MonaVie – The Great Also Fall

I was involved in some MLM research the other day and I ended up at a website that  showcased the top 500 earners in the MLM marketplace today, many of which were in a company called MonaVie.

MonaVieWow! I was awestruck and humbled and then really excited that I was in an industry  where this could even happen.

Top earner on the list, Brig Hart of MonaVie at a heart stopping  $980,000! Then I did  a double take and had to re-read the caption. I thought they were talking yearly  incomes, but is seems as of last report, he makes that much a month! That’s about  $12 Mil a year!

Wow, I want one! One of those runaway success trains, holy warp drive, beam me up  Scottie!

Can this be true? Can someone actually make that much money in MLM?

It got worse, or better depending on how you look at it. There were almost a dozen  MonaVie earners who were making $280K a month or more and that was dwarfed by the  even larger list of 36 or more who we over 100K a month and an even larger list of  those over $50K a month.

I had to pour myself a stiff drink of superjuice and ponder this for a moment.

Yes Dorothy, you are not in Kansas anymore, this is the world of MLM where your  income is only a function of the size of the network you build, and there is no  limit on that.  With an aggressive comp plan (hybrid-binary, very similar to a company I recently reviewed, eXfuze)  and a runaway company, the sky, or the  universe in the case of MonaVie, is the limit.

Now before you start thinking that this is a paid endorsement for MonaVie, I have  to tell you I would never join them, but more on that later.

That brings us to the question at hand here, what is happening with MonaVie?

The MonaVie Success Story

Unless you have been camping in the backcountry for the last 5 years, you have  probably heard of MonaVie. You know, the company that has the sexy purple wine  bottle that holds the revered Acai berry juice.

Here is a quick Play by Play scorecard for you:

  • MonaVie Product launched in 2005 by Monarch Health Sciences
  • MonaVie Inc incorporates and takes over product distribution
  • Recruits Brig Hart (Amway – Quixtar Diamond)
  • Grows from Zero to $50 million in a few years and then goes vertical to a  Billion, all in about 5 years
  • Money-Money-Money

MonaVie is a textbook example of what I would call Mega-Viral growth

The runaway  viral growth in a network marketing company that hits a home run is what we are  all looking for in this industry.

It is that growth that creates fortunes in a  heartbeat. It is the one thing that keeps most of us in the industry year after  year even if you have yet to hit a home run. You see it around you every day as  companies enter the market and then sometimes for almost no visible reason at  all….boom!

Now of course we all have seen this in new deals that hit the market, and  sometimes fortunes are make in the first few months of a company’s life only to  many times disappear just a quickly. Leaving us with the lesson that it’s probably  better to open the bank account than to lease the Ferrari.

Then there are the Mega-Virals, the giants, the money monsters who gain traction a  2nd time after the initial flush and blast across the marketplace in a flash,  creating such a wake as they pass it’s almost like a black hole seeming at times  to pull everyone it touches into it, growing larger and larger, seeming to defy the  laws of the universe.

The MonaVie Magic

MonaVie had some real market magic working for it. For starters they were in a  great market segment, superjuices. These little magic berries in a bottle have  helped generate at least 4 mega viral companies in the last 10 years.

Superjuices have the advantage of being one of the few truly emotional consumable  nutritional products out there.

The product magic that helps power the growth is  because about 60% of the people who try a superjuice product actually feel a  positive benefit from its use.

MonaVie took advantage of this and used a product driven duplication mode to  power growth. They did this by pushing product benefits and then doing some back  door recruiting by way of using “Tasting Parties” as the mainstay of their  marketing effort.

Then enter the random effect of Brig Hart joining the company and you complete the  picture. Now keep in mind here, it is a pretty rare occurrence to have a  successful Diamond distributor in Amway ever leave the fold. Amway has an  extremely strong culture. They successfully immunize their distributors against  outside influence and even the reps that never make any money rarely leave.

However Brig apparently got into a disagreement with some other Amway Diamonds and  then with the parent company itself that ended up in a lawsuit. It was this that  probably caused him to jump ship and take a sizable part of his group and go  looking for another deal.

When they joined MonaVie, they essentially dropped probably several hundred  highly trained Amway distributors with a powerful team culture into a ground floor  perfectly  positioned superjuice company.

The rest is history, welcome to the billion dollar  club.

Now had I been open to a change a few years ago, I would have joined them, however  today at a billion I believe they are at the top of their game in the US market.

Standard Network Marketing companies like MonaVie, as opposed to Top Tier MLM companies, rely heavily on duplication and the development of huge organizations to generate the type of big dollars the top earners make, but once that explosive growth slows so does the income.

Network marketing companies who hit the mark and become a super-viral all go  through pretty much the same growth stages but once they hit about a billion in  the North American market they tend to plateau in growth. Many actually fall back  15% to 25% in volume.

Now there is still opportunity and money to be made of  course, but it’s no longer the heady go-go days of momentum where your checks go  up 35% a month.

Most of the new growth will be international.

Now if you are already locked in at  the right level which means you joined early, you have it made. Now the company  introduces more products to push more volume down the same pipeline and you can  play around in the international markets.

MonaVie is already on this path, they are branching into several new international markets and have already introduced a new energy drink in a can a la “Red Bull” and also just announced a new immune product.

For the newbe however, joining at this point can be an uphill battle.

Now the  benefit of course is that you will be joining a powerful polished distributor  culture and MonaVie’s is first rate. Because of this I think the distributor base  will hold pretty solid even as North American volume drops back a touch.

Most of  the current wash out is occurring because there were boatloads of customers who  were brought in as distributors so they could buy the product cheaper and as the  economy has fallen back, many of those have dropped autoship. This was a function  of the “Tasting Party” approach to recruiting.

So what is on the horizon for MonaVie? Once again I think they will continue to do  well and be a long term powerhouse but let’s face it you can only defy the laws of  gravity for so long.

Even the introduction of new products rarely ever triggers a 2nd momentum growth phase that they hope for.  If you recently joined or did not quite hit your income goals  yet, take a tip from what your upline is probably doing, go international.

MonaVie is opening a number of new international markets and if you work them  successfully there is a lot of money to be made.

You can successfully tap them by  incorporating online recruiting and lead generation into your business plan. If you master resources like Google Adwords, Facebook marketing, or international resume database mining, then you can tap the international markets while sitting at home.

To learn how to develop and use a marketing system that can tap both local and international markets and help you join that top earner status in MonaVie or your current company, register for the  free training below:

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MonaVie Success Secrets

There are many great opportunities in the MLM world today, and regardless of the company you choose to join, it’s critically important that you learn how to market properly.

Too many people in network marketing base the success of their business on pure luck and company momentum to make it happen for them. If you truly want to be successful in this industry then take the time to learn how to successfully market you business and don’t leave your success to chance.

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