MPB Today Review – MPB Today, Free Groceries For Spreading The Word? Networker Dream or Nightmare?

MPB Today, hum…MPB Today. we just can’t seem to get enough of these MLM matrix compensations plans can we.

Well the latest but not necessarily the greatest wave maker in the MLM industry is a company called MPB Today (, who is trying to convince Network Marketing hopefuls that groceries are the greatest product ever conceived of for the Network Marketing industry.


Well not an exciting product, but of course something we all use all the time.

Let’s see what else, well they are consumable.

Humm..  there must be more here, well there is that 2X2 matrix compensation plan.

Well I guess that’s about it.

So here are the basics on MPB Today


MPB Today stands for “My Premier Business Today”, and is headquartered in Pensacola, FL. Now the website ( says they are affiliated with a grocery delivery company called Southeastern Delivery but in fact they seem to be the same company since both companies share the same address.

Now according to the website sales pitch, the grocery delivery business is a billion dollar industry today and is predicted to grow to 80+ billion in the next 5 to 10 years.

Not quite sure about those numbers MPB Today quotes, but I guess that’s not really the point.

The real issue is can the grocery delivery business which seems to be pretty much a local industry be developed into a national industry.

I mean let’s face it, do you really want MPB Today to ship your fresh meat or dairy to you from Pensacola, FL if you live in Arizona?

Probably not.

So nationwide grocery delivery is pretty much going to be limited to canned or boxed products and when MPB Today tacks a shipping cost on top of that, it does not exactly lead to competitive pricing.

Also what about the shipping time? I mean when I want something from the grocery store I kind of want it now, not next week.

So what is the deal here?

Now this is just my business opinion, but it looks like a very creative entrepreneur was struggling with the idea of how to move their grocery delivery business to the next level and go nationwide but ran smack into the wall of the business model limitations.

Now adding a network marketing business plan to any business will of course will always get you an excited following at least in the early days, and that’s exactly what has happened.

Plugging in the matrix comp plan was probably a necessity for MPB Today since you really had to make it lucrative enough to get people to adopt a product such as this and get excited about it.

MPB Today & The Matrix….

Now matrix compensation plans like MPB Today uses are not exactly new, they are actually offshoots of gambling games that go back to at least the late 1800’s.

Now the gambling games of course had nothing to do with Network Marketing since in fact there was no product but they did pioneer the concept.

Matrix compensation plans in the MLM world have also been around for quite a while but came back into vogue a few years ago when a fast moving travel MLM called TVI Express roared through the US market.

They were quickly followed by a host of other companies also using Matrix compensation plans.

Now people made some very big money in TVI Express before it moved on, I personally know people who made over $70,000 in less than 3 months and some who made over $250,000 in less than 6 months.

Then it kind of died in the US market but is still making its rounds in various countries around the world.

The big appeal to the matrix compensation plans like MPB Today uses is of course the chance to make big money quick.

Another big draw is usually the concept of “Get Two” (personal recruits) and then sit back and watch the money flow in, and oh yes they generally have no autoship.

Now I am not for or against this particular type of compensation plan, I am a big believer in free choice and that if you like a deal like MPB Today, go for it.

However there are a few issues with this type of compensation plan you should be aware of.

Number one is the free ride concept the Matrix comp plan promotes.

It goes something like this, “Just get your two reps to qualify and you are done”. Then sit back and watch the money or in this case the MPB Today grocery coupons roll in and you have free groceries for life.

Well I wish it were that easy, heck I would join, but if you have been in MLM before you know that’s probably not the whole truth.

The truth is that the standard MLM business model (as opposed to Top Tier MLM companies like Family IQ or Wealth Masters), only works if you have duplication and the MPB Today compensation plan is no different.

So if the two that you bring in to MPB Today don’t get their two and so on, you are going nowhere.

You can be left with a stalled group, and if you want to get to the money you had better become a good recruiter because you are going to have to put everyone into the deal yourself.

Also since MPB Today has no autoship, there is no continual flow to power residuals so it can turn out to be a much harder build to get to the money than a conventional MLM compensation plan.


There is of course no “Free Ride” in the MLM industry even with Matrix compensation plans.

Now some positives about MPB Today.

If you can get some good group dynamics going in MPB Today,  Matrix comp plans can throw off a huge amount of cash in a pretty short time as evidenced by some of the money made in TVI Express, and also with the top earners in MPB Today, and they do tend to have a pretty good mass appeal since they are such a radically different type of comp plan.

Now personally MPB Today is not a deal that I would join but if you like what you see then go for it, just be aware that you are going to improve your chances dramatically if you can bring a lot of new recruits into MPB Today in a short period of time so the excitement level stays high.

To insure your success in MPB Today, you better be prepared to bring 6 to 10 new reps into the business at a minimum each month.

The best way to do that of course it to learn how to use online lead generation systems such as  My Lead System Pro to get you the lead flow that will power your growth.

MPB Today

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MPB Today

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