MLM Sponsoring Magic? 3000 Leads – 64 New Reps – $30,000 In Income

mlm sponsoring


Was it brilliant marketing, MLM Magic,  or just paint by the numbers?

Well I would love to tell you it was because I am a brilliant marketing strategist,…….

but truthfully,  It’s All about understanding a few tricks and using the right system!

It’s true, my first 5 months online I generated over 3000 MLM leadssponsored 64 new distributors into an MLM Business I was building, and in the process earned over $30K in affiliate commissions…….

before I even counted my paychecks from the MLM company I was building….

Sound like magic? Well it is in a way….

If you are out courting success in the home business or MLM industry you know of course that there are some secrets to the prospecting and success models that you just aren’t getting the straight scoop on right?

I mean if you were you would be rolling in the big bucks just like other top earners are correct? 

Well maybe…..

The truth is that there really are no secrets….

Well let me rephrase that

there are just things that you don’t currently know, that are in fact readily available to you, if know what to look for….

MLM Sponsoring – The Numbers Game

Look MLM success and the big dollars that it can generate are the result of continuous, high volume MLM Sponsoring. You have to develop a business model and a process that allows you to tap into the huge markets of opportunity seekers out there and to then have  a sifting and sorting system that allows you to sift through those large numbers to distill it down to just those that say…..

“Yes Marc! I see what you are talking about and I want in!”

MLM Sponsoring – Your Target Market

Look there are something like 80,000,000  (Yes that correct 80 Million) people who are involved in MLM companies in the US market and the average time the average distributor stays with a MLM company if they don’t achieve immediate success  is about 4 to 6 months!

So think about this, should you waste your time targeting the job market and going after MLM virgins and then getting all those stupid questions like….

“…. so Marc who actually sells the product?” Or 

“…. this sounds like a pyramid scheme!”

If there are that many people in our own back yard who are involved in MLM and they are that transitional why not go for the market that already understands and wants what you are selling?


MLM Sponsoring – Using Automation

Now with a huge target market of prospects for you to sift and sort through, your success in MLM Sponsoring  becomes totally a function of sifting and sorting and targeting just those who are the most interested.

But 80 Million?? Just stop for a moment and think about how log it would take you to do 1 on 1 presentations with 80 Million MLM prospects to sift through them.

Well I will give you a clue here, if you did 1 hour presentations for 8 hours a day, it would take you over……

“Twenty Seven Thousand, Three Hundred and Ninety Seven Years (27,397 years)

So if you don’ t have quite that long then you better think about using automation tools to do your presentations and sift and sort your prospects so you can focus on just talking to the few who are so dead serious that they are a joy to work with

MLM Sponsoring – The Success System

Let me sum up what you need for massive MLM success…..

  • Step by Step training on “Marketing Strategies” that teach you how to tap your target market
  • A High lead flow
  • A High converting web based Funded Proposal System that uses automation and technology to do your sifting and sorting for you 24 hours a day
but enough talk, here is the system and training strategies that taught me what I needed to do to score big in my first 5 months online

Click on the video below to review the free training


mlm sponsoring

MLM Sponsoring

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