MLM Online vs. Old School MLM Marketing – Time To Bury The Dead?

I am in a mastermind group of MLM online marketers and a few weeks ago they asked me to do a webinar for theMLM Online members on old school MLM marketing approaches.

I cringed a little when they asked me, and I thought good grief, this is like being sent back to high school when you are already in graduate school and loving it.

I guess I was the logical choice for this “punishment” assignment since I have been in the Network Marketing industry for over 23 years and of course spent years developing, refining, and using a lot of those same MLM marketing approaches.

Everything from business warm market contacts, fax broadcasting, e mail marketing, voice broadcasting, situational marketing, resume database mining, opportunity business cards, yard signs, fish bowl marketing, public speaker approach, infomercial marketing, and the list goes on and on.

Heck, as much as I hate to admit it, what can I say, those MLM marketing approaches work. In fact I used those same approaches to become a 7 figure earner in MLM over 20 years ago.

MLM Online Marketing vs Old School MLM


But I struggled to figure out how they really fit into the modern much more streamlined world of MLM online marketing and lead generation today. Of course the confusing thing about Network Marketing is that just about every approach to MLM lead generation works to some extent.

But why even bother with the old school MLM marketing approaches when you have much more powerful solutions available today that use technology to supercharge the process.

It’s like having two cars in your garage, a Ferrari and a budget subcompact. Of course they will both do the job of getting you from A to B,  but once you have  had your hands on the wheel of the Ferrari?

Oh Baby! It’s no contest.

Well maybe or maybe not.

I guess a better analogy would probably be playing golf. The driver is the power tool and is going to get you the farthest the fastest but it’s not always the right tool for the job.

Then it hit me, one of those “Ah Ha” moments and I realized that there is a perfectly good reason to keep the old school MLM marketing approaches in your arsenal no matter how powerful your MLM online marketing skills are.

Now before you think I have lost my mind since I am in fact a prophet of MLM online lead generation, I want you to think about a few things.

Reason #1 Quicker Startup in building your Primary Network Marketing Business

Most people who start MLM online marketing end up coming down with what I call old school amnesia and immediately forget everything they knew about what worked for them in the past and try to totally change business models.

I have seen this time and time again with new converts to the world of MLM online marketing and of course it does cause a certain “stall” factor.

Let’s face it MLM online marketing is a skill that has to be learned the same way someone initially learned old school MLM marketing approaches. Now some are quicker than others but still it’s going to take a little time to learn, tweek, and then implement.

Then it takes time to get your MLM online lead generation up to 10 a day, then 25 a day, then 50 a day and so on.

It can take a new person a few months to really get cranking and get the lead flow up to lets say 25 a day (magic happens at that number by the way).

So in the meantime wouldn’t it make more sense to keep your pipeline full by continuing to do what you have always done even if it was not as efficient just to keep the wheels of your MLM business turning?

There is also an equally powerful reason to add the old school MLM marketing approaches to your marketing arsenal.

Reason #2 To Create a growth explosion in your group (The Big Al Theory)

There was a series of books I read many years ago back in the Dark Ages of the network marketing industry (back when you bought actual paper books and studied doing things like Don Faila’s famous “Napkin Presentations”). These books were called The Big Al series and were written about the teachings of a fictitious MLM upline called obviously, “Big AL.

In one of the books he talked about using “Non-Duplicatable” marketing approaches to build a huge front line and then provide your team with “Duplicatable Approaches” to grow.

Now I know that in the world of “Old School” MLM business development,  its heresy to even consider using any approach that is not 100% duplicatable by your organization because the “Standard” (as opposed to Top Tier) Network Marketing Business Model relies on duplication.

The higher your duplication factor the quicker you get to the money.

However the point the book made was that you could create an explosion in your MLM organization by using whatever unique marketing angle you wanted along with your personal skills to sponsor a ton of reps as long as you gave them duplicatable approaches they could use once they were in the game.

The idea was “Go Wide Fast” and then push depth from a massive front line.

You see, it does not matter how you bring someone in, what matters is that you give them marketing options, show them a track to run on that will get them into action ASAP.

So even if you are doing strictly MLM online marketing and you get really good at it, you need to have options for those you sponsor who can’t master the online approach and as an add on for those in your downline who are learning online marketing so they can keep their pipeline full.

So here is my recommendation.

Use MLM online marketing with at least 2-3 other offline or crossover approaches to keep diversified

Then adjust the time spent on marketing approaches based on lead flow. When your online lead flow starts to kick off, drop back on other approaches as necessary, but always keep your pipeline full.

It always a good idea to keep a certain amount of diversification in your lead generation efforts at all times

Here are the core approaches that I always use:

  • MLM Online Marketing (PPC, Facebook, Twitter, Video Marketing, Article Marketing)
  • COI Business Warm Market (not friends & family)
  • Online Advertising – Careerbuilder, Monster, etc
  • Resume Database Mining– Hotjobs
  • Voice Broadcasting to specific B2B (business to business) markets

My 7 figure business plan has always had 2 very important elements, high volume and diversification.

For more detail on these approaches (and a few dozen others) the recorded webinar I did for the group is below.

MLM Online

25 Killer Old School MLM Marketing Approaches

(Recorded Webinar)


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