MLM Leads And Why You Don’t Have Any

mlm leadsHere is a stark statistic for you, 90% of the people who enter the world of Network Marketing will fail because they just don’t understand the secret of how to find MLM Leads.

Is it really that difficult to find MLM leads? Is there some mystical secret to it that only the select few million dollar earners are privy to, or are we starving in the land of plenty?

Let’s face it, in the world of marketing, massive lead flow is the key to huge success. In any type of marketing business, with high lead flow we fly, without it we die.

I attended an online marketing event, Live The Dream 2, in Orlando recently and heard one of the all time kings of internet marketing Daegan Smith talk about some of his past success in the world of online lead generation.

Now I tend to think I am really good as far as cold market lead generation, heck it’s how I drove my MLM business to over $1.5 million a year in income, however listening to Daegan was a humbling experience.

In one of Daegan Smiths online marketing ventures a year or two ago he was driving, at his high point, over 2600 leads a day!


2,600 leads a day?  Holy crap!


Sorry that was the pure uncensored thought that ran thought my mind as I listened to this master marketer describe his process.

His face lit up as he described the mantra of online marketing by saying


Traffic will set you free…..


Well I guess so!

The truth is that marketing teaches us that if we put information in front of enough people we can sell just about anything.

However generating adequate MLM lead flow is one of the biggest struggles that the home based business entrepreneur or network marketer faces as they set off in a quest to generate the magic $10,000 a month income stream.


MLM leads, where do you find them, how do you get them, and once you have them how do you convert them into happy team members that duplicate like crazy!


Ah yes, this is the question of the hour isn’t it, and it is in fact what most people who enter the MLM business find themselves thinking about once they get down to the bottom of their warm market list.

MLM is a seductive business to say the least. Most of us start into the MLM industry after being exposed to a presentation that outlines the huge benefits of having an ongoing residual income stream.

Then there are the charts and graphs showing how easy it is to achieve that huge residual income stream just by using the power of leverage. The concept actually seems pretty simple, just make a short list of a few people you mlm leads
know, and tell them about this great concept and when they join you in the business, they just do the same thing and boom!


Through the magic of duplication you suddenly you have a rapidity growing down line and your financial future is assured.


I mean the math is unquestionable, if you actually look at what happens if you just introduce 2 people to your MLM business, and they get two and so on through several cycles, you end up with several thousand distributors in your downline and even if  95% of them drop out you will still have over a thousand, and a downline that big that is actively ordering product will make you some big bucks.


So where are the checks, and why isn’t it working?


Well as most business people know, what works in theory sometimes works out quite differently in practice.

In the real world of MLM success not every MLM lead you pull off that warm market hit list is going to be interested in what you are doing, fewer still are open to starting a home business, and even fewer if they actually sign up will order product or do anything with the business.

So the average person enters the MLM business world not really understanding the true way it works, writes out a warm market MLM lead list, talks to a few friends and family and then promptly drops out since once they go through that list, they are out of MLM leads and have nowhere to go.


What Went Wrong?


Network marketing is a business and you have to treat it as such. You have to learn that success in any business is a function of selling your product and usually to sell your product you have to learn something about marketing. Can you imagine buying a franchise for $100,000 and then opening your business and then promoting your business only to a small list of friends and family?

Not likely is it, with real money on the table you are going to get real serious about learning to advertise. So why is it then that we think network marketing is any different? Why do we believe that we can carve out a business empire and make over a million dollars a year by just taking to a few friends or family?


MLM Leads Success Rule #1 Use “The Law Of Large Numbers”


Marketing teaches us that in a broad sense, that no matter what we are selling, if we expose our product to enough people we will find someone who will buy it.

MLM success works the same way,  it’s a function of numbers, of high volume MLM lead generation.

Now if you try to work the traditional MLM business model just using a list of friends and family, what are the chances that in that small group of 20 or 30 people that anyone will be interested in what you have to offer?

Pretty slim!

However if you broaden your market and put that same information in front of a hundred people, suddenly the odds get better.

If you put the MLM business in front of a thousand, even better, and if you market it to 100,000 you can’t miss finding a lot of interested people.

That’s how the “Law Of Large Numbers” works.

Now since success in network marketing is a numbers game, to succeed you have to find a couple of MLM marketing strategies that will allow you to consistently generate a stream of MLM leads that flow to you on a daily basis and then develop a good way to show them the attractive points of the business.

The formula is simple

( more MLM leads = more prospects = more distributors= more money )


So where do you find the best MLM leads?

Well that is kind of a loaded question, since there is of course value in all lead sources, it just depends on how much work, time, and effort you want to put into sifting the leads to find the gold.

Now I am going to give you a number of good MLM lead sources in a moment,  but first you need to understand a little about the business process you are dealing with to be able to effectively process those leads.


MLM Leads Rule #2 Analyze Your Market

Think for a moment of your ideal target market. Who in fact would be interested in an MLM business where you could work out of your home, set your own hours, and have an earning potential of over $100,000 a month?

Stupid Question right?

Now if your brain went into overload with that question you are not alone, you see that the great part of the MLM business, it’s something that anyone can do, and probably over 50% of the population would be interested in if you can effectively get a presentation in front of them.


MLM Leads Rule #3 – Don’t Sell, Promote!

Now if the market is really that big then that means that finding MLM leads is pretty simple, because over 50% of the people you run into every day are prospects. Now here is where a lot of people get really frustrated because they think that their job is to sell everybody, so they go out and start hammering away trying to close prospects right and left, and if someone does not see the opportunity it’s just because they did not explain it correctly.

So if anyone expresses even the slightest bit of interest, they start hounding them and then even enlist their upline to do endless 3 way calls with their prospects because they know that if they just get their prospect to open their mind for a few moments then they would see the glory of the huge opportunity and get into the deal right?




Look, using an “identify and sell” process is necessary if you are working in a traditional sales market where you have a large population, and a very small target market for your product. In that market every prospect is gold and you have to use sales skills to raise their level of interest and then close them.

In the world of MLM leads, there are in fact so many potential prospects you will fail using that approach, not to mention you will be permanently in the NFL club (No Friends Left).

Think of it this way, if in an average city like Miami where you have a population of let’s say 3 million people and over 50% are potential prospects, how long is it going to take you to give a presentation to 1 ½  million people?


Well if you could give presentations 7 days a week, for 8 hours a day it would take you 187,500 days or about 513 years.


Humm…. that probably won’t work

So when your market is large you need to adopt a sifting and sorting approach and quickly move through your prospects using some type of automated process to sift them down to just the ones who raise their hands and say.

I’m in!

And everyone else can go home….


MLM Leads Rule #4 – Use Leverage & Automation

Now as you can see from the previous example, doing the face to face, one on one presentations is a no-win proposition. You are limited by your process, there are simply not enough hours in the day for you to give enough presentations to sift the number of MLM lead prospects you need to find the dead serious ones.

You must use MLM marketing tools to be able to give automated video presentations to your prospects (My Lead System Pro), and auto-responders (Aweber) to be able to maintain contact with your prospects and convert them over time. Technology tools like this will give you the leverage and automation you need to manage the large flow of prospects you need to have large scale success.

Now once you start doing your MLM lead generation using automation and leverage tools to speed your process of sifting and sorting, remember that you mission is not to try to close everyone, it’s simply to find those where the timing in their life is right and are already highly interested in what you have to offer.

Remember the key to high volume MLM lead generation is to not waste your time trying to convince those who don’t see it, you only want those who do. If someone does not see the value in your opportunity your favorite word should always be




MLM Leads Rule #5 – Target Your Market

Now that you see the process you need to generate large scale success in Network Marketing, let’s take a look at making the process more efficient.

So there are two approaches that you can use to generate MLM lead flow, an Undifferentiated Approach in which we just figure that if 50% the market could be interested, then why not just target everyone?

Now that approach will work, but you will have to go through a lot more numbers to sift down to find the quality MLM leads you really want.

The other approach is called Target Marketing and with this approach you narrow the market to just those groups who you feel will have the highest percentage of MLM leads who will be interested. This in fact is what marketing is all about, not just mindlessly blasting information on your business out to everyone that moves, but finding and targeting just those who are actually looking for just what you have to offer.

Examples of this would be targeting leads from Online Job Boards such as Careerbuilder or Monster since we know that everyone who has a resume sitting there is transitional and is looking.

Another example would be to target the general MLM leads who are already in Network Marketing since we know how transitional that market is, and that the average time a new distributor stays with a new company before moving on to the next greatest opportunity is probably 3 to 5 months.

The advantage of targeting this MLM lead market is that we already know they like the Network Marketing business and they are or were looking to generate income from home.


MLM Leads Rule #6 “Fill The Pipeline”

MLM LeadsGood sales people know this success rule. Regardless of the level of leads you are generating and regardless of any automation you may be using, you must consistently push MLM leads into your sales funnel to generate sales and new distributors.

Many people fail even with good MLM leads because they are not consistent in their lead generation.

If you consistently generate leads on a daily basis, over time you will have an additive pipeline effect in which your MLM lead generation efforts will start throwing off more and more distributors.

I have found that if I only have 5 quality conversations per day that is 25 a week or 100 a month I will consistently sponsor 8 to 12 new reps a month. If the sales funnel is more automated and you are basing your results on gross MLM  leads that enter your system, then a good rule of thumb is that you should be able to convert about 3% of them to distributors in your MLM company.


MLM Lead Sources

Now there are many ways to generate huge MLM lead flow today, and if you have a little coaching you will be surprised how quickly you can stop the pain of MLM lead poverty and literally become a Network Marketing success story.


Crossover MLM Lead Generation Approaches

Now without question almost all of the Old School MLM Lead generation approaches have been updated based on the advent of the Internet and given some new twists that make even the Old School MLM Lead approaches more effective. I tend to refer to these as Crossover approaches since they use the old strategies but revitalized by also using the Internet in some form.

  • Job Board Advertising For MLM Leads

Tired of talking to prospects who are not really looking? Part of the struggle many people have is spending way too much time chasing people who are not really interested. Your best odds will always be targeting people who are in a period of transition, and what better place to find them than on Job Boards  where they have put their resume out,  announcing to the world “I’m Looking”.

There are some killer ways to use big job boards to generate huge MLM lead flow. It’s pretty simple once you have some good coaching. Post the right type of opportunity ad and then direct lead flow to a sales funnel where they Opt-in to your autoresponder list and view an automated video presentation of your business and then use a form from Survey Monkey or Survey Gizmo to let interested prospects apply.

      • Careerbuilder – With 30 million resumes or more there is a lot of traffic on this site. Ads generally run about $400 for a month.

      • Craigs List – Huge Traffic and the best part is that if you post in the smaller cities it’s free. There are some tricks to doing this effectively but with a little coaching you can generate up to 100+ MLM leads a day.


  • Resume Database Mining for MLM Leads

So when we do this type of mining we are looking for the gold but not the mineral type. The flip side of Job boards is that everyone who is looking not only checks out the ads but also posts their resume. So the strategy is to get access to a Resume Database and then start mining for gold by doing a quick search of the database for the prospects who have just the qualities you are looking for.

This is exactly what Executive Search or as they call them headhunters do and it works. Of course you are going to need a little coaching and some good scripts and then you are off to the races (see Job Board Advertising Post ). Oh yes one great thing here is that these people will love that you called them, the hard part is not staying on the phone too long. Use a good script that has at least 2 sifts in it to get rid of the job seekers. There is also of course an automated way to do this.


  • Buying MLM Leads (Opportunity Seeker Leads)

This is a no brainer approach but watch out what you pay. Keep in mind the quality of these leads varies dramatically. Many MLM lead vendors will actually incentivize or pay prospects to take a survey which in my book is not even a valid lead. You need to get some recommendations from someone who uses this approach and then test your MLM leads in small batches of 100 or so to verify quality.


  • Real Time or Surveyed MLM leads: Costs on these can run from $1 to $9 a MLM lead or more depending on the source. I don’t recommend paying this kind of cost unless you are good on the phone or have some training in doing this and are selling a MLM opportunity that has a pretty big front end commission such as a Top Tier MLM (Empower NetworkFamily IQ, or Wealthmasters International) where the up front profits you make are high enough to offset your costs. If you are good on the phone and fill your pipeline consistently you should be able to close about 5%.


  • Bulk Aged MLM Leads : These are generally the same leads you would pay several dollars for but after the leads have aged a few months or more they get pretty cheap. They best way to use these cheap MLM leads is to automated tools to do the sifting for you such as Voice Broadcasting or Bulk E mail Marketing.

This is an approach that I have used extensively prior to moving most of my lead generation online. It’s a killer highly leveraged approach that allows you to sift through several thousand potential prospects in about 30 min and leave you with several to as many as 30+ prospects who have all been pre-sifted, are qualified, and are waiting to speak to you.

How can MLM life be better than that? This approach uses a web based autodialer to send your opportunity message of 30 sec or so to a list of MLM leads you have purchased and then uses recorded messages about your opportunity to screen your prospects. Now most of these systems can only be used in the US and Canada but some like Lead Net Pro can also be used to dial the UK and Australia.

This approach does require some coaching to do right. There are some “do not call regulations” you need to understand so you can do it legally and also you need some really good scripts for the messages. A lot of people don’t do well with this simple because of terrible scripts.

  • E Mail Marketing for MLM Leads

I bet you thought this was no longer legal with all the spam laws in effect but e mail marketing is alive and well and if you know how to do it, you can make a killing and flood yourself with MLM leads.

  • Solo Ads: This is where you rent someone’s MLM leads e mail list and they send your offer to their list by way of e mail. Prices can range from $60 to as much as $600 depending on the quality. I have some private sources will send 1 Million e mails out for as cheap as $99. With a good list your click through ratio (people who actually go to your website or offer) will be 1000 to 2500 for every blast of one million sent. Now that’s a lot of eyeballs on your website! Now ad design and list quality are key factors here. Get some coaching and you will do well.


  • Bulk E Mail Marketing for MLM Leads: This is where you actually buy the MLM lead list rather than rent it and then send your offer to that list. You must make sure the leads have requested information and that you have the IP address where they opted in on your data list. Also don’t try to use your webmail account or e mail program to do this, your account will be flagged by your provider. Instead you use a server based software such as JMailer to send your messages from a totally different website. I coach reps on how to successfully generate MLM leads this way also.



Online MLM Lead Generation

 MLM leads


These are great MLM leads since you generate them yourself. There are too many approaches to list here but the advantage of leveraging your business through the internet is that there are over 1.8 billion people online today and as a result there are hundreds of millions of prospects online right now probably looking for exactly what you are promoting.


Online marketing teaches you how to find that MLM Lead traffic and then how to use technology to put your message in front of them. Now these approaches do tend to take a little more study and coaching to learn but the time spent is well worth it since the skills you learn here can be applied to any business, not just MLM lead generation. Learning the tricks of Online MLM Lead generation raises the success bar quite a bit. MLM Success in this universe is measured by being able to generate 50 to 100+ leads per day. Now what do you think you could do with that many leads? Remember the MLM success equation


More Leads = More Distributors = More Money


Humm, better raise our financial success goals a bit higher…..


If you start searching the internet for any of these approaches you will soon be flooded with “experts” offering to teach you the ropes for a few hundred dollars or so. Now if you go out and try to learn it piece by piece you will probably find yourself at the end of a year a little wiser about online MLM lead generation but you will have spent thousands of dollars doing it. The better approach is to either enroll with one of the online Marketing Communities that specialize in teaching everything for one monthly fee such as My Lead System Pro, or buy a training program that covers a step by step A-Z approach. For a complete training program take a look at Marketing Mastery University.


  • Facebook Marketing For MLM Leads – 800 million users and over 50% log into their accounts every day.  This is an MLM lead advertising bonanza! You can make a fortune on Facebook if you know the secret strategies I can show you.
  • PPC- Pay Per Click Advertising For MLM leads– Cost effective and powerful, I can show you how to have MLM leads tomorrow using my proven approach.
  • Blog Marketing For MLM Leads – Believe it or now simply writing articles and posting them on your blog can generate huge MLM lead traffic for you if you learn a little about keyword targeting and article marketing. A good blog with relevant MLM articles can generate over 10,000+++ visits a month from potential MLM leads that are in your target market. Some MLM related search terms have over 80,000 searches a month. If your blog can rank on those keywords you will be submerged in MLM leads. Now blogging can take a few months to build up unless you use one of the optimized blog platforms like Empower Network
  • Article Marketing For MLM Leads – This is the key to getting your blog to rank on the first page of Google, that’s where the action and traffic is. Using my secret article marketing strategies, I rank with fist page Google results sometimes in just a few days.
  • Banner Advertising For MLM Leads – One of the oldest but most overlooked online MLM marketing approaches. This one can generate consistent low cost leads on a daily basis.
  • Video Marketing For MLM Leads– Video marketing has the highest conversion rate of all MLM lead strategies. Sites such as Youtube have huge internal traffic you can tap into if you know how to do it. I can show you how to make a killing here.
  •  Twitter Marketing For MLM Leads – Twitter is usually an overlooked MLM lead strategy. How would you like to develop a list of let’s say 500,000 prospects that you can convert into MLM leads in just a few months? Using my secret “Twitter Lateral Leverage” approach I can show you how to succeed using this social media giant.


Leaving the world of MLM Lead Poverty and learning how to Market will in fact change your MLM success curve dramatically. Once you leave the world of small numbers and individual presentations behind you will see your level of income rise dramatically.


Remember it’s all in the numbers


MLM Leads

Want to learn how I  generated over 3000  MLM leadssponsored over 50 new reps and generated over $30,000 in affiliate commissions in just my first 5 months after learning how to generate MLM leads online?  For a inside look at some of these powerful lead generation strategies check out

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