EvolvHealth Review – Bottled Water Goes MLM? What’s Next?

The first thing that hits you as unique about EvolvHealth is their website, its trendy, its hip (all the executives in bluejeans with shirts not tucked in), and it’s actually probably one of the best designed MLM company websites I have seen in years.

EvolvHealthNow of course that is not going to make one bit of difference in determining if this company makes it or not but it does give a very good first impression.

EvolvHealth jumped into MLM industry in late 2009 as the brain child of Trey White a young  Texas real estate entrepreneur that made some huge bucks off apparently developing some innovative search engine software for the real estate market and then parlaying that into a stake in a company called Homebuilder.com that later went public.

Trey apparently then founded a company called White Ventures and went looking for a home for his money.

He has stayed primarily in the real estate market but in 2009 decided to jump into the MLM industry and start EvolvHealth.

Now EvolvHealth is one of a long line of companies in the MLM industry that have been started by some pretty high powered traditional business people some of them even billionaires.

It is of course the bringing of that heavyweight business background to the table that gives these companies some strong appeal, however it’s also good to remember that the MLM industry is very different than traditional business and to date I have not seen any of the billionaire backed companies hit a major home run.

Now the EvolvHealth product line all revolves around a key ingredient called “Archaea Active”.

Now Archaea Active was developed by a company called Health2o, and according to the company website has “been scientifically shown to support both a healthy inflammatory response in the body and optimal oxygen utilization of the blood at the cellular level, assisting with increased stamina, energy and endurance”.

EvolvHealth has only two products, EvolvWater which is a bottled water containing the key ingredient which sells for $55 a case and Evolv Gel which is a trans-dermal application of the same key ingredient.

Now I have always been in awe of the bottled water industry where you can take a product that costs virtually nothing and sell it for a dollar a bottle.

Pure genius!

Now here is a business model that even puts that to shame, EvolvWater is $2.29 a bottle at distributor cost. Now of course this is not just water according to EvolvHealth it’s more of a nutraceutical product.


EvolvHealth Compensation Plan


The EvolvHealth compensation plan is a fairly standard Hybrid Binary, similar to the ones used but companies like MonaVie and eXfuze,  where you get paid once set of MLM commissions based on the binary structure and one set of commissions based on a unilevel MLM structure.

The MLM binary commission is generated when you build a 2 leg organization and get paid up to 12.5% on the volume of the lesser leg with no limitation on depth but with a cap or limitation on the total dollar amount of weekly payout you can receive.

The Hybrid part of the compensation plan uses a unilevel structure to pay you additional bonuses on your Executive level team regardless of where they are in the binary, and allows you to receive a matching percentage of their actual checks subject of course to bonus pool limitations.

The website lists their various compensation plans as Retail and Preferred Customer Bonus, Business Builder Bonus, Fast Start Bonus, Weekly Binary Bonus, Personal Check Match Bonus, Executive Check Match Bonus, Rank Advancement Bonus, Matching Executive Director Bonus, Evolv DNA coded bonus, and the Benz and Bentley Car Bonus.

In the final analysis EvolvHealth looks to be well funded, has some unique products, and a time tested compensation plan but it’s hard to say what the future will hold for this MLM company.

EvolvHealth Merger?

One final note here is the EvolvHealth in January of 2011 did announce a proposed merger with Xowii another startup MLM company that came into the market about the same time.

Now mergers in the MLM industry regardless of how the company spins them usually indicate that one of the companies is having problems. It does appear that the EvolvHealth is the stronger company in this merger but it will be interesting to see how they merge the organizations together and what the future holds for this company.

EvolvHealth-mlmSuccess in EvolvHealth  or any MLM business hinges on your ability to structure it as a real business and to have a high volume lead generation system in place so you can look beyond just your friends and family for your success.

The good news is that you can learn how to use the internet as a tool and generate tons of leads to power your business by using powerful Online Marketing Systems that will teach you how to use the internet as a powerful resource for your business.


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