Qivana Review – What’s Up In MLM Nutrition Land? Have Jerry Campisi And Mark Yarnell Lost Their Minds?

So what is all the fuss about Qivana?

qivana reviewWell you may be wondering the same thing, and if you are researching Qivana to determine if it’s the MLM company that is going to give you the financial home run you have been hoping for then read on and I will try to unravel the mystery of this fast moving network marketing company, get to the core of where this new network marketing company stands in the universe of probable MLM success stories, and what two “MLM Legends”, Mark Yarnell & Jerry Campisi, are doing working with such as otherwise uneventful looking MLM company.

Qivana – The First Look

I first ran across Qivana in late 2009 when one of my online marketing students from My Lead System Pro (see My Lead System Pro Review) enrolled with me to learn online marketing and lead generation strategies and since they were promoting this new company called Qivana they asked me to  help them write a sizzle ad posting for the back office of their My Lead System Pro marketing system so they could use it to help them sponsor new reps into Qivana.

I did some quick research on Qivana to try to extract some product or marketing sizzle that I could use to compose my students marketing statement from the Qivana corporate website and came away a little empty handed.

Now as usual when I do a quick review of a network marketing company I first looked at company background, hum…. not anything stellar there, then I looked at the Qivana products….humm again, the products were pretty basic looking nutritional supplements known as pro-biotics, no killer jungle juice or other exotic super supplement there, then of course the sizzle must be in the compensation plan so I went there.

Humm….  empty handed again!

The Qivana compensation plan was a pretty straight Hybrid-Binary comp plan with a director check match, nothing earth shattering there.

Now don’t get me wrong, Qivana is probably a great company and who knows, they could even be the next big thing, but I felt like a frustrated detective on an investigation who after digging through the facts came up with a big nothing.

Well as Mr Spock from Star Trek used to say in his impeccable Vulcan logic…. “When you have eliminated all the other possibilities, whatever remains however implausible must be the answer”

Wow I do love that Scfi stuff!


Well maybe the facts were just the facts, maybe there was just noting out of the ordinary there.


Well I was not doing a company review at the time and I had my hands full promoting my Top Tier MLM business so I wove a sizzle marketing statement together for my student the best I could and moved on.


The Qivana Mystery


The Mark Yarnell & Jerry Campisi Link

Then several months after that I had a call from my good friend Jerry Campisi whom I had know in NuSkin from many years ago (see NuSkin Review ) and in talking he told me he was promoting a new deal called Qivana and that Mark Yarnell was also in the business and working with him?

My mind kind of went blank for a moment, as the gears in my head churned furiously trying to connect the dots. It was one of those moments like waking up from a dream where you know with absolute certainty that you have the key to the universe but as you wake you just can’t seem to remember it.

I knew I remembered something about Qivana but what was it?

Well I searched my computer and found my marketing statement and then was even more puzzled.

Jerry and Mark were both legends in the MLM industry and multi-million dollar earners who had worked in multiple companies, so what were they doing in this very average looking MLM?

Jerry Campisi, with his strong background in business and marketing, I knew from my NuSkin days and he in fact was the one who got me started on the right path in the MLM business world. Our discussions of working the NuSkin business (see How to Succeed In NuSkin)  as a sifting and sorting process and embracing the law of large numbers rather than looking at it as an identify & Sell proposition provided a key turning point in my network marketing career.

Mark Yarnell likewise had also been a powerful mentor for me in NuSkin and it was his focus on advertising and presentation strategies that finally give me the 2nd part of the MLM success puzzle. Not to mention the fact that he is undoubtedly the outrageous presenter in the entire MLM industry. His stories, if you have not heard them before, are legendary.

It was in fact the influence of these two MLM legends that put me on a track where within the next two years my income shot to over a million dollars a year.

Thanks Guys……


Qivana The Company

Qivana started business in early 2009 using the industry standard pre-launch phase which lasted several months to attract all the MLM hopefuls that tend to follow new companies and jump on board just hoping that this is finally the company that’s going to make it all happen for them, and then had the “Hard Launch” in late 2009.

Well I do have to say that Qivana has some polished MLM business managers at the helm that do have years of experience managing network marketing companies through their growth curves.

  • Derek Hall, the founder and CEO, has worked as President and CEO for Nature’s Way, Univera and a host of other companies.


  • Rodney James, Chief Sales Exec had a similar pedigree having worked with other MLM giants such as  XanGo, NuSkin (see NuSkin Review), and VM Direct (founded by Richard Kall form NuSkin).


  • Devin Glazier, the Chief Financial Officer, ditto on having worked with top MLM companies.


  • Justin Banner, the Chief Strategy Officer (Wow I like that title, Strategy officer sounds powerful, if I wasn’t a marketer I would want to be a Strategy Officer) also had previous MLM management experience from working with a superjuice giant called Tahitian Noni.


Qivana Products

Qivana has some great looking nutritional products that focus heavily on herbals, botanicals, adaptogens,  and probiotics, rather than main stream multivitamins. This is a very interesting nutritional market and is also the one the Pharmanex, a division of NuSkin that I had worked with for several years, focused on when they first launched.

The company has two main product lines, one is called QORE. The other is called METABOLIQ.

Qivana QORE – There are four main product categories in this group

  • QORE Probiotic – These help with your digestive system


  • QORE Essentials – These help improve your cardiovascular system.


  • QORE Defense – These help build and fortify your immune system. This is actually a combination of six “medical mushrooms”


  • QORE Detox This detox product is focused on ridding your body of heavy metals and relies on a all-natural heavy metal chelation and systemic detoxification process.


Qivana METABOLIQ – This product line came later and is actually a weight loss program which seeks to redefine weight loss through metabolic correction and is a nutrition system that contains shakes, bars, and capsules.

  • Qivana Shake – This is a protein shake that contains high quality protein and specially formulated amino acids to enhance metabolic burn rates


  • Qivana Bar – High quality protein and specially formulated amino acids to enhance metabolic burn rates


  • Qivana Boost – Capsules that have ingredient that will according to company literature help increase your metabolic burn rage allowing you to burn fat faster.


  • Qivana Resist – This is an interesting supplement that supposedly blocks your ability to taste sweets for 1-2 hours and also temporarily blocks sugar absorption.


The Qivana Compensation Plan

Qivana uses the proven Hybrid Binary compensation plan that is becoming pretty much an industry standard for companies using binary pay plans. It provides the powerful selling features of a binary pay plan where you can only have 2 front line distributors and can receive income on infinite levels of production as long as it is below you in the structure, no matter who put the downline distributor in place.

That means that you and anyone in your upline that you share that leg with (often called Strong, or Common leg) can put new distributors in the leg and no matter who puts it in place everyone in the leg gets the benefit of, and can be paid on the volume that flows up the leg.

Qivana pays out 10% based on the volume in the New Leg

This overflow structure is one of the most seductive aspects of the binary pay plan and why they have been so successful in pulling distributors into companies that use them. Now the flip side of this is that even if you have a million dollars in volume below you in the leg, you are paid based on the volume that is in your other or “new leg” that you are building yourself.

What this means is that sometimes prospects will join strong leaders in droves because they know they will get the benefit of the leaders building efforts as they put people downline from them in the common or power leg, but then realize that if they don’t build the other leg they don’t get paid.

Now one other benefit of the binary is that it tends to keep distributors on autoship since you will lose any accumulated volume in the leg below you if you are not active status. This many times tends to keep distributors in place even though they are not doing the business because of the fear of loss.

Now standard MLM binary pay plans do have limitations, which is why some ingenious soul came up with the Hybrid-Binary, where you actually have 2 pay structures.

One where you build your team with a binary structure and get paid one set of commissions and the other where the computer re-arranges everyone you personally sponsored into a Unilevel sponsoring tree and you get paid an additional bonus (usually a matching check bonus) on your personally sponsored reps who achieve director or executive status several levels deep.

Qivana has this same type of check match that allows you to be paid 7 levels deep.

Now normally most companies with this type of pay plan offer 60%to 70% payouts based on gross sales, however Qivana offers 50% which makes it a little conservative in the world of Hybrid-Binaries.


The Mark Yarnell & Jerry Campisi Secret Strategy….


Well this is probably the part you were waiting for right? The super secret strategy that these two top Million dollar earning MLM legends have up their sleeve right?

Well I hate to disappoint you but even after talking to Jerry Campisi I still can’t figure it out, there does not appear to be any super secret, super spectacular angle or product or product claim. In short what you see is what you get.

Well to summarize, Qivana has some attractive products, and is still fairly early stage for a “Standard MLM”. If you choose to pursue and “Standard MLM” (as opposed to Top Tier MLM) then being involved in an early stage company allows you to have the benefit of tapping into the early stage growth acceleration that can occur in MLM companies that really hit the mark and that can mean big checks quicker.

So if you like what you see in Qivana then go for it, they look like a solid bet.

However keep in mind that MLM is a work program not a lottery, no network marketing company even Qivana, is going to make you a fortune just because you sign up. You need to setup a business plan on how you are going to generate leads, implement it, and then work it hard.

Too many distributors enter the world of network marketing and expect fame and fortune just by chasing their warm market around and trying to beat them into submission or lurking around in coffee shops trying to scare up some prospects.

To truly be success in network marketing you need to adopt an aggressive building process where you can bring in about 10 new reps a month and the best way I know of to do that today is to use Online Marketing strategies and tap the internet for your leads.

It was in fact my use of high volume lead generation strategies that employed Automation & Leverage that put me into a million dollar a year income stream.  So with the right tools and a little coaching you could be on the path…..

Online Marketing To The Rescue




The best out of the box solution for that in today market I believe is My Lead System Pro. This tool is generic so you can build any company with it, and it also helps to generate an additional cash flow that will help fill in the financial gaps in the early days as you build your MLM.




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