enough income to (dare we even dream this?) set us free to live the life we have always wanted.

You know that dream you had probably back in high school or college when the future was so bright you had to wear shades and you lived in a world of unlimited possibilities?

Well if you truly believe you can get there, and you can, then there are some things you need to know that will make your journey run much smoother. Let’s take a moment and look at the right and the wrong way to do it.

mlm business models

MLM Business Models – The Path of Frustration

• Most People join an opportunity and commit to a plan of action without ever bothering to look beyond the one company they were prospected into (The Truth & Illusion of Network Marketing)
• Once they buy “The Dream” most opportunity seekers continually bounce from one hot opportunity to another (see The Tyranny Of The Deal)
• Biz Op seekers today are constantly awash in a sea of the latest and greatest “Hot Deals” (see Is Network Marketing Dead?)
• Success here depends largely on “Random Luck”. Maybe you will hit a workable business model or not.

MLM Business Models – The Path of Success

• Map out your objectives
• Focus on identifying the correct MLM business models first, not the opportunity
• Pick MLM business models that will get you to your objective within your time frame (see Top Tier MLM vs Traditional – Which Is Better?)
• The final step is to identify the best company using those MLM business models and go for it

OK, so now let’s fine tune our search and do a planning

MLM Business Models Planning

• Do you want Immediate Income or Long Term Residual from your mlm business models?
• Single Income Stream or Multiple Income Streams?
• Location – Physical or Virtual?
• Capital required to startup, Large or Small?
• ROI – Return on investment
• Break Even Point – How long to recoup invested capital?

Yes I know that doing this the right way by deciding what you want from your mlm business models  first is a lot of work but let me try to shortcut this process for you.

MLM Business Models –  A Roadmap


mlm business models












So how do you get to the big dollars? What is the right path for your MLM business models, is it a Standard MLM or Top Tier MLM, Hybrid-Top Tier (Empower Network) affiliate marketing, or info product sales?

There are of course enough options to give you a headache.

Let me simplify it for you and give you a global view of MLM business models and a host of other business model options as well.

Here is a webinar I did a few days ago that outlined the best options in the market today for making that magical $10K a month in the next 90 days.


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Anyway … check it out


MLM Business Models

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