Kyani International Review – Any Life Left In The MLM Superjuice Market?

Ok so here we go again, I thought I had finally seen all the superjuice companies in existence but then there they were, Kyani International, a relatively new player in the MLM field, with yet another superjuice.

kyani internationalKyani hopes to tap whatever action may be left in the once unstoppable superjuice market by creating a product that leverages on the antioxidant power of blueberries, and not just any blueberries, specifically Alaskan blueberries!

Now don’t get me wrong here, I am a big believer in health and nutrition, but I for one am tired of looking at superjuices.

Now of course this market segment was a huge powerhouse in the MLM industry for years, and some of the success stories such as Tahitian Noni, Xango, and the famed MonaVie hit growth curves while in their prime that were dizzying. MonaVie in particular as I pointed out in a recent blog post, MonaVie Review, churned out pretty close to $980,000 per month in commission payments to their top distributor Brig Hart using a simple Hybrid-binary MLM compensation plan and pretty much turned the industry its collective ear for several years.


Wait a minute, did I say $980,000 a month???


Good grief batman! No wonder we love network marketing……


But of course what the market givith the market can also taketh away, and today the proud superjuice giants of a few years ago are looking a little worse for wear (see MonaVie Review Update).

However the fantastic growth of this market caused a literal flood of superjuice products to hit the market as aspiring company founders trotted off to the far corners of the world with dollar signs in their eyes, in search of yet another undiscovered mystery fruit.


At its high point a few years ago the true superjuice believers had so many bottles of different superjuices in their refrigerator there wasn’t even room for the milk.


While you would think that such a market is already over saturated, it seems that consumers still welcome new health drinks with open arms.

There is of course some evidence that antioxidants from fruits, such as blueberries, may lessen the risk of cancer. This is the assumption upon which Kyani has established its business model. The FDA, however, does not approve of such an assumption because of inconclusive evidence. Just like the thousands of other MLM companies out there, Kyani International operates on a distribution basis wherein sales associates get the products at wholesale prices. Those associates are then tasked to generate leads, recruit other associates, and close sales.


Kyani International


According to Kyani’s official website, two of the co-founders  — Gayle and Dick Powell – were in Alaska and they chanced upon someone who was doing a research on the Tlingit tribe. They found out that the members of this tribe regularly consumed Alaskan Blueberry and Sockeye Salmon. According to studies, these two foods contain very high nutritional value.

With knowledge of what had happened in the superjuice market over the last several years by companies bringing a unique product to market, the Powell’s were excited about the prospect of launching what they felt was a unique product using an MLM business model and based on the Alaskan Blueberry. They relayed this information to several potential business partners and together they founded Kyani International in 2005.  Keeping with the Alaskan motif, they chose the name Kyani which in the Tlingit native American language stands for “Strong Medicine.”

The company is headed by CEO Michael Breshears, who has years of experience in leading MLM companies. His previous roles encompass all aspects of the multi-level marketing business from logistics to customer service to distribution and marketing. He also continues to be active in the Direct Selling Association (DSA).

Presently, Kyani International is still a privately-held firm that operates in Asia, Europe, and North America. While it was established in 2005, it wasn’t until three years later that the company started to show appreciable growth when they finally began to attract some successful experienced networkers to their product and business model.


Kyani Products


Unlike other health drink MLM companies that carry a number of products, Kyani International only offers four in its product line. These three nutritional drinks are the following

  • Kyani Sunrise. This is a vitamin-infused healthy beverage that contains not just the Wild Alaskan Blueberry but also 10 other “Super Foods” – Red Raspberry, Concord Grapes, Pomegranate, Blueberry, Noni, Aloe Vera, Wolfberry, Grape Seed/Skin, Cranberry, and Bee Pollen. One ounce a day of the Kyani Sunrise is designed to maintain a healthy heart, reduce stress, enhance immunity, boost energy, and improve brain function.
  • Kyani Sunset. This is a dietary supplement in capsule form that contains omega-3 from Wild Alaskan Sockeye Salmon. Also among its ingredients is Annatto seed that contains high levels of Tocotrienols, from which pure vitamin E is derived. This supplement serves to reduce cholesterol, control inflammation, maintain cardiovascular health, boost immunity, increase energy, enhance brain function, maintain blood sugar level, and promote healthier hair and skin.
  • Kyani NitroFX. Nitric Oxide products are well known in the health and bodybuilding markets and this product is a noni plant-based product that leverages the power of nitric oxide, which according to studies helps improve our body’s circulation, energy, and cell repair function. Just a little of this product is said to increase blood flow, enhance heart health, improve immunity, enhance sexual health, and maintain blood sugar balance.
  • Kyani NitroXtreme. This product is designed to maximize our body’s production of Nitric Oxide through increased Nitrate content and the addition of other key ingredients like Magnesium, Chromium, Zinc, Niacin, and CoQ10 which all are beneficial to our health. A few drops a day of this product improves blood flow, promotes a healthy cardiovascular system, boosts immunity, lowers the risk of resistance to insulin, and fosters the proper functioning of the digestive system.


Kyani’s marketing materials promote the concept that these products work with each synergistically other to lower the risk of disease, neutralize free radicals, and enhance overall health and well-being.

Now of course the main marketing focus of most Network Marketing health products and especially superjuices is that some product users experience pretty remarkable health benefits that are tangible (can actually be felt) and these testimonials are then used to provide a demonstration of how effective and life changing the company’s products can be.

As such, you will most likely have customers who will love the products and swear that they work miracles, while there will be others who won’t be as enthusiastic but are sold on the factual health benefit research done by the company.

The key of course is to do a little research on the products’ ingredients before you get swept away by the glowing testimonials, to make sure that there actually is any validity to the health benefits or if it’s just distributor ra-ra.

Now having said that, since I am a nutritional buff,  at least in this case I can pretty much assure you that there are definite health benefits that can be achieved from supplements using Nitric Oxide, Tocotrienols, and the antioxidant power of blueberries.


Kyani Compensation Plan


Depending on how you get started with Kyani, you’ll be charged with upfront enrollment fees that range from $299 to $999. On top of this, there is a monthly autoship and back office fee of $150.

Compensation primarily banks on Kyani’s  3 x 7 Forced Matrix system for their distributors. Under this plan, you’d only need three people in your first line but at the same time have the chance to sponsor unlimited personal distributors in your matrix. Since you can sponsor any number of personal distributors, the amount of money you can earn is not limited. In fact, you get to earn a 100% matching check from every person you sponsor when they become leaders themselves.

There are also other ways through which you can earn including Sponsor Bonuses, Fast Start Bonuses, Car Program, Leadership Pools, and Incentive Trips.

Now most of the comp plan perks are fairly standard however there was one that kind of got my attention was the comp plan perk called the Rank Bonus:


Kyani Rank Bonus

  • Emerald Rank Bonus Payout. Achieve Emerald and maintain for 1 additional month and receive a lump sum of $5,000.
  • Blue Diamond Bonus Payout. Achieve Blue Diamond and maintain for 2 months and receive a lump sum of $25,000.
  • Purple Diamond Bonus Payout. Achieve Purple Diamond and maintain for 2 months and receive a lump sum of $100,000.
  • Double Red Diamond Payout. Achieve Double Red Diamond and maintain for 2 months and receive a lump sum of $500,000.


Actually it’s kind of motivating to think about getting a Double Red Diamond Rank bonus and getting a nice lump sum of $500,000 in your next distributor check.




Now what are the odds that they plugged this bonus in to attract those top level networkers that gave them that needed boost in growth a few years ago.

Who says you can’t buy talent!


Actually MonaVie at their peak also tried this kind of perk to attract top talent and it did work for them for a while.

As far as distributor support goes, Kyani hosts national conventions every year and smaller conference calls in different cities on a quarterly basis. The only downside is that since Kyani is a relatively new company, you may not be given much local support. And if you’re thinking of opening up a new town, then you may probably not benefit from having weekly meetings led by local leaders to assist you in giving live presentation. But of course that’s the flip side of the MLM coin, if you join a huge company that already has everything in place then the upside growth potential is usually not as good.

Also since in my opinion most of the traditional MLM face to face marketing approaches should be in the museums where they belong, any distributor courting success in today’s market should be using online marketing approaches to generate their leads and do presentations.

What are the future prospects for Kyani?


Well MLM crystal balls are all a little cloudy when it comes to charting the future success course of any company in the Network Marketing industry, and of course it’s the same when looking at Kyani.

Health and nutritional are of course huge trillion dollar markets and the superjuices have carved out a big niche in that arena, however I am not so sure but that maybe the superjuice success train may have run its course. There have been so many MLM companies running after that market in the last few years, that your average network marketing distributor tends to run the other way when they hear the word “Superjuice”.

However who knows, this one could be the next billion dollar hyper-growth success monster that generates the next legendary $900,000 a month commission checks.

The Kyani products do have validity and of course that sexy “Alaskan” motif,  and the compensation plan is already churning out some big commissions, so if you like what you see go for it.

Kyani presents a legitimate business opportunity the details of which are clearly outlined in their professional-looking website and brochures. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that a legitimate MLM company is equivalent to success on your part. Unless you are able to convince other people about the worth of Kyani products and generate a lot of leads, you’ll merely end up at home keeping company with all your bottles of superjuice.

Success in Kyani or any MLM business model hinges on your ability to structure it as a real business and to have a high volume lead generation system in place so you can look beyond just your friends and family for your success.

So if you are ready to take your business and income to the next level you need to learn how to use the internet to leverage your business. Today there are hundreds of millions of people online and many are probably looking for a business just like yours, imagine for a moment just being able to reach out an tap just the smallest fraction of that huge traffic and bring it to your business.

Exciting thought isn’t it?


The good news is that you can learn how to use the internet as a tool and generate tons of leads to power your business by using powerful Online Marketing Systems that will teach you how to use the internet as a powerful resource for your business.

When I first started using online marketing systems I generated over 3000 leads, sponsored over 50 new reps and generated over $30,000 in affiliate commissions in just a few months. For a inside look at some of these powerful marketing strategies check out my free Video Training Bootcamp



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