MLM Leads – 433 leads in one day? Yes it was a good day!

MLM leads “News flash”!

You need lots of leads to power your home based business!

Well Duh! ………..

Now of course most people struggle when it comes to generating home biz or MLM leads but then of course they just don’t know what they don’t know.

Now if you know how to market………………

then leads are the least of your business model worries.

Here is an example of what you can do if you understand how to generate leads

(Screen shot of my Aweber auto-responder account from a few days ago)

Yes it was a pretty good day…..

However that is only part of the equation, just because you can generate a ton of MLM leads does not mean you are going to make any money!

Wait, hold the phone…………..

How can that be true?


MLM Leads Secret #1 – Conversion & Profit

Good grief if you had tons of MLM leads to power your home business how could you not make a ton of money??

Well its simple, getting to the lead flow is really not that complicated, I could show a total newbie how to generate 50 to 100 leads a day in less than an hour of coaching. Generating MLM lead flow only relies on some specialized knowledge of how to push the right buttons.

Now the far bigger issue in the world of MLM Success  is of course how make money by connecting with that flood of people who are out on the internet looking for opportunity every day…………

The critical question is how to best monetize or make money on that lead flow?


 Monetizing Your MLM Leads Flow

I have found that in today’s market most people are also struggling with this and really doing it the wrong way.

I mean there are easy things to sell (High Converting Offers) and then there are hard things to sell (Low Converting Offers)
Now if you can match up high volume lead generation with a high converting online sales funnel that pays huge immediate commissions…………

Well I think you get the idea…………

mlm leads

MLM Leads

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