MLM Success And Network Marketing’s Darkest Secret

MLM Success & MLM’s Darkest Secret

mlm successSo there I was on the phone not long ago calling a new member of my downline and suddenly I was once again faced with the ugliest dark secret of the Network Marketing industry,



I mean I shouldn’t have been surprised, they had of course been in the deal for a little over four weeks.

Four weeks??


Good grief, sometimes it just kind of ticks you off!

In a little more than a month another Team Member had just disappeared, vaporized!

It’s like they had been swallowed up by the “Black Hole” of network marketing and probably transported to some parallel universe of MLM

Kind of like all those socks that seem to disappear in the drier from time to time.

I truly believe at some point I am going to discover where that parallel universe is and then I will find a huge downline of all those “disappeared” Team Members and of course thousands of missing socks.

So that makes the question of the hour, why do people drop out of MLM?

Is it doubt, lack of commitment, laziness, kidnapping?

Now I have to tell you that even after more than 23 years in the MLM industry I still have to just shake my head and wonder. Actually it matters little if its a Standard MLM like a NuSkin or Mona Vie, or even a lucrative Top Tier MLM like Wealthmasters or Family IQ, heck even if its a Hybrid Top Tier like Empower Network which has a massive profit structure, people still loose faith and drop out.


The Mystery Of MLM Success


Here you have the greatest industry in the world, an industry where you can only achieve success by helping other to excel and in doing so achieve financial success that is beyond most people’s wildest dreams.

I mean it’s almost better than sex!

So what’s the problem?

It’s baffling really.

I have finally decided to call it a syndrome and just name the ugly beast.

That is of course what medical doctors do when they can’t figure out what’s wrong with someone, they just call it a syndrome and give it a fancy name and that’s supposed to make you feel better.

So I gave it some thought and decided to name it “IGD” (Instant Gratification Disappointment).

You know that’s what it is if course, the need for instant gratification.

Now it’s not just some character flaw in those missing distributors, the desire for instant gratification exists in all of us.

Let’s face it, if we had a choice we would all rather have it now than wait.

The MLM Success Pill


We all want the magic pill, you know the one we swallow and our entire world changes ….. Instantly !


We all want the instant MLM Success lottery experience.

Now there actually is a magic pill, but it has nothing to do with instant MLM success.

Years ago in my first Network Marking company there was an upline leader called Richard Kall.

Now Richard was a great guy who was enormously successful and probably generated at his high point over $500,000 per month in income. He used to always talk about the “magic pill” in his presentations.

It went something like this….


“If I could distill everything I know about this business into a little pill, and you took it, you wouldn’t sleep for a month!”

Now everyone always assumed he was talking about some secret strategy for MLM success, or some closely guarded MLM marketing system, but he wasn’t.


The “Magic Pill” he spoke about was belief….


The belief that MLM success is real, and that we can accomplish our goals and have those huge checks we all dream about in the network marketing industry.

If we have belief, then we are armed with the most powerful weapon in the entire MLM success arsenal.

mlm success

Now I am not talking about belief with a little “b” but belief with a capital “B”.

Now let’s be honest here, there are many companies out there in the MLM industry with great life changing products and that’s fine, but we are all pretty much all here for the money.

Now all it takes to generate the little “b” belief is a quick look at couple of photocopied checks from our upline and our heart starts pounding like a racehorse…..

…and we believe.

Ah  yes, but do we really “Believe”?

Come on now…. It’s just us talking here, let’s be honest.

How realistic is it to really believe that you can have true MLM Success and generate an income of $30,000 or $40,000 (or if you think really big, $100,000) a month or more from your home based business?

Is it pure fantasy? Is it luck? Or is it the result of a carefully executed business plan?

Well it’s actually all of those.

Now for some it’s only fantasy … they simply dream the dream, and if MLM success  doesn’t happen quickly or it takes actual work , they are gone in a heartbeat.

We work with them for a week or more, and then one day we call them up and they say “Marc Who?” “Oh yeah, decided not to do that…”.

Those are the ones who burn us out on the MLM industry.

mlm success

It’s the frustration of having passion, and trying to work with those who have none.

Then after the fantasy seekers, there are the people for whom success is purely a function of luck. We  have all seen them at company events where they are held out as shining examples of what’s possible in the world of MLM success.

They just talked to a few who talked to a few and presto………. MLM Success and the big checks!

But luck cannot be duplicated…. Try it in vegas if you don’t believe me.

It’s that lottery mentality, the hope of random luck that brings this group of uncommitted reps into the MLM industry.

Now of course I would not turn down random luck if it smiled on me, but then it’s also a kind of a curse in a way since most of the people who have hit the luck button know deep down  inside that they have no clue how they got there.

So it becomes impossible to ever duplicate that MLM success again

Last there are the MLM success stories that come as the result of study, understanding, and a carefully executed business plan.


This is where real MLM success lies….


It is the true path, but of course it is also the hardest way, because you actually have to study, and learn, and pay your dues.

It is the success lesson that all entrepreneurs have to learn at some point.

If you know the market is there, then success is simply finding the way to tap into it, to capture that traffic, that flow of buyers you know is out there, and to hold on to your belief in the process.

True entrepreneurs know there is no such thing as failure, there are only things that didn’t work.

They know that if the market is there, they simply have to rework what didn’t work into what does work, and it may take a little time but there is never any doubt in their heart of the outcome.

Be an entrepreneur…..


There is a great motivational story about one of histories’ great inventors and entrepreneurs called Thomas Edison who it seems totally changed the world by inventing the incandescent light bulb.

He was interviewed after the discovery and he told how he had failed time after time to find the right material to make the light bulb work. The reporter who interviewed him asked him how he had the faith to keep going after he failed over 3000 times, to which he replied:

“I didn’t fail 3,000 times. I just found 3,000 ways how not to create a light bulb, I never had any doubt I would find the one that did work”.

Once you learn this lesson of  “Belief” you will find it hard not to laugh out loud when you hear that famous phrase that the network marketing quitter always speaks


Well it just didn’t work for me…..


So go out there …find the belief…make the commitment…And make it so…


mlm success

Now one of the  things that can help you spin the dial and transform “belief” to “Belief” is to #1 find a mentor figure who you relate to and form a relationship so that you can actually reach out and touch the reality of it all. Remember the powerful lesson that  “You Are What You Think” , so always surround youself with success never with failure.

Seek out success stories in the industry you are in and form relationships, surround yourself with so much success and belief that the idea of failure no longer exists.

When I finally did that, I was suddenly  immersed in the all encompassing reality of MLM Success and for the first time could actually reach out and touch it, I began to BELIEVE, and that Belief took on a life of its own.

And so it started, armed with belief, my business shot skyward, and I never really did come back to earth.

Once I actually believed in my heart that it was real to the point where I could even taste it, that was a pivotal turning point in my MLM career.

Nothing could stop me from achieving my goals in MLM ever again.




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