Zeek Rewards – Too Good To Be True?

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News Flash:

Zeek Rewards Closes Doors

This disappointing news just came through from Npros.com

“LEXINGTON, N.C. — Rex Venture Group, the company that operates Zeekler.com and Zeek Rewards, has closed its headquarters and is apparently under investigation by the North Carolina Attorney General. Signs posted on the windows of the company’s headquarters stated that the offices were closed and instructed visitors to check the company’s website for more information. As of today, Zeekler.com and ZeekRewards.com had no further information other the following message: “Zeek Rewards is currently unavailable. More information will be available shortly on this website.”

The North Carolina Attorney General’s office has received dozens of complaints and inquiries about the company since February.

An unidentified spokesperson for Zeek Rewards said the company closed so that it could respond to a Civil Investigative Demand — an administrative subpoena issued when the Attorney General suspects an individual or organization may have information relevant to an ongoing investigation.

So what happened with the famed reverse auction deal that has been a very hot fast moving MLM business model over the last several months?

Well to use that oft heard phrase in the world of MLM “Maybe it was too good to be true”

In the world of Network Marketing there are many types of MLM marketing plans and business models and of course they all have their benefits and sometimes risks.  I tend to look at them as

  • Good
  • Better
  • Best
  • Killer
  • Watch Out

Now everyone has their personal opinion about which type of deal fits in which category and I of course having been in the MLM industry for over 25 years and have seen so many companies come and go that I have my own personal opinions about MLM success and the risk reward ratio.

So what constitutes the difference between a “Killer Deal” and a “Watch Out” proposition?

Now in today’s market there some really innovative very high profit business models such Zeek Rewards or Secret Success Machine where people have made enormous amounts of money in fairly short periods of time, but there are some critical differences and red flags to look out for before you take the leap.

Now just to illustrate the difference lets use those two business models as an example, Zeek Rewards and Secret Success Machine


Now Secret Success Machine  is truly a unique extremely high profit business model that is not really even an MLM however their Direct Sales top tier business model can pay huge rewards pretty quickly. Heck I know people in Secret Success Machine who have gone from $0.00 to over $10,000 in income in their first week.


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Secret Success Machine  however is a work program that uses a powerful passup compensation plan that actually can generate big dollars upfront and pretty quickly.  You make money when members join and get paid a 100% commission and then when you new members succeed and make their first sale you receive that sale as a passup, heck this sales funnel is laid out so well that 80% of the sales come in at $3,500. This high profit funnel attracts droves of people who enter the system to check it out and then get make a sales and get excited and upgrade to higher levels withing the system and the compensation plan generates big bucks if you actually work it.

Notice the operative word here is “Work it”.

If you jump into Secret Success Machine and buy all the training programs and go “All In” you will have spend $12,000 – $20,000  however you will make nothing if you do not work the program and drive lead traffic to your system.

No work, no money!

Now compare the reverse auction business model used by Zeek Rewards and a crop of other Zeek Rewards wanna bees flooding into the market. The key sales language you hear from excited reps pitching those deals is that you don’t ever have to sell anything or even work the program, just invest your money and let it grow.

I have even heard people selling projected returns like some type of annuity program …..

“Hey just put in your money and you will get 2% per month”

Now language like that makes me nervous from two standpoints.

  1. One of the key criteria the regulatory agencies use to access MLM’s are if they are being sold as an investment vehicle. If it is then you run afoul of all kinds of SEC regulations that regulate investments and how they can be sold. If this kind of language is used by distributors it is in my opinion the Kiss of Death to an MLM deal, it is only a matter of time
  2. With the reverse auction deals I have looked at everyone claiming to be making money but they were all leaving it in their account and not withdrawing it so they could try to maximize their money growth. Humm…… very dangerous. Being rich on paper on rich in real terms are two very different things.

You must be smart and beware of “No Work” programs and empty promises.

Now if you were in Zeek Rewards hopefully you were pulling your money out as you went, if not ….


Hey I am not trying to rain on anyone’s parade here but I think high profit work programs like Secret Success Machine are a much better choice in my book.

For more information on a “Killer”  high profit work program deal check out my review on Secret Success Machine

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6 Responses to “Zeek Rewards – Too Good To Be True?”

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  1. Richard says:

    Although I have said it many times Mark, and yes I was in Zeek and some friends were as well, Diversify your business, if you are in ANY program were you can make 1.5% per day you better be concerned about the longevity of the program. I challenge everyone to show me an on or off line opportunity that pays a consistent 1.5% per day that has stay in business.

    I love a good gamble, people shout that others get hurt in these types of programs, well my thought is educate yourself first then get in and play, I play Poker, when I first started I lost my ass, I educated myself and now I have reduced my risk.

    Have a great day Mark!

  2. Tim Buist says:

    Good article Marc. I think the risks of how zeek was being promoted are clear. While I do believe the penny auction model is not going anywhere… the promotion policies and compensation plans will likely be adjusted to reflect more of a traditional business opportunity structure, and not an investment vehicle.

  3. Marc Barrett says:

    Thanks for the comment Lori

  4. Marc Barrett says:

    Thanks for the comment Dean

  5. Marc Barrett says:

    Thanks for the comments Tim, I am not sure about the future of the penny auction deals. I am not sure they have quite the appeal without the big money angle. I guess we will see

  6. Marc Barrett says:

    Thanks for the comments Richard. Yes its true that all business is a calculated risk, but that’s part of the problem when programs are promoted as no risk. Also the average investment in a standard MLM is usually only a few hundred dollars and even the big money Top Tier MLM’s average only several thousand to maybe $20K. At least there you know your exposure. With programs like Zeek members not only left all their profits in but there was also no upside limit on investment so many put some big bucks into the deal, really big, and then left it in play. Kind of reminds me of Vegas.

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