MLM Shortcut – Use Time Travel To Speed Up The MLM Success Curve?

Now you probably thought this was going to be about MLM Success right?


……but lets for a moment talk …”Time Travel”

MLM Success

So stick with me here for a few seconds even if you are not a big Sci-Fi fan like I am because I am going to actually make a point about MLM success.


That’s me on the right by the way…

So there I was at 20 years old and my life was decided, I had it all mapped out. My success path was so clear that I could taste it.

Fame and fortune was going to be mine and commercial diving was going to put me there.

So I learned all kinds of great stuff like how to weld underwater and blow stuff up, and basically be a salvage diver. The next stop…. treasure hunter and I could close my eyes and see the ocean floor littered with gold bars……


So now fast forward about 30 years and I did of course find the gold but not on the ocean floor. 

Success came in a path and direction that I could never have imagined at the time because I just didn’t know what I didn’t know.

When success finally came roaring through the door, it was first in the real estate industry and then of course a huge home run in the world of MLM success.

Now finding that path took quite a while, and I often think of how much pain, suffering, and bad business models I could have avoided if I could have just taken a peek into the future just for a moment.

Would I have done it? Taken that peek into the future?




MLM Success and the Paradox of Time Travel


Well I am going to give you that chance today.

A chance to take a glimpse at an MLM Success business model that can shave years off of your MLM learning curve.


What if you really could have it all right now?


Take a look and tell me what you think


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MLM Success

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