My Journey to the World of MLM

Hello, my name is Marc Barrett and thanks for taking the time to visit my Blog.

I have had the good fortune to be involved in the network marketing industry for over 22 years and during that time I must have spoken to thousands of people about their goals and dreams, and you know what, we are really all looking for the same thing. Freedom…….

Now I truly believe that network marketing is the very best vehicle to achieve that financial and time freedom…. if done correctly. If your goal is to achieve that then you need to become a student of what it takes to succeed and what works.

Lets start with my failures, when I first entered the Network Marketing field even though I had been a successful business person before, I had no clue of how to make it work and I failed miserably for several months. I probably quit 5 times in the first 6 months. but you know, I just couldn’t let it go, I was hooked on the idea of being able to generate a huge residual income stream.

Then finally I got some good coaching and tips from very successful distributors who had built six figure monthly income streams. From that point I  went on to build a very large organization almost entirely from cold marketing approaches, not by talking to friends and family.

I became a 7 figure yearly income earner and over the years earned millions in this industry. My success was because I learned the lesson of working the numbers and using a marketing system could generate a high volume of lead traffic that could easily be duplicated by my organization.

Now if you currently in MLM and have not achieved the success you dream about you are probably even now searching for an answer,  trying to find a way to make your business work. Looking for the secret.

I hate to disappoint you, there is no secret, but there is a mispreception.

The mispreception is that you didn’t pay attention when you got into the business. Think now, you decided to get into the network marketing business not the network selling business.

Most people jump into this industry and quickly adopt the same strategy’s their sponsor or upline is using to build a team. I mean it makes sense, your upline recruited you so what they are doing must work.

The die is now cast, you go out and do the same thing. Network marketing is a business of total duplication, however duplication does have a dark side. We can and do duplicate business building approaches that really do not work very well.

Now I am not here to tell you to abondon the teachings of your upline, or to stop doing what you are currently doing to build the business.

The truth is all approaches work if you work them.

The problem is that some work better than others and most people do not have enough time, money, or resources  to throw at the problem to generate a high enough volume of leads to really get to the gold.

The success of Low volume approaches like working your warm market are based on the assumption that you have a 1% percenter lurking there, someone who will come in and explode your organization, and there very well could be, but the chances are there’s not. And the time it takes to use low volume approaches to build a business, it pretty much guarantees it will probably take you years if ever go reach your goals.

Time to change gears.

Using high volume approaches allows you to generate such a high volume of numbers that you can’t miss.

The high volume success formula really has 4 basic elements.

#1 A way to generate a high volume of traffic, a supply of leads that keeps flowing to you on a consistent daily basis.

#2 A sifting tool that allows you to automatically separate the prospects from the suspects,

#3 A presentation format and

#4 A follow up strategy.

Years ago my traffic formula was based on running ads in the classified section of major newspapers which gave me 80 to 100 leads a week, funneling the leads into a 2 min recorded voice mail summary to screen them, and then bringing the remaining prospects in groups of 6 to 10 into my home 3 times a day and showing them a video.

The follow up strategy was that I didn’t, the serious were attracted to me because they saw I had a system that worked and they needed what I had more than I needed them.

Did it work? Well it allowed me to sponsor over 250 serious distributors in 2 years and generate an income stream of over $1.5 million a year by my 2nd year.

Today the Traffic formula is different, the traffic is online and the volume of that traffic is huge and its not hard to get to if you have the tools and the system. The good part is you are not going to have to put 30 people a day into your living room, and that once set up you system can pretty much run on autopilot 24 hours a day and its international.

If you are really committed to achieving financial freedom using the network marketing model in today’s market, start looking to  Internet marketing for your success.

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