NuSkin Success Review – How to Succeed In Nu Skin

So how did you end up in NuSkin?

NuSkin successIt was probably that call from friend or an old business associate that finally got you to look at NuSkin, and then you found out that it was one of those “deals”, you know one of those MLM’s that you never thought you would ever be involved in, but somehow this company seemed different. NuSkin does of course tend to attract a pretty upscale group to its distributor base.

Then there were those exciting NuSkin products, and they do have a lot of great products, not to mention different divisions, like Pharmanex for nutrition, and Big Planet for the internet and technology, and let’s face it NuSkin makes great stuff.

Then they showed you the NuSkin compensation plan and probably started drawing those little circles on the paper to show the magic of MLM style leverage, and all you could see when you closed your eyes that night were dollar signs.

You were hooked

Now I know from my 25 years in the Network Marketing industry that the excitement of those early days can carry you for quite a while, I mean you are excited by the very thought of what lies ahead of you, but then at some point you have to actually start building the business and oh my gosh, actually talking to people.

Yes that’s right you are not going to make those $80,000 monthly commission checks form NuSkin by keeping the deal a secret, you are actually going to have to come out of the closet and tell people that you know that you are actually in one of “those deals”.

Now for most people, the journey into network marketing begins with their being told to make a list of everyone you know (COI or center of influence list) and then you are told to simply give them a call and tell them the story of this great opportunity you have run across.


Traditional NuSkin Marketing


Now if you have a good NuSkin upline they will probably be on the call with you (3 way calls) and all you will have to do it to introduce them and then listen while the pitch the NuSkin business to your friends and family and close business associates. Now if they know what they are doing, they will have already asked you index the “Top 20” on that list of prospects that you think are the best (sometimes referred to as the Chicken List), and after blasting through that group you will be on your own to do the rest of the calls.

Now depending on what kind social circle you have, this warm market list of potential NuSkin prospects can either have hundreds of names on it or be painfully small. However the size of the list really does not matter because the bottom line is that sooner or later you are simply going to run out of prospects to call.

Then bam! You hit the wall and you know you need to take it to the next stage but you have no clue on what to do next.

Now this is generally where the average person ends their short career in network marketing and they drop back to just consuming the NuSkin products and give up on the business vowing to get back to it at some yet undefined point in the future.

Sound familiar?

The biggest problem new distributors have in building a Network Marketing business like NuSkin,  is that they have no business plan other than talking to a few people they know. Now there is nothing wrong with that as a starting point, but expecting to find fame and fortune from just a few people, is you know pretty silly.


The NuSkin Success Model


Now let’s back up here a big and try a different approach. Let’s look at building a real business plan that will generate NuSkin Success.

Let’s take a look at actually treating this like it was a real business and setup up a business plan and a marketing system that can give us access to a high enough volume of leads to actually power your NuSkin business.

Now I have a confession to make here, I actually started my network marketing career in NuSkin and had a similar experience. I did do the warm market approach and I did of course make a list, but that only carried me for about 6 months and I got so sick of chasing people around and listening to their lame excuses, I think I quit 5 times just in those first 6 months.

Then I discovered marketing

I sought help from some of the successful reps in NuSkin that were actually making the big bucks and finally opened my eyes to the error of what I was doing.

They asked me what are the chances if you just go out and target the few people you know, that anyone on that list is even going to be remotely interested?  I mean even if you have a pretty good warm market list of 100 people or so, if there is nothing to qualify this prospect list except that you know them in some fashion, the odds are actually not real good that anyone will even be remotely interested in starting their own business or in what you are doing.

They went on to say, now what if you put information about the NuSkin business in front of 100 people that were qualified in some way and actually looking for some type of opportunity?  Your odds are now getting better that you will find distributors. Now how about if you put the NuSkin business in front of 1000 or 10,000 or a million?

Now I don’t know if you have ever had one of those “Ah Ha” light bulb going off in the head experiences but that was it for me.

Suddenly the parts of the puzzle of NuSkin success seemed to fall into place.

Now this does not mean that I had some divine business plan for NuSkin success pumped instantly into my brain, it was more like a hazy view, but it was a direction!

You see the idea with marketing is to move your focus from just a narrow market of a few people you know to a much larger market and actually advertise to generate MLM leads so that you are dealing with a qualified market. The larger the market the more leads, the more leads, more prospects, the more prospects, the more distributors and so on.

Success in NuSkin or any other  MLM in the universe is a numbers game.

As I outlined in my recent NuSkin Review, I went to work and developed an advertising approach using newspapers that generated over 100 leads a week and then a automated system to screen them and used leverage to give them presentations, and refined the process into a marketing system that finally gave me over 250 personally sponsored dead serious distributors in 2 years and I hit over $1.5 million in income the next year.


The NuSkin Million Dollar Game Plan


Now over the years in the Network Marketing industry I have made millions with NuSkin and other MLM companies that I have worked with, and although the marketing methods vary from year to year the Million Dollar Game Plan remains the same:

  • Understand the “Law of Large Numbers”
  • Use advertising to generate a high volume lead flow of qualified prospects
  • Use leverage and automation to sift and manage that lead flow
  • Cash the checks


Now in “Unilevel” compensation plans like NuSkin uses  (see my recent review on the NuSkin compensation plan “Can You Still Make Big Money With NuSkin?” ) you need to plan on bringing in about 10 new distributor a month to power your NuSkin business.

Now in today’s market the best target market to advertise in is the internet. There were by last count about 1.7 billion people online. Can you imagine being able to reach out a tap just a fraction of that traffic and drive them to your NuSkin or other MLM company’s web page.

Now mastering the use of the internet for advertising is really not that complicated and there are many good online training programs and marketing systems that can teach you what you need to know to begin marketing your business.

So if you really want to succeed in NuSkin, try treating it like a real business and not a hobby,  and if your upline can’t demonstrate a concrete business plan that will get you 10 new distributors a month then you need to take control of your own future and start studying online marketing on your own.



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