Two Critical Errors That Will Kill Your Online MLM Success

online mlm successOnline MLM Success can be an elusive animal to hunt and capture.

Since being able to generate leads for you business online is supposed to be the quick way to Network Marketing or Biz Op success, why do so many opportunity seekers who try to take their business online seeking online MLM success end up totally destroying it instead?

Its true! Done incorrectly not only can marketing online totally empty your wallet, it can also doom your business.


Look most people who try to take their MLM business models online, keep doing exactly what they were doing offline and that’s a huge mistake. (Believe me I learned from experience)


  • Critical Online MLM Success Error #1 

Using a Direct Approach (Also known as the Pit Bull on the throat approach)

If you really want to be successful doing online lead generation then stop with the direct approaches and instead use a good Funded Proposal system like the Daily Income Team system or My Lead System Pro, that employ  indirect approaches.

This will not only generate 300% more leads for you but your actual conversion will also increase dramatically.


  • Critical Online MLM Success Error #2

Not Building A List (Auto-responders)

I cringe and feel slightly ill every time I think of how many hundreds of thousands or millions of leads I generated over the last 25+ years for the biz ops and MLM I was building and never built a list.

I mean I paid good money for years for those leads but the technology really was not there for a good automated follow up system so I basically just hit them between the eyes with my pitch and if they did not buy, I tossed them in the wastebasket

How stupid is that?????

I mean come on Marc, use the head boy! 

Just because they are not interested today….

how about tomorrow??

Or maybe Thursday??

Well don’t feel too sorry for me since I did make over a mil a year but what a waste. I wish I had all those leads now! Oh Baby….

Avoid this by using a good Autoresponder System like Aweber or GVO and leverage your success using technology.


Anyway I shot this short video today to give you a little FREE coaching on how not to sink your business online..

Check it out! 

Online MLM Success – Avoiding The Critical Errors

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