MLM Success – The MLM 7 Figure Business Plan? What’s That?

The path to MLM Success has a dark side to it.

MLM SuccessIt’s usually not spoken about because it is so negative but we all know the ugly word is there.

It’s called “Attrition”.

So what exactly is it that leads distributors to embrace an MLM opportunity with the passion of a true believer and then a few months later, they are gone, disappeared into the “Black Hole” of network marketing.

Well in a word, frustration….

We have all been there of course as we try to achieve success in the world of MLM.

Now what can be frustrating about Network Marketing?

It seems so simple really, just talk to a few who talk to a few who talk to a few and suddenly we have on organization of 20,000 distributors and we are making $10,000 a month.

What could be more simple or fun?

I mean we have all been to the opportunity meetings and company events where they parade out the latest MLM success story and they make is seem so darn easy!

So why the frustration?

Sometimes it’s the follow up calls and the endless chasing of prospects who at times seem to be brain dead.

I mean we have a great MLM opportunity to show them, what is their problem, why can’t they just open their eyes and see it?

I mean really…..

Sometimes it just makes you wonder, if we are we the only intelligent person left on the entire planet?

You know you have been there, that’s the discussion going on inside your head as you relentlessly pick up the phone day after day and hammer it trying to achieve MLM success, or maybe you just part of that other group that just sits there and stares at the phone trying to muster the courage to do it one more time.

Well we know the cure, a quick call to our upline leader and after they tell us about how many zeros are on their latest check we are back at it again.

That is until the 2nd most insidious obstacle in the world of MLM success attacks and this beast takes no prisoners.


So what’s wrong with us?

Is it some kind of genetic defect?

Are we missing the critical MLM success gene?

Maybe we are just not destined for the big money and MLM success and the vacations and the….

OK, just stop it!

Look building any business is hard and especially one with the type of upside income potential that Network Marketing has, but what really helps is to understand what you are doing before you start.

To map out an actual business plan that can actually get you to your goals.


The path to MLM Success


Most people start into their journey of MLM success with absolutely no business plan other than making a list of their friends and family and maybe chasing people down in grocery stores.

They have no idea of how to develop a “7 Figure Business Plan” for MLM success and the sad thing is their upline doesn’t either.

So how do you develop a “MLM 7 Figure Business Plan”?

First you need to understand what it really takes to achieve MLM success, and also the illusion and traps that most people fall into.

The illusion is what we see when we go to company events and they parade the latest MLM success story up on the stage who proceeds to tell you how magically easy the business is, and their success is usually based on just talking to a few friends who talked to a few and then….

Presto, the big checks just start appearing!

The truth is that their success in finding a bunch of dead serious business builders from just a few prospects was pure luck.

The sad part of this is that there are so many people out trying to build a successful Network Marketing business based on luck.

Now if you want to base a business on fact, then marketing teaches us that the more people we talk to the luckier we get.

So if you want to ensure your MLM success, you have to treat MLM like a real business and develop a marketing system that allows you to develop a large enough number of leads that you just can’t miss.

Now all approaches to MLM lead generation work to some extent, so that tends to be the confusing part,  but the success of low volume approaches like working your warm market are based on the assumption that you have a 1% Percenter lurking there somewhere.

That’s someone who will come in and explode your organization, and there very well could be, but the chances are there’s not, and the time it takes to use low volume approaches to build an MLM business, it pretty much guarantees it will probably take you years if ever go reach your goals and achieve the MLM success you are after.

So if you are looking for massive MLM success, you need massive activity, and you generate that by using high volume marketing approaches.

Using high volume approaches allows you to generate such a high volume of numbers that you can’t miss finding the dead serious people.

The high volume MLM success formula really has 4 basic elements

1. A way to generate a high volume of traffic, a supply of leads that keeps flowing to you on a consistent daily basis.


2. A sifting tool that allows you to automatically separate the prospects from the suspects



3. A presentation format and


4. A follow up strategy


Today the real key to the Traffic formula is going online. It was recently reported there are over 1.7 billion people online as of Sept of 2009.

Imagine for a moment just begin able to reach out and tap just a small fraction of that traffic and direct it to your MLM business.

Petty exciting isn’t it!

Now that you know the illusions of the MLM business and a basic idea of where you want to go, I need to tell you that there are two potential challenges to achieving that MLM success you desire.

Number 1 is that you need to close that knowledge gap of understanding and learn how to generate  internet lead traffic, and you are also going to need a MLM marketing system, websites, and e mail auto-responders to effectively process it.

Now forget trying to do this on your own, it’s too complicated and will take too much time.

The solution to problem 1 is to simply use an “out of the box” MLM online marketing system such as My Lead System Pro, it’s kind of like a combination of an internet marketing university and an online marketing system.

My Lead System Pro

The training portal of the system will provide you with an in depth MLM Marketing Training were you will learn the skills of tapping into the online traffic flow using fairly simple MLM marketing approaches such as social media marketing that use Facebook, Twitter and My Space, or even using the more advanced marketing approaches such as Article Marketing, Video Marketing, or my favorite, Pay Per Click advertising.

Once you have learned some basic MLM lead generation skills then you will be ready to use the online marketing system which will give you an online presence to drive the traffic to, including websites, lead capture portals, and a customer management system using follow up e mail auto-responders to help maintain contact with your prospects.

With these systems, you don’t have to be a computer wiz since all of this has already been pretty much pre configured.

Now to successfully build a business organization in network marketing you are going to have to use your new marketing knowledge to drive traffic to your website. I coach my students to have as their initial target 10 MLM leads a day.

That will give you about 300 leads a month and once you gain some experience you should be able to recruit 3% to 5% of that traffic into your MLM business, which will give you on average about 10 distributors a month.

Now what do you think 10 distributors a month in your Network Marketing business would do for your bank account?

Now if you are working a “Standard MLM”  as opposed to a “Top Tier MLM”, then your “7 Figure Business Plan” for success is to sponsor 10 reps a month, of which on average 5 are going to go to sleep on you or drop out within a few months,  5 will do the business at some level and 2 of those will be your 20% Percenters.

Focus your support on your 20% Percenters to get them up and running, and then do it again next month, get the 10, find the 5, indentify the 2, and then do it again and again.

Rinse and Repeat, Rinse and Repeat.

Over the course of a year you should be able to generate about 24 or so 20% Percenters who will actually be doing the business and duplicating you efforts and you will start to see your income steadily increase. Now you actually have a business and can probably look to the kind of income you were hoping for in 12 to 18 months or so.

What you say?  I was told I could get full time income in 6 months?

Sorry, that s the business plan based on luck. This is the real world of achieving success in a Standard MLM.

Keep in mind that in a Standard MLM your success is dependent on building a very large organization, and it’s going to take a team of several thousand distributors in your MLM downline to generate a monthly income of several thousand dollars a month.

So even when you learn the Online MLM Marketing skills to become a high volume recruiter, it still takes time to get the duplication going.

But look, any business worth building is worth taking the time to build. Compared to what it takes to achieve high level success in traditional business, MLM success can be pretty quick.

Now there are business models that can be used to generate the income more quickly, such as Top Tier MLM where you can achieve full time income in 3 to 6 months using a GPT Model,  as opposed to 12 to 18 in a Standard MLM, so if getting to a certain income level in a certain period of time is a critical factor for you then start examining some alternative business models.

For now, start with the basics you are going to need to start your “7 figure business plan” by learning how to market, and step on to the path of true MLM success.


MLM Success

When I first started using online marketing systems I generated over 3000 leads, sponsored over 50 new reps and generated over $30,000 in affiliate commissions in just a few months. For a inside look at some of these powerful marketing strategies check out my free Video Training Bootcamp

 MLM Success

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