Zija Review – Is MLM Success A Shure Bet With Zija?

Zija International a fairly new company in the world of MLM was started in 2006 as the latest in a long string of successful network marketing companies founded by nutritional industry pioneer Kenneth Brailsford.

zijaMr Brailsford who is the founder and president of Zija was formally the cofounder and president of Nature’s Sunshine a highly successful old world MLM that has been around for over 40 years and more recently was the Founder and President of Enrich International.

Now I have to tell you, that I am of course pretty big on nutritional products and I generally eat handfuls of vitamins twice a day that scare people when I pull out my little snack baggies, so I know a fair amount about supplements about the nutritional markets.

I also know some of the leaders in the industry and of course companies like Nature’s Sunshine are well known for product development and high qualify supplements so I am sure you can feel fairly confident the latest offerings developed by Kenneth Brailsford are probably pretty good stuff.

The Zija products pretty much all revolve around the Moringa plant, an exotic little bush that is pretty much grown worldwide that you have probably never heard of before.

This key ingredient from the research I did actually looks pretty amazing. Moringa contains antioxidants, minerals and amino acids and according to the Zija website people have reported “improvements in skin, digestion, eyesight, mental clarity, and overall well-being, plus a reduction in symptoms associated with fatigue, arthritic-like conditions, and aging” to name a few of the effects.

Of course the company rah-rah on the product doesn’t stop there, they also report that this odd looking bush contains “7 times the vitamin C of oranges; 4 times the calcium of milk and twice the protein of yogurt” and also includes many other vitamins and minerals, and not one or two but all the essential amino acids.

Humm… I wonder if I could mix it in my coffee?

That being said, you need to put that aside for a moment and decide whether or not having a really good nutritional product is the key element behind what will make a network marketing company succeed and more importantly is it going to put the big bucks into your pocket?

The Zija compensation plan

The Zija compensation plan is a pretty basic Hybrid- Binary where you get paid binary “Team Commissions” on your weak leg and then also receive additional commissions based on a unilevel structure that allows you to tap into the movers in your organization no matter what leg they are in with a matching check bonus that goes down 8 levels in your sponsorship tree.

This has been a very popular form of compensation plan with many nutritional MLM’s and Superjuice companies over the last few years because it combines the best elements of both the powerful compression factor of a MLM unilevel structure that has been around for almost forever, with the more win-win appeal of binary structure where you can receive direct commission benefit from team members who are below you in the binary tree even if you did not place them there yourself.

Many recent MLM companies have used this structure including MonaVie, eXfuze, Evlov Health, and Xowii to name a few although the only one I know of who really ramped this type of compensation plan up was MonaVie but it did prove its ability to pay almost a million dollars a month to top leaders before MonaVie suffered a fallback in US sales volume a few years ago (MonaVie Review Update).

The key elements of the Zija compensation plan

Zija  Direct Sales Commissions

Zija Binary Team Commissions

Up to 15% based on lesser leg volume

Zija First Order Bonus (FOB)

Fast Start sponsor ship bonus of 10-20% when you enroll someone and they buy a product package

Zija Leadership Check Match

This is based on a uni-level pay structure pays down to 8 generations of a matching percentage of your leaders checks based on bonus pool limitations

Zija Builder Bonus

Special one time perk when one of your team achieves Builder level.

Zija Diamond Pool

This is a profit sharing pool for the top leaders where they can share in pool of 4% of global commissionable volume

Zija Volume Order Rebate (VOR)

10% when your order is over $250 in a month

Multiple Business Centers

This feature allows you to in a way sponsor yourself and buy into the business again by placing additional distributorships beneath your existing one thereby double dipping the compensation plan.

So the compensation plan Zija uses obviously is capable of pushing some big checks as long as the volume is there.

So that brings us to a discussion of generating continuing sales volume in a MLM company and of product types.

Nutritional products are of course a MLM industry favorite. They seem to be everywhere and of course they are all chasing that reported “Trillion Dollar” market that Paul Zane Pilsner talks about in his popular books.

So Zija seems like a deal made in heaven right?

Well maybe.

I believe in full disclosure when I do an MLM review and I believe if you are going to be spending your time and money and possibly betting your future on a MLM company you need to know all the facts not just the glowing ones so I try to give all the pluses and minuses based on my 23 years of experience in the MLM industry.

Every product type in the MLM industry whether its, nutritional, skin care, technology or telecom all have pretty specific growth curves that in fact are a direct result of the product itself.

The reason is that only half of the job of getting to the money is building a huge organization, that of course is the daily grind or prospecting and presentation.

However once your MLM organization is in place you now have to hold it in place and a significant number of distributors have to keep ordering the product or your income stream can become a revolving door as they drop out.

The perfect storm in a MLM opportunity is of course where the “Wow” effect of the product is large, the product is demonstratable in its effectiveness where people actually feel or see a difference, and as a result even if they stop doing the business and recruiting new reps because they find it too difficult, they happily stay on the product.

Now if you have all these factors then you ongoing business building efforts will always reward you with a higher and higher check every month.

If your distributors drop out as of course many will and at the same time go off of the product then it can be hard to hold on to a stable income stream.

Now even through nutritionals are a huge popular market, they tend to be more of a logic sale product.

I mean who every ate a supplement and woke up the next morning and said

Wow! My life has changed, I feel wonderful.

It does not generally happen because nutritional supplements are of course good for us, and we read the studies and we know we should take them, but people fall off the wagon all the time.

Now there have been nutritional products with immediate Wow feeling effects however those left the market when the US banned ephedra based products.

Most nutritionals are either strictly logic products or the feeling effect is a gradual over time kind of effect  like “I think I feel better”.

If you look around the industry I think you will see this quite clearly. Nutritional companies boom, and then tend to plateau without winning the prize of hitting the billion dollar mark.

Now there are of course ways to mitigate this effect such as blending your product mix by bringing in skin care and other product types with more consumer longevity and of course introducing new products and staying ahead of the curve.

So in summary, I guess I am not sure there are any perfect deals in the MLM industry but there are a lot of very good ones and Zija appears to be one of those.

So if you like what you see and feel passionate about what the company is offering go for it.

Just remember success in Network Marketing is a numbers game, so concentrate your building efforts on using high volume lead generation strategies rather than trying to achieve success by beating up on your friends and family.

In today’s web driven marketplace the best way to generate a high volume of leads is using an online marketing system such as My Lead System Pro to give you the training you need to understand how to generate leads on line as well as the webpages and autoresponders to capture and convert the traffic.

So no matter if its Zija or any other MLM business,  a high enough volume lead generation strategy is always a huge benefit not only in building but also in helping to offset the dropout ratio.



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