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empower networkWow, there is a lot to cover here, MLM Success, an update on Empower Network, and generating 368,000 leads a month. Anyway I am going to tie all this together so just hang with me for a few.

Now you may not have heard about Empower Network yet but at the viral rate it is growing through the online marketing world its a safe bet to say that you will very soon.

Now I originally did a review on the Empower Network a few months ago after its initial launch in November of 2011 and since then I would have to say the program has really come of age and has worked out almost all of their initial launch glitches.

However as this very high profit online marketing tool makes its way through the online world the bigger question is can you really make that much money with Empower network,  and should you join the ranks of other MLM opportunity seekers who are using this unique business model to jump start their failing bank accounts.

First I wanted to talk to you today about MLM success and what it really takes to get there. Now you know of course from my blog that I am a pretty big fan of the Top Tier MLM business model because I honestly think it’s a more user friendly business model than a Standard MLM especially in today’s transitional MLM market.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have made millions with Standard MLM’s and I am a huge fan of the massive leverage and income potential the average person can achieve using the network marketing business model, and of course there are a lot of great companies out there today that are really smoking.

So I am not here to rain on your parade if you are promoting a Standard MLM,  I just want to throw a few facts and options on the table that you may not be aware of that can accelerate and enhance what you are already doing.


Success In A Standard MLM Is A Time Related Function

empower network

First of course is that if you are using a standard MLM business model to achieve MLM Success, you already know that even with exciting products, it takes time to build the duplication in your downline necessary to get your organization large enough to get to those magical 10,000 a month checks.

That’s just a fact, and although some people get really lucky in their business building efforts and get there quicker, the bottom line is that luck aside, success in a standard MLM is a time related function because you need about 7000 to 10,000 people in your downline to get those checks going, and unless you are planning on bringing them all in yourself, (wow what a great thought) you have to rely on duplication and that is what takes the time.

Now there are business building strategies I can teach you that will pretty much guarantee that you actually achieve your income goals in 12 months or so but past a certain point there is really no way to push it. Heck as good as I am at high volume lead generation it took me a little over a year to get my income up to $15,000 a month in my first network marketing
company (see NuSkin Review).
Top Tier MLM Models Have Upfront Cash Flow But Cost MoreNow with the Top Tier MLM business model, the advantage is that you make more every time you sign someone up, so instead of a $100 fast start bonus, you can make anywhere from $1000 to $10,000 or more (see Secret Success Machine Review )  so recruiting the same number of distributors in fact makes you thousands of times more income on the front end. That’s why it’s referred to as the GPT or get paid today business model.Now most people I talk to about this business model are pretty excited once they understand its power and they tend to see it as the key element that has been missing from their financial success model, however sometimes the obstacle is that they just can’t afford to buy in at the level they need to really generate the big bucks in a Top Tier MLM.Now there is another option, and I wanted to make you aware of a business model that I think is the next best thing to promoting a Top Tier MLM, and that is very unique and highly leveraged online marketing model called Empower Network.

Empower Network


Now Empower Network is not an MLM, so if you are currently promoting some other company this is not going to compete with it.  Empower Network is actually more of lead generation and training system based on blogging and it is of course a generic platform that can be used to generate leads for any company.

What Does Empower Network Do?

Now there are a few things that are very unique about Empower Network, one is that rather than trying to cover the entire range of possible ways to generate leads online, it focuses on just the most powerful free lead generation approach that has ever been used online and that is content or blog marketing.

Empower Network provides its members with a blogging platform that it completely optimized for Search Engines, and also since it is an authority site with an Alexa rating of less than 1000 (that means it’s one of the world’s 1000 most visited websites out of several hundred million sites),  it not only shortcuts your learning curve on setting up your own blog, but it will imminently right out of the box, give more SEO juice to your blog posts than setting up your own WordPress blog website.

That means for a beginner, the learning and success curve for generating leads from blogging is shortened probably by months if not years.


Now why is blog marketing so powerful?


Here is a good example If you write a blog post using a high traffic keyword like “Network Marketing” for example,  and you properly compose, publish, and market it, you have the opportunity to have the search engines push your post up to 1st page ranking.

Now I want you to think about the power of this for a minute, there are over 368,000 monthly searches for the word “Network Marketing” done every month on the internet. Imagine for a moment having that much traffic looking at your little old blog post, heck even if only 5% of so of those liked what you had to say you could be looking a potential lead source of over 18,000 leads a month.


Humm… what do you think you could do with 18,000 leads a month?

empower network


Do you think you could build an explosive MLM business?

I think so.

That’s the power of what can be done with blog marketing


Now the killer in trying to turn on this lead faucet is that just setting up and SEO optimizing a WordPress blog in an undertaking in itself, and then getting one ranked so that it actually shows up on search engines is also a pretty major task filled with learning curves.


The process is like this……..


Setup – Build – Learn – Reconfigure – Learn – More Setup- More Plugins


and on, and on.


Empower Network on the other hand is a finely tuned Ferrari just waiting to be backed out of the garage.


Now in the long term this will not take the place of at some point setting up your own WordPress blog, but this will get you there quicker in the beginning, and shorten your frustration and learning curve dramatically.


Now that’s only part of what Empower Network can help you do.


Since building a MLM business can take time, wouldn’t it be nice to have a good cash flow vehicle to help pay the bills while you were building?

Well I am not going to go into the details of the comp plan for Empower Network, but I will tell you that this blogging and training platform has such a unique comp plan that not only can you make 100% commissions on your qualified sales but there are many reps who are averaging over $10,000 a month promoting this tool and…..


Top earners in Empower Network are over $300,000 in earnings just within the last 6 months.


Now this tool has only been around for 6 months so that means the compensation program is so strong it allowed people like Lawrence Tam go from zero to $300K in a heartbeat.

Humm… let’s see, not only can you learn how to blog and shortcut the learning curve on the most powerful of all online lead strategies, but you could earn full time, big time, income by just promoting it while you do it.


Empower Network Sounds like a deal to me


Now Empower Network is actually a lot more than just a blogging platform, it’s also an educational platform where you can learn marketing strategies that cover both Online and Offline lead generation from a core group of marketers that are making some huge bucks using approaches as diverse as Post Card marketing, solo ad marketing, bulk e mail marketing, or as simple to use as Crags List advertising.


The Empower Network System


The Empower Network System actually has 4 levels of membership, the basic level is the fully optimized blogging platform which you get for $25 a month. This already has all the relevant SEO enhanced plugings that will allow your blog posts to rank like a blogging pro, right out of the box.

The Empower Network Inner Circle Training

The Inner Circle Training is the next level of Empower Network membership which is $100 a month and gives you access to all the training from the marketing wizards within the Empower Network community, and it is continually updated on a weekly basis.

Empower Network Costa Rica Mastermind

The Costa Rica Mastermind is the next Empower Network level which you can get for a one time fee of $500. This gives you access to a high-def recording of a private mastermind training for online marketers that was hosted by System founder David wood at his estate in Costa Rica for a small group of about a dozen people who each paid $3000 to attend. In this training David outlines the online marketing strategies that he used to become highly successful and profitable internet marketer who sponsored over 1800 people into his MLM business in about a year using the cutting edge strategies he outlines in this training.

Empower Network 15K Per Month Formula

The 15K Per Month Formula is the 4th Empower Network product and costs $1000. It is a step by step blueprint to earning $15,000+ per month online. This training by master online marketers is a eye opener that will show you each step you need to take to move your business and game plan to the next level.

Now let’s talk commissions. Empower Network has a very unique pass-up program that allows you to actually earn 100% commissions on all products you are qualified to earn a commission on.

Yes that’s correct 100%

If you have a merchant account then your commissions are immediately deposited directly to your bank account or you can use the company’s built in processor Allied Wallet and your commission will be deposited to your account there and then you can transfer them to your bank account.

Now two things you need to understand here. One is that you can’t collect commissions on products you don’t own. So if you enter Empower Network at the $25 level and then bring in someone at the $100 level, you get the $25 commission you are qualified for but the $100 will pass upline to your sponsor if they are qualified. It’s the same with the $500 level and also the $1000 product.

Also the unique Empower Network pass-up compensation plan will pass-up your  2nd 4th and 6th person you bring into the system to your sponsor (and then every 5th person after that), and they will be the ones qualified to earn commissions on those reps, but by the same process you will get those same pass-ups from every single person you introduce to the system. I think you can see how people are earning so much money from a simple training and blogging platform.

empower network
Because of this unique leverage component I believe this single marketing tool is the best way to generate a 5 figure per month income in 6 months or less outside of promoting a Top Tier MLM of course.
The bottom line here is the Empower Network is a marketing tool that should be in your financial arsenal no matter what else you are promoting.
 So now you probably have lots of questions about Empower Network, such as what do I blog about, is is complicated, can it really be as simple as it looks, how can you make that much money just blogging?
Just to keep this short let me give you an example of how a leveraged, SEO optimized, blogging platform like Empower Network can work in action.I have the good fortune to listen to an Empower Network success story calledJohnthe other night on the “Empower hour” Monday night call.John is a young guy with no background in MLM or online marketing and he got excited about this platform and just followed the simple training within the Empower Network system that told him to

“Blog Daily” and let the system take care of the rest.

Now John of course was excited so he went a little crazy and did on average 3 blog posts a day, writing on totally random subjects and not worrying about the more sophisticated article marketing approaches like back linking or keyword targeting, he just wrote like a madman.

Fast forward the clock 6 months and now John has 600 posts on his Empower blog and has generated over 8000 leads and earned over $30,000 in commissions promoting the Empower Network system to the leads that he generated.

Enough said, just do it, this tool need to be part of your success plan. Click the link below to take a tour on the hottest blogging platform in the market today then join my Empower Network team and you will receive my special team training tools that will help you take your business to the next level.

How about it?

Isn’t it time for your success story to be told?  Let a 7 figure pro coach you to the next level.

Remember to click that link below, take the tour and register to get started. Once I receive you signup confirmation I will send you your private code to be able to access our private team training website.

And Oh yes if you are ready to play big-time rather than smalltime and go “All In” as the say in Empower Network and purchase all levels to accelerate your earnings curve I have an extra special bonus for you.

For a limited time (you have 72 hours) My Marketing Mastery University training, a $695 training with over 24 hours of step by step training on how to how to build an online marketing empire will be yours completely free.

Once you are registered shoot me an e mail and let me know that you’re “All In”

See you on the inside.


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