From Bankruptcy to $1.5 Million a year – The power of an MLM Marketing System

mlm marketing systemIf you are here looking for information about what an MLM Marketing System is,  and how you can use them to achieve success then you are in the right place.

First let’s talk money……………….

So there I was less than 3 years into my first MLM marketing experience and after six painful months of stumbling around doing really stupid stuff………

Then BINGO! 

I found the  most powerful secret to generating income know to modern man and my income shot to over $1 million a year……………..

mlm marketing system


So what was the Secret?

Was it “LUCK” or “TIMING”?

Well actually it was much simpler, it was that I discovered the power of a system, and how an MLM marketing system that actually works combined with massive action, is without a doubt the most powerful success tool ever invented.

In short I found something that worked, jumped on it, and ran with it!

Now most people who sell the MLM success dream generally focus on only one key factor when they spin the tale of what it takes to have huge financial success in Network Marketing.


Now timing, being in the right place at the right time, can of course be a very powerful element that can acceleration your growth, but Timing in itself can’t create success.

So what can?


The MLM Marketing System…………….


Most people do not understand the power of a good system but it’s what really defines almost all success in the world today from huge corporations, to a franchise, to a successful online business model or store.

You see if you have a successful system, you can literally create success over and over and then you can use your system to leverage your success.

Having a successful MLM Marketing system was how I went from Bankruptcy ( with a big B )  to earning over $1.5 million in my first MLM business in less than 3 years.

Now of course I would love to tell you that it was all because I am a brilliant marketing strategist…

Actually I am really good at marketing but without a MLM Marketing system to leverage my own efforts that allowed me to do in one hour what it took others days to do, well I would still be back there doing one on one sales pitches like you are probably doing right now.

Now I am humble enough to say that I did not invent the entire system, but simply combined a few elements that were already there in such a way that it became more than the sum of its parts.

Then when I saw how powerful and quick it was at generating the success I wanted, I grabbed it and ran with it.


Then I leveraged the system to make millions


The MLM Marketing System – My Blueprint to $1.5 million a year

My original MLM Marketing system came out of discussions 25 years ago with two MLM legends and mentor’s of mine, Mark Yarnell and Jerry Campisi.


MLM Marketing System Key Element 1

The first part the system came from discussions I had with Jerry Campisi that changed my mindset from approaching MLM success as an “Identify and Sell” proposition to a “Sifting and Sorting” mass marketing mindset.

In short this proposition said:

Sift the population to find “Leads”, sift the leads to find, “Suspects”, sift the suspects to find “Prospects”, and sift the prospects to find the people who raise their hand and say “I’m In, sign me up”!

That in fact was one of my first “Ah Ha” moments in my journey to the word of MLM.


MLM Marketing System Key Element 2

Now trying to sift through huge numbers of prospects  by giving one on one presentations did not work well, the population of potential prospects is simply too large and the time it takes to do one off presentations is too long.

Enter mentor #2 Mark Yarnell

Now Mark Yarnell is a character to say the least, I could tell you stories all day long about his antics in the world of MLM, it’s the stuff of legend, but the key element I gained from him was “Duplication”

Now I was sifting and sorting but still doing it by direct presentation and not hitting the success or the numbers I knew I needed.  Then in talking to Mark Yarnell he told me flatly that he knew exactly what I was doing wrong.

He said that I was too good at what I did, too polished and when people looked at me, they listened to my presentation and probably saw the potential but the also looked at the process they also would have to do to be successful and decided they just could not do what Marc Barrett did.

In short I was not duplicatable

He told me to use a short video tape presentation he had done. I was to sit people down, play the tape and let the tape do the selling.

Later I gave a presentation to a CPA in Denver and after watching the video he asked me………

He said “I just want to know one thing, can I buy that video tape and do what you are doing”

The 2nd Ah Ha Moment strikes…………..


My MLM Marketing System


I then strung these two concepts together, added in several other elements and created my first MLM Marketing system

  1. Run ads in newspapers to generate 100 leads a week
  2. Prospect reads the ad and calls a Voice Mail number and listens to a 2 min screening recording sizzling the opportunity and leaves their name and number for more information
  3. I call prospects, give no details on the phone and schedule them into a group presentation for the next day at my home
  4. I group 6 to 12 people into each presentation and schedule 3 sessions per day.
  5. I play the video tape presentations for the group and then do a strong “Take Away” and tell them to go home and think about it, and to call me back only if they want to move forward. I also tell them if I don’t hear back in 2 days I am crossing their name off the list.
  6. No follow-ups

This simple system allowed me to sift and sort through large numbers of potential prospects quickly and the video presentation made it duplicatable.


No Follow Up?

Now the idea of not following up horrifies most sale people who are taught to follow up till they buy or die, however the no follow up strategy allowed me to free up massive amounts of time that I would have wasted trying to close unmotivated prospects into my business and instead gave me the time to focus on generating the volume.

I only signed the people who took action and came back to me. This allowed me to build an organization of action takers and not burn time trying to close and motivate the non action takers.


MLM Marketing System Key Element 3


Massive Action and Leverage

Now with a system that worked in hand, I had a blueprint that I could pass to my organization so I quickly gathered my team leaders and give them the exact blueprint of what to do and branched quickly all over the US.


MLM Marketing System Evolution

Now MLM marketing is always in a state of flux and evolution, and what works at one point in time tends to change from time to time.

Now that system does not work anymore, the technology behind it changed but when one door closes another opens and if you keep your eyes open you will always find the path.

Enter The Internet

Now today of course the target market  for MLM prospecting has grown from the local market or even local country to a seamless global market, and the larger the audience, the more powerful the MLM marketing system needs to be to cope with the huge scope of finding MLM Leads in a virtually unlimited global market.

The internet of course is where you will now find the most powerful MLM marketing systems like My Lead System Pro, Empower Network, or the Daily Income Team System  just to name a few.

These systems allow you to make use of technology to leverage the power of the internet to not only sift and sort your prospects but they can do it with the speed and scope that’s hard to even imagine.

Remember you job is not to invent the perfect approach but simple to find it, jump on it, take massive action, and then leverage your success.

Now I have always kept my eyes and mind open to changes in the marketing universe with special attention to MLM Marketing System developments.

I was reminded of how powerful some of the new Marketing systems can be when I saw this Killer video yesterday.


Check it out







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