Embedding Easy Video Player 2 And YouTube Videos In WordPress

Embedding videos in your blog post is a great way to add an extra dimension and more life to your blog posts however sometimes the WordPress technology can work against you when you are trying to do this, especially if you are trying to use advanced video tools such as Easy Video Player 2.

Embedding YouTube videos is fairly straight forward and WordPress has taken some steps to make it even easier to embed Youtube videos in your blog post but trying to embed some other popular formats such as the widely used Easy Video Player 2 used by many online marketing professionals will in fact drive you crazy.

There are some quick workarounds however that will solve all these problems.

Embedding YouTube Videos In WordPress

First lets tackle the easy one, YouTube. There are 2 ways to embed your videos in your WordPress post, using the actual embed code or the newer way of just taking the YouTube share link and just pasting it into your post.

With the embed method, you just navigate to the Youtube Video you want to embed and click on the “Share” button and then click on “embed” and the embed code will pop up.


easy video player


Click on the video size you want to embed and make sure you have de-selected the “play related videos when video ends” option. This will keep your prospects attention on your material rather than clicking off on some related video that pops up after your video finishes playing.

easy video player


You then just navigate to your word press back office, create a new post and then click on the HTML tab and paste the embed code in and you are good to go!

The other way to embed is just to grab the share link itself and paste that into the HTML code section of your WordPress post and then save it. WordPress will recognize that it is a YouTube video and automatically embed it for you. The only disadvantage to this shorter process is that you cannot control the size of the video.


easy video player

Embedding Easy Video Player 2 Videos In WordPress

Easy Video Player 2 is a great video marketing tool that a lot of professional online marketers use. You can do things with Easy Video Player 2 that you just can’t do on YouTube, such as redirecting to another website at the end of the video or having a “Buy Now” button pop up during your video.

The Easy Video Player Disappearing Video

With Easy Video Player 2 the default embed code is Java Script. Now WordPress does not like javascript so when you go to embed it, WordPress will disable the code, and you run the risk of your video just disappearing if you update your post.

To get around this Easy Video Player 2 has a WordPress plugin that you can get for free that when installed allows you to just click on an icon and paste your embed code in and you are good to go.

Embedding Easy Video Player 2 Videos In Shared WordPress Sites

Now if you have your blog on a shared WordPress site such as Empower Network, you cannot install your own plugins so you have a problem.



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empower network


Embedding Easy Video Player Videos In Empower Network Shared Word Press Sites

To embed In a shared blog site such as Empower Network you just need to select one of the other embed options in your Easy Video Player 2 back office and use the iframe embed code rather than the javascript and it will work just fine.

See the Video Below On How To Embed



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