My Video Talk Review – MLM Tech Disaster Or The Next Big Thing?

So what’s the deal with  “My Video Talk” ? I mean we all know that online video is a hot growth area on the internet right?

my video talkIf you doubt that video as a medium for personal expression is here to stay  just take a moment and do a quick review of the growth and reach of Youtube by doing a quick Google search for “youtube growth stats”.

You will find that the sheer number of people doing videos and exposing their content, (and sometimes various body parts we would rather not see), to the world is mind boggling.

Well I guess some people have no shame, and of course some people have no shame and also no talent.

So yes of course video is a big deal on the internet, but that is not the issue here.

The issue and the reason I sat down to do a network marketing company review is to take a look at whether or not online video and video delivery systems are a viable product for an MLM company, and if you should even waste your time trying to build a network marketing empire by jumping on board the latest and greatest MLM company to jump on the bandwagon with a “killer no miss” (of course everyone thinks their product fits in this category) video product.

Enter “My Video Talk” one of the latest to jump on the MLM Video bandwagon.

My Video Talk is based in Northern California. It was founded in April 2004 to provide cutting-edge internet communication technologies. Currently, it is available globally with its presence felt in several countries.

My Video Talk offers five products designed to target and cater to your every online video need. These products include customized e-mail video messages, on-demand video web channels, and live video streaming of broadcasts and meetings.

My Video Talk boasts of products that are state-of-the-art and seem to be user friendly. Its website leaves you with the impression that its products are so simple that even Internet dummies can use them.

However it also has products geared for complex businesses that need extensive marketing and communication support. This makes My Video Talk useful to individuals, small businesses, and enterprise markets. So they have tried to make their product appealing to both professional and amateur entrepreneurs.

So with all of these great looking product features, it’s easy to see how My Video Talk gives the impression that it should be very marketable.

So now they throw in the multi-level marketing platform and it seems with the current popularity of video that My Video Talk success should be a no-brainer, a please drive me to the bank to cash my check type of success model.

But is it?

Humm….. yes that’s the million dollar question.


Unlike many other multi-level marketing systems that only generate income from fees paid by the sale of physical products or lotions and potions, My Video Talk provides an intangible service related product to a marketplace that appears at least to hunger for such things. But the question remains.


How can you achieve financial success with My Video Talk, and is it sustainable?


We need to understand a few things before we can discuss the success potential of a product or a system. First understand that no matter how sexy a Network Marketing product may be or how marketable it may seem, that is not where you make the money in the world of MLM.

You can have the newest MLM on the street with hottest product in the world, but if you spend your time out trying to sell the product you are not going to make those $10,000 a month checks you have been hoping for.

Network marketing is not a retail based business model, and if you try to treat it as such and achieve success by selling the product you will probably win retail excellence awards from the company but you will never make the big money, because there is no leverage in retail MLM sales.


Listen closely now….. it’s not about selling the product!

MLM as a business model is much more closely aligned to the wholesale buyer’s network business model, like a Costco.

Nobody joins Costco to buy products at wholesale and sell them in their store at retail, we all join and pay the membership fee just so we can get them cheaper. It is in fact, a wholesale buyers network that exists on self consumption.

Network marketing is exactly the same ballgame.


OK Marc, so then what’s the point of a hot sexy product?

Well to attract other distributors of course! The hotter the market segment and the sexier the product the more distributors you will be able to get to jump on the bandwagon.

So with a broad product mix that the average persons sees the value in, the more people who will enroll knowing that the products should be a cake walk to sell but then in  fact they never do sell any, they just use them themselves.

So the true keys to MLM success are…………

  1. Have a sexy product that everyone sees the value in, and
  2. They better be exciting enough that your distributors keep using them and stay on autoship or your income will become a revolving door.

MLM givith and MLM taketh away!


My Video Talk Products

My Video Talk offers powerful tools that can be used by businesses, so this is a big plus over products that just target the consumer sector.  They include a video email system, a Webinar program, a video channel offering, the Webshow tool, and the Boardroom conferencing platform. These communications tools enable anyone to create web shows, presentations, and their very own Internet programming network, while also using e-mail that contains video.

Anyone familiar with the current slate of available technology solutions would know how exciting looking this bundle of tools can be. Together, they offer marketers and businesses the necessary tools to communicate their online marketing messages to a wide range of people in the most powerful manner possible, i.e. video.

This is cutting-edge technology that of course every business should be using, and distributors of course can use the same tools to build and maintain communication with their downline.

My Video Talk Compensation Plan

My Video Talk offers compensation plan opportunities based on a Hybrid-Binary type compensation plan.  Distributors can expect to earn money from the sale of these technology products and apart from retail product sales, distributors can also derive income from fast-start bonuses for bringing in new customers, team commissions and various team-building and executive bonuses. Together, these income opportunities can enable anyone who is committed to the system to establish a profitable income stream.

My Video Talk also offers other compensation bonuses. Distributors get the opportunity to earn a BMW or Mercedes Benz vehicle. In addition, distributors can qualify for a variety of other rewards from My Video Talk. They can be rewarded with paid vacations to exotic locales and funding to open an office space

Here is a quick overview of the compensation plan income streams:

  1. My Video Talk Fast Start Bonuses. A distributor can earn U.S. $100.00 Fast Start Bonus on the sales volume generated by the personal sales of the Getting Started Product Packages. There is no limit on the amount of Fast Start Bonuses you can earn, the more you sponsor, the more you make.


  1. My Video Talk Weekly Team Commissions. Once a distributor becomes a Team Builder, he becomes eligible to earn weekly team commissions. A Team Builder needs to build two sales teams and each time one team generates 720 weekly sales volume and the other 360 weekly sales volume, the Team Builder earns a commission cycle. He earns U.S. $100.00 in team commissions with an additional of up to U.S. $50.00 global rewards check match bonus.


  1. My Video Talk Monthly Binary Matrix. This enables distributors to earn monthly residual income simultaneous to building weekly bonus checks. Distributors get paid repeatedly for something they’ve already done. A distributor can achieve a cycle bonus of U.S. $25.00 per cycle with a 3:6 cycle ratio for his Binary Monthly Matrix.


  1. The My Video Talk MVT Bimmer / Benz Club. This is a Car Club Bonus Program available to those with rank of executive or above who meet the company’s requirements for availing of this program.


  1. My Video Talk Presidents Weekly Club. This is a special leadership recognition program which gives qualified distributors a new rank or title which comes with a corresponding bonus.


  1. My Video Talk Retail Commissions. Distributors can earn a 20% commission on the first month sale of every a la carte retail product package sold in his retail shopping portal.


  1. My Video Talk Team Builder Bonuses. This U.S. $25.00 bonus is paid on the sales volume generated by selling the My Video Talk Super Stream Studio Package.


  1. My Video Talk Executive Leadership Matrix Bonus. This U.S. $200.00 executive bonus is based on the sales of My Video Talk Super Stream Studio Package. This is paid as soon as an executive helps two personally sponsored representatives of his left and right sales teams achieve Team Builder status.


  1. My Video Talk Global Rewards Check Match Bonuses. This is available to distributors who achieve commission cycle. They will receive a reward check match bonus of up to 50% in addition to the cycle payout.


  1. My Video Talk Sales Office Program. The company helps distributors set up their area team office by providing them with administrative and financial support, means to increase sales, trainings, and weekly presentations.


So what’s the bottom line here Marc? Thumbs up or thumbs down?

Well there are a number of ways to look at this, one is as an affiliate tool for a marketer, and the other is as a standard MLM business opportunity.

As an affiliate marketing product I think this has some merit. Video as we know is a powerful marketing tool and is here to stay for the foreseeable future and there are lots of people who market on the internet and who could use this to improve their marketing and more importantly sell to other aspiring marketers as a straight up affiliate product.  A $100 commission on a $300 or $429 startup video package is not bad as far as affiliate commissions go. I mean if you can use the products anyway you might as well make some money off of marketing it to your list right?

If we look at My Video Talk as a standard MLM business opportunity I am not sure it has as much potential. Now keep in mind that since I am a big fan of Top Tier MLM (companies like Wealthmasters or Family IQ) as opposed to Standard MLM programs,  I am prejudiced  anyway, but the My Video Talk compensation plan is a pretty standard Binary pay plan, so no surprises there, and then there is the nasty problem of Technology products overall.

In standard MLM’s there are several different types of product groupings and each has its own unique growth and attrition pattern, which of course affects your income.

People love technology products, and so the initial growth pattern of these companies tend to be quite good, but then of course once the love affair is over the down hill slide of tech companies can be just as extreme.

Look we live in a high speed tech world and we tend to get bored easily. Think about your last smart phone or computer. The day you bought it your thought was “wow this is incredible” but then a month later when an even better smart phone hit the market the love affair started to wane.

And when love dies how far away is divorce?


Now don’t get me wrong here, My Video Talk could be the next billion dollar player in the market, or not?

The challenge for companies like My Video Talk of course is to keep the new product introductions and the even newer technology so fresh that you are always in the excitement phase.

You have to make your own decision here, but at a minimum, it looks like a great tool to enhance your marketing and past that who knows?

The bottom line is of course that no matter what MLM you build you need to power your success with a lot of leads rather than relying on the remote chance that you will find a killer producer in your warm market or lurking around the grocery store. The best way to do that in today’s market is to learn how to use the internet to leverage your business and generate leads.


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