My Lead System Pro Review – A Magic Bullet For MLM Success? Well Maybe…

So let’s talk about My Lead System Pro, or as they used call themselves, MLM Lead System Pro.

My Lead System ProNow My Lead System Pro, MLSP for short, is the brainchild of Brian Fanale, Norbert Orlewicz, and Todd Schlomer, three apparent refugees from the world of traditional MLM marketing who launched the system in September of 2008.

As I sat down to write this review about this MLM Online Marketing System and educational portal, I saw that there are many different approaches I could use to explain the system.

I thought about just listing the different elements of the online educational platform such as the cutting edge weekly training webinars that My Lead System Pro (MLSP) puts on for members that are hosted by successful online marketers such as Cedrick Harris, David Wood, Ray Higdon, Nicole Cooper, Mia Davies and others.

In these training webinars, these MLM marketing success stories share the intimate details of how they generate online traffic using Facebook, or Twitter, or Pay Per Click marketing, or Article Marketing or even video marketing and then ramp that into a literal flood of lead flow of 10, 20, 50, or even 100 leads a day using My Lead System Pro.

It’s pretty magical stuff actually.

My Lead System Pro is like having the online world deciphered and brought down to a level pretty much anyone can understand and of course copy.

Then of course I would have to list the different elements of the online marketing system that “My Lead System Pro” also makes available to their members such as the “out of the box” lead capture websites that are ready to go on day one, or maybe the more advanced versions for the non-beginners where you and point and click and have 5 or 10 custom website sales funnels up and running in less than 20 min.

Then there are the other elements of the My Lead System Pro marketing system such as the professionally written auto-responder messages, the video hosting capability, the affiliate income streams, and on and on.

There is actually so much to the My Lead System Pro system, that just to list all the elements in a review would make it sound more like a tech manual than a valuable tool.

So I decided to tell you a story instead.

Humm….Where do I begin.

I guess for me the journey into the world of high volume lead generation and automated sales funnels was not nearly the journey it is for a lot of people.

I have always understood the concept of working the numbers to achieve success in MLM and I had even developed a low-tech, high-volume lead funnel system over 24 years ago and it was in fact that marketing approach that launched me to over 7 figures a year in the MLM industry.

What took a little longer to understand about online marketing was the “Funded Proposal” concept and even a little harder was abandoning the “Pit Bull on the throat” approach to direct recruiting that I had been using for over 20 years and then trying to really get inside the “Attraction Marketing” model.

But hey, I am getting ahead of myself so this probably all sounds like Greek to you so let me start at the beginning and tell you why I decided to use one of the top online lead generation systems in the market today, My Lead System Pro, and how I leveraged the system to sponsor over 60 people in to my primary MLM in just a few months using an online marketing approach and also in the process generated thousands of dollars in affiliate commissions.

It was near the end of 2009 and I had been heavily involved for the last two years in building a team for a new MLM superjuice company when I had a moment of mental meltdown one night while experiencing the urge to karate chop my phone after having a lame discussion with an even lamer prospect who just did not get it.

Yes I know we all have those moments, but hey, I have been in the MLM industry for over 23 years and I have been to the top, earning 7 figures a year for many years, so one would think I would be “oh so wise” and way beyond all that childish “telephone anger”.

Well I hate to tell you this but even the so called Pro’s sometimes stumble around scratching their heads thinking “there has to be a better way”.

I mean I knew what to do, I had done it for years, just polish off the trusty old “7 figure business plan” and get to work.

I mean I had learned years ago that success in MLM is numbers related. The more leads you have, the more prospects you have, the more signups you have and so on.

I knew very well that to hit top earning status in any company you had to be able to bring 10+ people to the table as new distributors each month and then sift that down to the 20% Percenters that would form the base of you income and then somewhere over the next several months hopefully hit a magical 1% Percenter, and then bam!

Off to the races!

So I had a well oiled business plan ready to roll that I had used many times before, however the problem was that what works in the marketing world changes from time to time.

That marketing time warp had lead me from tiny 8 line sizzle newspaper adds 20 some years ago that would generate up to 100 leads a week, to the world of magazine advertising, then on to telemarketing machines, to fax blast advertising, to e mail marketing, to resume database mining, to internet job portal advertising, and so on, and so on, etc.

The marketing world never sleeps and it always evolves.

So there I was re-working some of my older approaches and hitting some good numbers but the volume just was not as high as it needed to be, and when the volume is not high it leads you to want to maximize your leads which leads to the urge to chase prospects and that invariably leads to the powerful urge to destroy you phone at some point after having some lame follow up discussion you know you never should have been having in the first place.

Well shortly after my telephone meltdown I got a call from one of my downline team members in Miami who for some reason was all excited and stopped by drop off a copy of the “Magnetic Sponsoring” e-book by industry legend Mike Dillard.

So I promised him I would read it but told him it was probably just some internet garbage so not to get his hopes up.

Now at that point I was just about ready to pull the plug on the day and go to the beach but I started reading the 80 page e book and I have to say it had me within a few pages as truth after truth about the MLM industry rolled off the page.

It talked about a world of “Attraction Marketing models”, of something called “Funded Proposals”, and of a powerful online marketing model.

Now I won’t digress into details on what is said since I recently did a blog post on it but I will say that it was so right on target it was scary. I could instantly see the direction I needed to go with my MLM business


Later that day I started buying and studying ever course Magnetic Sponsoring had to offer, “Building on a Budget”, “Black Belt Recruiting” and “Traffic Formula 2” for starters.

Within a day I knew exactly what needed to be done and as I poured through his course called “Traffic Formula 2”. Now I was a little disappointed that Mike Dillard did not actually offer an out of the box online marketing system but instead he was going to show you how to build your own.

So I was over half way through the course when the thought occurred to me that I could build the system, but that someone in the internet universe had probably already done it.

I searched the internet and then “bam” there it was, a My Lead System Pro capture page with a video of some guy called Cedrick Harris sitting on his porch in Tampa, FL with a lake in the background telling me how he was going to teach me how to generate leads online.

So obviously I joined, and My Lead System Pro was in fact the missing link that I was looking for, an educational portal that would teach me how to tap into the power of the internet to build my business and the also supply me with the websites, lead capture pages, auto-responders, and everything necessary to capture and convert those leads to prospects and then to distributors.

Understanding key elements of the My Lead System Pro marketing system.

1.      Just do it! High volume lead generation is the only reliable way to achieve success in MLM and pretty much the entire future of advertising is online. So either learn it now or learn it later, but there is no escaping it. Marketing and training systems like My Lead System Pro can do just that for you.

2.      The Learning Curve: There will be a learning curve with the approaches you lean in My Lead System Pro, but it’s not rocket science, anyone can do it with a little study. The only trick is to not overwhelm yourself with too much information all at once and then try to go in too many different directions at the same time.  Start with one online lead generation approach, master it to the point of sufficiency and then add an additional approach and so on.

3.      Attraction Marketing Model: Systems like My Lead System Pro are generic and can be used to build any MLM company. Keep in mind that since you are not advertising your Primary MLM company’s name but rather are generating leads generically, systems like this are in compliance with any MLM’s rules and regulations no matter how restrictive.

4.      Funded Proposal: I love this part, with systems like My Lead System Pro you will actually make money as a result of your lead generation activities whether or not the prospects ever join your Primary MLM. This is probably the only marketing system you have ever used that will actually generate a positive cash flow if you do it right. The “My Lead System Pro” system  itself generates a monthly income stream when your prospects decide they want to use it and there are already several other affiliate income streams already built into the system so you don’t have to use brain cells to try to figure it out. In the early days of building your business, it’s quite possible that My Lead System Pro will probably throw off more cash flow than your primary MLM.



So, the question you are probably asking right now is…..

Is My Lead System Pro the missing element?

Is My Lead System Pro that critical part of the puzzle that is going to change the course of events in your MLM future and finally make you successful?

Well maybe yes, or maybe no…..

I guess the real magic is not so much in a sexy online marketing system like My Lead System Pro, that is without a doubt in my book the best of the online systems out there, but rather in finally understanding that success in Network Marketing is a numbers game of the highest magnitude.

In my book trying to achieve success in a business model where 50%++ of the people drop out and even fewer still have the drive to treat this like a real business, by simply making a list of your friends and family and then trying to beat them into submission to join you in the business, is a little like taking a knife to a gunfight, your chances of survival or success are slim.

However once you learn the law of “large numbers” and then embrace using leveraged marketing tools like “My Lead System Pro” that can do the heavy lifting (and sifting) for you then you are on the right track.

Once you are on that path there is little doubt once again that the future of all advertising is pretty much online, and systems like My Lead System Pro can give you not only the education you need to understand what you are doing but also the technology to leverage your marketing efforts.

Think of it like this, there are by last accounts 1.7 billion people online as of Sept 2009, now can you imagine just for a moment being able to reach out and touch just the smallest fraction of that traffic and direct it to your business?

Pretty exciting thought isn’t it.

So it’s probably time to start learning what you need to, so that can be part of your future.

So what’s next?

Click on the My Lead System Pro link to learn more.

My Lead System Pro

Want to learn how I  generated over 3000 leads, sponsored over 50 new reps and generated over $30,000 in affiliate commissions in just my first 5 months using this killer system?  For a inside look at some of these powerful marketing strategies check out

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