Creating A Squeeze Page Using Aweber

So what is a Squeeze Page and why do you need one?

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If you are in a home based business or MLM and are exploring using the internet to generate leads for your business, one of the very first things you must master is learning how to build your list.

Creating Your List

So what is a list and how do you build it?

Your “list” is going to be a list of prospects who have visited your website and registered or “opted in” to receive additional information from you.

This list which will include your prospects e-mail address and perhaps other relevant information such as name and phone number, and will be managed and maintained online by an e mail marketing company like Aweber.

Most e mail marketing companies normally charge about $20 per month for a basic service which includes maintaining your list, and allowing you to send e mail broadcasts out to your prospects and also has functionality which allows you to create a canned list of sales related e mails that the system will automatically send out to your prospects on a daily basis or on whatever schedule you choose to setup.

This auto-responder function is critical for your long term success since it allows you to drip feed your prospects additional information over time and to constantly keep your name and information in front of your prospect without taking up any of your time since the system is automated.

Creating A Squeeze Page

Now once you have a e mail marketing account setup then the next step is to get prospects on y our list by creating a webpage that has a form on it to capture your prospects information. This page is called a Capture or a Squeeze Page.

Now the e mail marketing account is pretty easy but a lot of people stumble around a bit trying to figure out how to create a Squeeze page because generally this step requires you to get a web hosting account with a discount provider like HostGator and then to create a webpage, embed your e mail capture form, and then transfer the webpage files to your webhosting company.

Squeeze Page Creation The Easy Way

However they are some easy ways to create capture pages that won’t have you tearing your hair out or going and begging help from your tech savvy kids.

One simple solution is to just set up an account with an online company that specializes in creating and hosting Squeeze pages such as My Lead System Pro and then it’s pretty much point and click and you are ready to go.

However one solution that most people never realize is available to them is to just use the “Capture Form” tool in your Aweber account and with a few tweaks you can have a fully functional Squeeze page up and running in just a few minutes.



Here is a Short Video Training on now to create a Squeeze Page using Aweber.


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