Jusuru International Review – Can the MLM Market Take Another Superjuice!

Jusuru International, well the name sounds good but what is it about this new MLM company that is going to make it stand out from everyone else in the crowded MLM Superjuice marketplace today?

Jusuru International is headquartered in Anaheim, CA, entered the MLM marketplace in 2009 and then apparently did their hard launch in 2010.

Jusuru is yet another in a long line of MLM companies counting on MLM success in the superjuice market today.

Now of course we know that the Nutritional industry is projected to grow into a trillion dollar industry in the very near future, and so there are a lot of companies targeting that market with a whole host of new product offerings.

Then within the nutritional market there is yet another powerful MLM product niche called Superjuices that have done extremely well in the MLM market in the last several years, and that is the market that Jusuru has decided to target.


Jusuru may have a good angle here


Other MLM superjuice companies that have hit the market right such as MonaVie, eXfuze, Xango, and others all experienced explosive growth when they brought their unique products to market.

Jusuru is following this same proven MLM success strategy and developed a unique product that includes not only superjuices but also some very popular new ingredients in the nutritional market such as Resveratrol.

They even went one step further by using a patented key beneficial ingredient called BioCell Collagen II® (BCII®) .

Jusuru is confident enough about their product that they have a sample program where distributors can generate customers by giving away a free sample. This MLM marketing strategy was very successfully used by a another superjuice company recently called eXfuze .

Jusuru Compensation Plan

For their MLM compensation plan, Jusura is counting on the industry proven Unilevel compensation plan to power this unique product rollout.

Jusuru distributors are compensated with multiple income streams such as, direct sales, preferred customer bonus, fast start bonus, team commissions, enroller bonus, turbo infinity bonus, leader check match, leadership pools, and a Jusuru car bonus.

It seems like Jusuru could have the right combination to really make a difference in the crowded superjuice marketplace, but of course that remains to be seen.

Now I have no doubt that there is money to be made in Jusuru, so if you are excited about this opportunity and ready to jump in, take the time to treat this like a real business.

So many distributors try to achieve fame and fortune from making a list and talking to a few people in their warm market and end up just dropping out after they have no one left to talk to.

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