MLM Leads – Get Paid To Click Lead Generation – Killer Internet Marketing Strategy or Trolling For Trash

So if you are looking for information on Get Paid To Click marketing, you have come to the right place. In this review I will discuss if Get Paid To Click internet and online marketing strategies actually work and do an in depth review of whether a Get Paid To Click strategy should be part of your online marketing tool chest or if it’s just a terrible waste of time.

Get paid to click leadsHigh Volume Lead Flow

Now of course having adequate lead flow to power your home based or online business is not only critical to your long term success, but it will affect your bottom line in ways you probably can’t even imagine, like the difference between making $500 a month and making $50,000 a month.

In fact if you are courting success in the online marketing world you should already know the mantra.

“With high lead flow you fly… Without it you die…..”


I think this was best expressed by one of the all time greats in the world of high volume lead generation Daegan Smith who at one point in his internet marketing career was generating over 2600 leads a day.

2600 leads a day?

Holy crap that’s a lot of leads!

Sorry for the raw language but I get excited just thing about that the internet marketers holy grail, being able to generate several thousand leads a day.

Daegan recently spoke at the, the My Lead System Pro “Live The Dream 2” event in Orlando Florida , and as he was taking about high volume lead generation his face latterly lit up as he said…

“Traffic will set you free”

Well I guess so,

But is getting that high of a lead flow really that hard?

Is it really something that is reserved for the true masters of “Time And Space”, the internet market Gurus?

Well actually no…..

Leads are easy, heck in a recent blog post I reviewed a dozen ways I can show a total newbie to generate high volume lead flow (MLM Leads And Why You Don’t Have Any).

This may come as a shocker for some of you but generating a

get paid to click

high volume lead flow is not really that hard, (see my review 433 MLM Leads In One Day? ) the real issue is what you do with those leads.

Now that comes down to a discussion of business models and what you should be doing to get the biggest bang for the buck from monetizing that lead flow but that’s another discussion for another day.

Now for most people who have embraced the idea of online marketing and are desperately buying every new online course they can lay their hands on just to get a hint of how in the world you actually get leads online, the industry standard you hear over and over again is……

10 leads a day is good, at 25 leads a day magic starts happening, and at 50 to 100 leads a day you are pretty much a master.

Or so the masters tell you to get you to spend several hundred dollars on their training course.

But why settle for the slow lane? How about if I could show you an approach that could generate you 100 leads a day and cost you only pennies?

I guess that would make me the new guru right?

Well I will show you a trick here but what I want you to understand is that not only do you need to raise your sights on lead flow, but more importantly start focusing on what exactly are you trying to sell those leads.

Avoid Marketing Mismatch

Generating large lead flow is the first step in the process, but then you must also be offering them something they not only see the benefit in, but also want to buy.

Depending on the leads this could range anywhere from a standard MLM offering (low ticket) to a Top Tier MLM (big ticket) to an affiliate marketing tool (low ticket) to maybe even a Warrior Forum offer (very low ticket) or even several of the above products.

If you are too set on selling just one thing or opportunity to a lead group before you test to see what they actually want, then you could end up have a marketing mismatch, totally miss the mark and come away thinking that the lead source was bad when they were just telling you they did not like what you were offering.

Marketing is all about learning to be a matchmaker and making everyone happy.


Get Paid To Click Lead Basics – Monetize your Lead List

So you have probably heard that in the world of online lead generation it’s all about building the list, and that is very true. Now once you have generated a bunch of leads the next step is to monetize your list, so that you can make money off of your lead generation efforts.

Now there are as many ways to generate cash flow online as there are BMW’s in South Florida, however some are fairly low yield such as a Standard MLMs or affiliate marketing programs, while others give more bang for the sale such as Top Tier MLM or Hybrid Top Tier models.

But back to the whole point of this article which is to examine one of the little known niche markets where you can generate huge lead flow for latterly pennies per lead, it’s called Get Paid To Click advertising.

Now you may already be familiar with a lot of the different types of co-op marketing models out there such as Safe Lists or marketing sites where everyone becomes a member and then markets to each other but you probably don’t know about Get Paid To Click models.

Now Get Paid To Click advertising is not new but it is powerful and if you use it properly can provide you with not only a powerful testing ground for different marketing approaches, squeeze pages, and products but can also pretty much bury you in leads in a heartbeat.

Believe it or now Get Paid To Click Advertising sites have massive traffic, a recent search showed one of the industry giants Neobux had a traffic ranking of 100. Now that blew me away, a little old co-op ad site that is one of the 100 most trafficked websites in the entire world?

get paid to click


If you could see my face right now you would see total AWE!

Now the premise of these Get Paid To Click marketing sites is twofold, one is that they attract millions of members (yes I said millions)  who sign up for a free account so that they can get paid to Click  on and view different ads every day. The more sponsored ads you click on and view for time increments that vary from 15 seconds to 1 minute or more the more you can potentially make.


Now just so you don’t get confused here, don’t waste your time becoming a click monster to try to make money, that’s not your objective. You make such a tiny amount of money clicking on ads that if you spend every waking hour online mindlessly clicking through the ads you could make as much as a few hundred dollars a month.

I hope that’s not why you are here, remember set your sights higher. It’s really as easy to make $10,000 or $20,000 or more a month online as it is to make $500, so don’t waste your time in little league.

Now the flip side of this is that these Get Paid To Click ad sites sites also attract advertisers (that would be us) who pay the sites to be able to post their ads in front of that huge audience and try to generate traffic.

Now with most of the Get Paid To Click Advertising sites you will be paying per click, so that every time someone clicks on your ad and stays on it for the required time period that counts as a click for you.

So in fact you can place an ad, and pay maybe $16 for a thousand clicks and people will be waiting in line to click on your add and look at your squeeze page.

Yes, yes I know, that’s incentivized clicking, and initially the trough of paying people to go to your website does not seem like a good idea, but stay with me here, I am going to make a point.

  1. Who is your target market? Well if you are trying to attract biz op buyers to your MLM, affiliate marketing, or home based business model, then the audience on these Get Paid To Click sites are exactly who you want. These people are trying to make money online, they just don’t know a better way.  Now of course they are spending their time badly and not making very much but that’s what you are there to show them right, the higher profit way your business opportunity can provide them.
  2. They are paid to click, however they are not paid to Opt-in. Now this is an important point. They are paid to look at your website but that’s it, so if they decide to actually opt in, they have now become a qualified lead and I might add at a cost per lead that will blow you away, would you believe $0.16 to $0.30 cents a lead?


Get Paid To Click Lead Generation Strategies

Here are some simple marketing guidelines that will help you use this strategy to the fullest.

  • Use Simple Ads and don’t lose too many brain cells trying to develop some killer sexy ad Remember these people get paid to click on your ad so they are probably going to click on everything.
  • Test In Small Batches: Buy a group of 5000 or so clicks for $50 or so and then test your different offers and squeeze pages in batches of 1000 to determine the best converting offer.
  • Track Your Results: Remember you are now a marketer and not only is “Test” your new middle name but “Track” is now your new last name. Use tracking tools like Hypertracker or other online tracking tools to help you gauge performance of your campaign, otherwise you are flying blind.  These are simple and cheap to use.
  • Use Clicks To Test Your Offer and then use a fixed ad to open the doors to lead heaven. Most of these services will offer both pay per click services to advertisers and also Fixed ads where you may pay per day for an ad to run and you will receive unlimited clicks. ( I have pulled in over 1000 leads in 2 days using this approach)
  • Use Geo Targeting To Test: If you are testing in small batches and are actually paying for your clicks then it only makes sense to use their geo-targeting tools so that your ad only gets displayed in the countries your select. So if you have an offer that is only good in the US, you sure don’t want leads in the UK especially if you are paying for clicks. Now once you have established that your offer or squeeze page converts and you move to a fixed ad you may want to remove the geo targeting to maximize leads.
  • Test Several Different Get Paid To Click advertising portals: Results can vary between portals.


So there you have it, properly used Get Paid To Click Ad Sites can give you huge lead flow to jumpstart your business model.


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