150 Million MLM Prospects Right Under Your Nose – MLM Marketing Using Online Job Board Advertising

MLM MarketingSo if you searching for information on MLM Marketing approaches using online Job board Advertising to build your MLM business then you have come to the right place. In this online training review I will discuss the reasons why this little used but massive source of MLM leads can be used to successfully power your success in your MLM company.

Not too long ago in the days before I was an internet marketer, I had some pretty killer MLM marketing approaches that I used to dominate the world of MLM recruiting and sponsored dozens of new focused reps into my business each and every month.

Several MLM marketing approaches I used  were basically just variations of a number of old school MLM marketing approaches that I had used for over 20 years but revamped to use the technology of the present day.

They allowed me to build such an avalanche of lead flow and sponsor so many dead serious people into my MLM  that it propelled me to over 7 figures a year in income.

You know of course, that’s what it’s all about right?

Massive Lead Flow = Success

That’s the mythical secret of top producers that allows them to get rapidly to the coveted $10,000 per month and beyond.

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It’s a numbers game…..


The more leads you have, the more distributors you can sponsor, the more 20% ers you will surface, and the more 1% ers you will find.


Now there are some killer strategies that relate do strategically developing your organization that I do training’s on but that’s not part of our discussion today.

Today it’s about a pretty simple high volume MLM Marketing & lead generation approach that anyone can use.

Now I am going to be releasing some marketing information previously only available to my MLM Marketing  inner circle coaching team members about where you can tap into a inexhaustible lead pool of over 150,000,000 prospects for your MLM business.

This approach is simple, can be mastered by anyone and I used it to sponsor over 250 dead serious people into my MLM business in less than 2 years by using this one approach


Target Markets For MLM Marketing


Old School MLM professionals have traditionally targeted very broad categories of Transitional People for prospecting.

  • MLM Distributors of existing companies
  • MLM Hopefuls who are looking for a new company
  • Job Seekers
  • Opportunity seekers
  • Business Professionals looking for a change (Real Estate or Mortgage) 
  • Business Owners looking for a change
  • Entrepreneurs


Target Markets Online MLM Marketing


Now Online MLM Marketing and lead generation generally targets only the specific target market of  MLM distributors who are actively in the industry or looking.

However that leaves probably 150++ million potential prospects out of the equation since they are either not in Network Marketing, or not looking for network marketing or maybe they have been in MLM before but are not currently doing an online search for MLM.

So how do you tap into that huge untapped pool of latent MLM talent?


MLM Marketing Using Online Job Boards Advertising

Online Job Board Advertising allows you to tap into this fairly untouched segment of the market……

This approach allows you to tap into the more traditional MLM prospect marketplace.

Now Online Job Boards also known as “Resume databases” today represent a huge limitless reservoir of prospects, who because of today’s economy, represent prime suspects if not prospects.

What Are Online Job Boards


Online Job Boards today probably hold over 75 million ++ resumes of people who are transitional and looking for a change.……


Humm….. isn’t that who we are looking for?



Now there are hundreds if not thousands of  Online Job Boards on the internet but here are just a few of the big guys.

  • Monster.com 23 million + resumes of job seekers
  • Careerbuilder.com 36 million +
  • Beyond.com 26 Million +

To effectively tap this massive resource all you need is the right approach, good copyrighting, and a sales funnel system to filter your prospects.


Advertising approaches for Online Job Boards


Job Postings

Place Ad – Just like placing a newspaper ad only lots more traffic.

Capture Page – Target opportunity seekers into a custom capture page or  a video presentation overview of your opportunity (if you need an out of the box solution for setting this up see My Lead System Pro Review)

Application – Use application link through Google docs or Survey Monkey at the end rather than an opt-in form.

Direct Resume calls

Search Database – (Headhunter Approach) Use targeted search queries for the exact type of prospect with the exact skill you are looking for.

Categories – Business Owners, Independent reps, sales, realtor, mortgage broker, etc

Call Prospect & Sift – Call them directly and use the “Resume Database Call Script V3”  to build rapport and sift the prospects. Now this is just like doing regular MLM Prospecting calls except that you know that all these prospects are transitional and looking.

Resume Database Mining

Search database and then send  a custom sifting opportunity e mail (Resume Database E Mail Template) to sift the prospect and then direct them to your custom page or to a custom video with form. Now let me give you a word of advice here, do not send prospects to your MLM company replicated website and expect any results. That is not the way to do it.

MLM company replicated websites are only good for………

Well I can’t really think of anything they are good for, so my best advice is just don’t use them.

Rather go create your own simple online presentation using a video cam and post on youtube or if you really want to get serious use an out of the box marketing and squeeze page system such as My Lead System Pro where you can cut and paste for about 10 min and then you will have a professional looking capture page with a video stressing how hot your deal is to send your prospects to and you will actually sponsor some.

Search Database – Use a general query for skill set such as “sales” to get maximum search results.

Categories – Sales, Independent Sales Reps, work at home, Marketing, etc.

Sift Prospect Using e-mail – Click on the e mail hyperlink for each resume, cut & paste the “resume database letter” and send. Do one at a time – do not bulk e mail!

Rinse & Repeat: If going for volume you can average 200-300 individual e mails an hour or act like a true headhunter and target very specific skills (i.e. business owner or RE Broker), and personalize the e mail

So as you can probably tell I spent some time testing and refining this MLM Marketing process until it was a work of art and spit out new distributors like clockwork, but there is more detail than I can put into this short article, so you will just have to review the training video I did.

You will find the Scripts, ad copy, the approaches, it’s all there in the training I am going to give you access to.

Now as with all my MLM Marketing  training’s, they are free for a very short period of time and then they go into my paid training programs.

So if you want see the training webinar for free do it now or starting next week you can pay me $149.00 for it

Free is good………….

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