What Does A $35 Million Dollar Bankruptcy Have To Do With MLM Success?

mlm successWe all know the old saying

If it seems too good to be true, it probably is……….

That is of course except in the cases where it actually is true.

Quick story here, about my Bankruptcy………

Humm you weren’t expecting that were you. How can a million dollar earner in the MLM world every have gone through bankruptcy?

Well since I never do things half way I have to tell you it was a $35 million bankruptcy. 

Back in the days before MLM, when I make my fortune by putting together real estate partnerships, things were going really well.

I had make almost 5 million in my last five years in my real estate business and was approaching my 30th birthday and was going to retire.

Then BAM!

The real estate market crashed in the mid 1980’s and I went down like a ton of bricks (pun intended)

I was devastated and wiped out in a heartbeat. I went through a $35 million dollar bankruptcy and just sat there paralyzed and depressed for a while, but I knew that there was no way back, I had to re-invent myself and find a way back to the good life again.


The Journey To MLM Success

That is when I ran into the concept of Network Marketing

Now I have to tell you that I went into network marketing because there were just no other options available.

Actually is was worse than that, I did not believe that the money that successful people claimed to be making in network marketing was real.

To me the entire concept screamed of fraud, fake, and scam………..


It just seemed too good to be true, there was just no way that someone working out of their home by themselves could make $100,000 a month.


I resisted for a long time but finally was out of options and stopped resisting for a moment and actually took a look at the business model and said




That one simple thought set me on a track of possibilities that finally opened my mind and I ended up getting involved in network marketing and within about 2 1/2 years I was earning over $1.5 million a year.

I thank God that I opened my mind to the possibility that what seemed to good to be true, was actually true.

The question is will you? 


MLM Success Today

Now knowing what is actually true in today’s marketing can be confusing. I mean before the advent of the internet we looked for validation in an entirely different way, we looked for photocopied check copies showing huge incomes and proof of MLM success, we looked for full color professionally done brochures, we looked for an actual company headquarters made of brick.

If we could touch it and feel those bricks and the brochures looked good we felt that there was money and substance behind it, and it probably was real.

Today it’s a different world, with the advent of the internet its hard to tell what’s real and what is fantasy or what is pure fraud. Today we look at sexy websites and they all look good, even if its a 15 year old kid trying to put on a good show, and the variations of the Standard MLM business models have tested the limits of our understanding.

I mean you could write a book on just MLM compensation plans: Unilevel (Nuskin Review)  Matirx, Binary, Hybrid Binary (eXfuze, Mona Vie), Top Tier MLM Wealthmasters, Hybrid Top Tier MLM (Empower Network, Family IQ) and the list goes on.

Lets face it, there are several thousand Home Based business opportunities launched every year and as enterprising entrepreneurs looked for better and better ways to slice up the income pie and better ways to lure burned out MLM’ers back into the fold, they have tested the limits of our understanding of what used to be 4 or 5 basic business models, and that’s just in the MLM universe.

Throw into the mix the world of online marketing, and the ability to generate full time income with an online sales model that is not even MLM, and it gets even more confusing, and make no mistake about it, there is big money to be made on the internet just selling stuff. Top online marketers today earn $10 Million to $20 Million a year!

What is a poor entrepreneur to do? 

Stick with the original business model of MLM Success or move on to a Hybrid Model of online income?

Well in the fast paced and confusing and sometimes fraudulent world of “Make Money Online” its more important than ever to link yourself to an expert who can access and review  the business models from a higher level of understanding and perhaps keep you from making a fatal financial mistake.

Case in point Zeek Rewards, a recent MLM hybrid company in the world of Online Reverse auctions (see Zeek Rewards Review) had such a seductive lure they amassed, by some estimates, over a million distributors  in a heartbeat and then suddenly they were gone, leaving in their wake devastated MLM distributors and losses in the hundreds of millions.

Who would have guessed? Who would have known? 


Well, a good  MLM Success coach who knew the market and who had looked at the business model would have known enough to tell you to run the other way.

Now I am not trying to say “stick with what you know”, and trust the relative safety of a 15 to 40 year old MLM company, that path of MLM success may or may not be a good one for you.

MLM success in today’s market is different than it was 25 years ago, what brought success then is now ancient history, and traditional old style MLM companies tend to be a revolving door in today’s transitional market. Of course that model is safe, but it may not be what you really need if your goal is to get to the magical $10,000 a month in the next 90 days.

Also keep in mind that just because you are looking at a new and unique business model does not mean that its a scam, or not real, there are some highly unusual business models in the world of MLM success today that no longer fit any pattern you know of but still represent pretty killer deals.

My advice is to………………

  1. Determine a company’s success by seeing how quickly other reps and generating the income (not the leaders but the foot soldiers)
  2. Look at the product to determine if its real and actually has value
  3. Determine how quickly the business model can get you to your goal within your time limit. 
  4. Does it rely on duplication or is it more of an input output equation? (This is a huge area for mistakes)
  5. Does it fit your risk profile?
  6. Be skeptical when doing your review try to find the flaws
  7. Now Reverse your thinking and think of it from the standpoint of “What if it is for real”?
  8. Finally, before making the final jump, get some advice from a coach who knows the market.  (If you were going to buy a business for $500,000 would you hire an attorney to check out the deal? I think so! However the average person feels totally qualified to make a business assessment on something that they know little about and are going to pour all their time into without any professional advice)
Now keep in mind that even if you do your analysis correctly and get coaching advice from a MLM Pro, the vision of the future seen in a crystal ball is never perfect. If something goes wrong and the business model does not work, move on. Don’t just sit there and say “Oh my god”, get back up dust yourself off and try again. Too many people craw into a hole and hide after suffering some failure or vow never to do MLM again. Remember what that great success coach Tony Robbins says: “A persons success lies in their ability to take action”


Successful people fail also, but they also know that they will ultimately succeed as long as they take action and move forward. There is a great book called “The Greatest Salesman in the World” by Og Mandino, get that book and read chapter 10 on “Persistence” , no better yet memorize it!


Become Unstoppable………….
Here is a recent webinar I did on MLM Business Models & Success Options in Today’s Market 


 MLM Success

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