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mlm marketingOnce upon a time in the distant past of my MLM marketing career I actually paid people to become prospects. 


Well maybe I should rephrase that, my prospecting approach was that I offered them money.




Still not coming out right.


Right now you are probably thinking, “well of course Marc, I could get lots of prospects if I paid them money to listen to me”. 


Well how about if I showed you a way to actually do that, but without actually paying them.


Look money talks, and of course it’s a great way to get someone’s attention.


Think of it this way, if you walked into a crowded restaurant and threw a wad of $100 bills into the air, you would probably get everyone’s attention right?


Well of course, “money talks” and its a really great show stopper and attention getter. 


Enough suspense?


OK, here are the details.


MLM Marketing With Money


It’s a marketing approach called “Drop Cards” or “Dollar Card Marketing”


You may have seen these before, they are a printed card and they look just like a folded $100 bill, and on the inside you print promotional language like……….

“You May Be Walking Past A Foutune” 

“Earn $10,000 Per Month in 90 days or less…….”

Call 1-305-555-1212
(24 hour Recorded Message)

Now back in the day when I had my first huge MLM success, I had armies of people using this approach, and you know what?


It works……… and it still does today!


The Key To Effective MLM Marketing? Always Use High Volume Approaches


The key here of course is volume, you print them on really light weight paper (not like a business card) and then put them everywhere, drop them by the thousands, the ten thousands everywhere you go.


  • Parking lots
  • Grocery Stores
  • The Beach (that was my favorite) 
  • Everywhere
The best part is that its really fun just to watch how people respond. 


I have seen people chase one of these across a parking lot at a full gallop, talk about a marketing hook!


Now you have to plug the phone number inside into a voice mail with a sizzle message about your business but I am sure you can figure that out.


Anyway … check it out
To your success


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