Top Tier MLM vs Traditional – Which Is Better?

Top Tier MLM, well how do I even begin to describe it?

Humm….. well, it’s kind of like being transported into a parallel universe of Network Marketing, and in this universe the only thing that’s different is that you actually make money in your Network Marketing company in your first 90 days.

Top Tier MLMNow if you have watched any science fiction (I love that stuff) you know the allegory here.

A parallel universe is a reality identical to our own except……

Except for a just a few tiny things that are totally different.

I mean if you somehow were magically transported into one you would immediately recognize everything, your wife or husband would look and be the same, the dog the same, the house the same, the backyard, everything the same except maybe one little detail, like when you check your bank statement and somehow there’s  $10 million dollars in there.

Now this is where you start running around the house yelling and screaming and waving the bank statement in the air muttering something about going to Tahiti, and suddenly you notice no one else understands what you’re so excited about.

There seems to be nothing strange about it to anyone else, it’s just always been that way.

Now I know what you are thinking, the other universe is looking pretty good right now and our first thought is probably…..


However as science fiction teaches us, there is always a price to pay. When you change one factor in our reality then you give up something in return.

Well back to the main point of the article, the Top Tier MLM business model.

What exactly is Top Tier MLM and how come you don’t know about it?

Well it’s been around for quite a while but it’s not as recognized as traditional or as I will refer to it, Standard MLM.

Now Standard MLM’s are the ones that everyone is familiar with, like Amway, NuSkin, FHTM, MonaVie, eXfuze, etc.

What makes a company a Standard MLM, is that the entry fee when you sign up as a distributor is generally only a few hundred dollars. Now because the entry fee is so small, even if you are a super recruiter and can bring 10 or 20 reps into the business each month, you are never going to be able to earn a full time income based on your personal efforts.

That’s not how the Standard MLM business model is designed. To make money in that business model you need to build a team of several hundred reps to earn even a few thousand in residual commissions, and a group of 10,000 or more to get to the type of money that most people associate with good income in our industry.

That means you are going to have to build a big team, and so establishing that magical duplication in your downline is critical to your success.

Because of this, your success now depends on factors that are outside your direct control and even if you are really good and bring in hundreds of people to your opportunity, sometimes that magic duplication just doesn’t occur.

We have all seen it happen, everything seems to be lined up perfectly and then bam!

The market changes, the company doesn’t handle something right, there are endless possibilities that can go wrong.  A textbook example of this would be what happened recently to the mega-viral MLM success story of the decade, MonaVie (See my blog update on MonaVie).

Now that of course, that’s just part of the territory, some businesses fly and some die. It’s no different in MLM.

Now enter the world of Top Tier MLM

In the Top Tier MLM business model, everything is the same except that the entry fee to sign up as a distributor is higher. Generally, it’s in the range of $2000 to $10,000 or more.

Now when you sign up a rep in this model, you generally get a 50% to 100% commission for sponsoring them, so you can generate commissions of $1000 to as much as $20,000 a transaction in some Top Tier MLM companies.

Now supporters of the Top Tier MLM model point out that this totally changes the dynamics of the MLM business into a much more powerful lucrative opportunity.

Using a Top Tier MLM model, a person can enter the Network Marketing business, go out and prospect, and even assuming it takes them 2 or 3 months to really get their feet wet, they could be earning $10,000 a month within 90 days or so, even if no duplication occurs.

I told you this was a parallel universe!

This puts a distributor in the position of being able to earn a full time income right from the beginning.

What an interesting concept!

This Top Tier MLM model is primarily dependent on your own personal efforts, so it’s more of a direct sales business model with a residual tacked on to the back end of the compensation plan.

Because the compensation plan is heavily weighted on the front end, the Top Tier MLM business model is also referred to as “GPT” or “Get Paid Today” (see my review of The CoffeeHouse Letter in the post “Is Network Marketing Dead”).

Now of course it seems that the biggest barrier for top tier MLM companies to recruiting, would be convincing the average MLM person who has problems trying to talk a prospect into a $500 start up kit, that it’s just as easy to sell a $10,000 one.

But is it really any more difficult?


Take Franchising for instance, even in today’ turbulent economic market it’s booming! So there are a lot of people with money looking for opportunity and probably the cheapest franchise you can find is $5,000 to $30,000 and then you are married to the bricks and mortar.

Now of course with a high ticket sign up kit the potential prospect pool is probably smaller but then again in a Top Tier MLM, you really don’t need to sponsor many people to get to 5 figures a month, maybe 3 or 4?

Also some of the faster moving Top Tier models I have tested have many members who have generated between $10,000 to $40,000 a week in just their first month or so and some of the sources I spoke to say that some members earn over $100,000 a month using their unique Top Tier MLM model.

Now historically you built a Top Tier MLM business the same way you built a traditional MLM: make a list, do meetings, advertise, etc.

However the biggest boost to the Top Tier MLM business model has been the marriage of Network Marketing prospecting with online lead generation systems like  My Lead System Pro, I mean if you have a large enough pool of prospects to pull from you can sell pretty much anything.

Online marketing system allow you to tap into a global market of over 1.7 Billion internet users.

In today market the big earners in the Top Tier MLM companies are almost all using online marketing approaches and automated sales systems to tap their markets.

So which really is the best business model?

Well I actually like them both.

As I pointed out in my Blog Post “Is Network Marketing Dead”, the Top Tier MLM or GPT model offers a way to achieve the big money much faster, a few months as opposed to a few years, but probably tops out at about $100,000 a month. MLM takes longer but since your ultimate team will be bigger, the top incomes are much higher.

To confuse things even more, there are many reps who actually do both. They reason that since not everybody is attracted to the same company or product, why not have both in your store?

Now of course in the world of Traditional MLM or old school Network Marketing this is heresy, but in today’s market I am not so sure.

For those in traditional MLM that love their company or product but realize that it could take a few years to build up the duplication, marketing both a Traditional and a Top Tier MLM is a workable hybrid business model that can provide front end funding so that you can afford to do the slower build on the other.

In the final analysis, I love the MLM universe and there is something to be said for just about all the business model variations.

However the confusing part of the MLM world is that with only minute variations in the business models (Unilevel, Matrix, Binary, etc), there are so many choices in companies, that most people make it just based on whether they like the product (not a good way to do it).

With a Top Tier MLM, the business model is so radically different, that is doesn’t seen to suffer from the same type of competition in the mind of the prospect. They either see it or they don’t, and one big advantage is that they can generally see a more achievable path to the money, 2 or 3 months as opposed to 2 or 3 years.

So dive in, make your choice and GPT (Get Paid Today) or GPT (Get Paid Tomorrow) or GPTT (Get Paid Today & Tomorrow).


Top Tier MLM

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