A Special New Years Day Wish From Marc Barrett

So where do you want your “New Year” sent?

It’s pretty amazing to think about really, today we will receive the very special gift of a whole new year to play with.

Untouched, untarnished, unused, a blank slate of 12 full months for us to write the days of our lives on.

So how are you going to use yours? Any plans?

This is the reason that people feel compelled to do New Year’s Resolutions. We kind of pledge to ourselves that we are not going to waste another one of those brand new years.

Well as you are pondering your “Resolutions” for the coming year here is a thought.

I heard a great quote from a motivational coach several months ago who was trying to describe how most people feel about success in life.

Like the old saying goes, he said that most people spend their lives waiting for opportunity to knock at their door.

He went on to say that if you really want success, forget waiting by the door, you should go out, track down opportunity, club it to the ground and drag it home with you.

The essence is of course, to decide what you want, understand that no one but you will ever lay it in your lap, and go for it.

Like the famous saying by comedian Jonathan Winters

“If your ship doesn’t come in, swim out to meet it!”

Success in life is all about taking action, in every moment of every day.

So enough of the sidelines, watching is safe but it’s only in action that we will define our lives.

So let’s make that our resolution

As the ancient Romans used to say, “Carpe diem”

“Seize the Day!”



Still searching for Network Marketing Success?


So if you are ready to take your business and income to the next level you need to learn how to use the internet to leverage your business. Today there are hundreds of millions of people online and many are probably looking for a business just like yours, imagine for a moment just being able to reach out an tap just the smallest fraction of that huge traffic and bring it to your business.

Exciting thought isn’t it?

Now generating leads of course is only a small part of the success process, to be able to achieve your financial goals within the time frame you set for yourself depends totally upon designing a 7 Figure Business Plan and using the correct business model that can actually get you there. There are far too many people who fail in the home based business industry because they try to use a business model that is just not going to get them to that magical $10,000 per month in 6 months or less.

Here is a special webinar I did recently that explains the differences in business models and why they will make the critical difference between your success and failure


MLM Success Factors – MLM Product Types The Hidden Danger That Can Sink You

mlm successWell it happened again. Humm….. I put down the phone and felt a little like a remorseful axe murderer. The death blow of a dream is not a pretty thing to witness, there are no winners when a dream dies only losers.

The problem is that after 25 years in the MLM industry I just know a little bit too much, and sometimes I long for the days of blissful ignorance when the only proof I needed to ignite the passion of a dream in my heart was a photocopied check from my upline for $200,000 a month.

That was at the time, all the proof I needed, and I also believed it was all the validation of the business model that anyone could ever need.


MLM Success If you can dream it you can achieve it

That tangible proof that the money was real was all that mattered to me, I mean good grief, if my upline could make $200,000 a month, I could do it too!

With a well funded company, a hot product, and a strong upline the sky’s the limit and the days of leisurely lunches on the beach of your private island in the Bahamas was not far away right?

I mean there can’t really be more to the MLM success equation that that correct?

Ah yes, the days of blissful ignorance………….

Well unfortunately there are a host of factors that can affect your  MLM Success that you probably don’t even want to know about.

Well I’m wandering here, back to death of a dream…


Because of my background in the network marketing industry, I have people approach me all the time to teach them the path to high volume lead generation by using the internet and online training systems like Empower Network, or Funded Proposal Systems like My Lead System Pro or The Daily Income Team, so they can then apply what they learn to dominate their deal and finally get to the money they have been dreaming about for years.

It was in one of those discussions with a MLM hopeful, that they outlined their company and the incredible new product they had just released with the breathless excitement of one who knows they are but a step away from financial freedom.

The smell of money was in the air!

Then suddenly, the dread question reared its ugly head.

They asked me what I thought about their company and their chances for success.



My MLM Is Better Than Yours

Now I learned many years ago never to rain on someone’s parade.

Even back in the days of my direct “pit bull on the throat” approach to recruiting, I learned it was useless to argue “My Deal is better than yours” with anyone. It’s kind of like trying to win an argument with your spouse, you may prove your point but you will never win.

Today, since I work with so many people from so many different Network Marketing companies, I don’t ever give my opinion unless they ask.


MLM Success The Painful Truth

The problem here, of course is that I give no nonsense, straight answers (my opinion of course but not sugar coated).  

Now I never approach this from the level of a company analysis, the bottom line is who knows who will succeed and who will fizzle, only time will tell us that, and it’s never based on a specific unique product they may have, or perhaps some sexy new version of a binary comp plan that’s going to revolutionize the entire industry.  Rather I analyze it more from the standpoint of the general market factors that can dramatically affect someone’s income stream.

The Critical MLM Success Factors

Look it’s not the minute variations in the comp plan you have to worry about, all companies have top reps who make huge incomes with all types of comp plans. I mean, in a standard MLM business model there are only so many ways to slice the pie.

mlm leads


Also the critical factors for MLM success are not based on the pedigree of the  Master distributor, or who the company owner is, or who the financial wizard funding the deal is, or even who the branding master of the company is.

I have seen all these approaches used in MLM marketing materials and you know what? In my book those are all meaningless window dressing designed to attract the un-informed newbie.

The MLM Black Hole Effect

I remember a few years ago a rep called me in a panic about the Trump Network (aka Ideal Health), telling me that everyone was saying that because of Trump’s branding, that the company was going to suck the majority of all MLM reps into his company and all the other MLM companies would probably just disappear, kind of like running into a black hole in space.

I told him relax, to take two aspirin and lay down for a while and it would pass.

The Hidden Success Potential of MLM Deals

In reality the “Success Potential” of the company, which is how high they fly, and how long they pay big commissions, is actually based on something most people never give much thought to.


The Hidden MLM Success X Factors

You know about X factors right? X factors are variables that most business people have nightmares about. They are the unknowns, the factors that we can’t control that can make or break our business success.

You know, kind of like the freeway exit ramp bypassing the street your retail business is on, or finding yourself the dominating the camera film market only to have digital cameras enter the market and in a heartbeat technology destroys a billion dollar empire (hello Kodak).

MLM Success X Factors – Product Type & Growth Dynamics

With Standard MLM’s (NuSkin, MonaVie, etc), as opposed to Top Tier MLM’s (Empower Network, WealthMasters, Tidom etc), the critical factors in my book are product types and growth dynamics.

The product type an MLM company markets can make a huge difference in how long it takes to achieve your goal or worse yet can even make you or break you. Growth dynamics, well they also determine how long it will take to achieve your goals and how high you can fly.

mlm success


The Role Of MLM Product Types In The MLM Success Equation

Now the role and importance that MLM product types play in the ultimate MLM success or failure of your business depends a lot on what business model of MLM your are pursuing, Standard MLM or Top Tier MLM.

The reason for this is inherent in the growth dynamics of the business model itself.

Now Top Tier MLM business models are not as subject to the effects of Product types since they generate so much income on the front end, but in a standard MLM it can take a few years of building effort to build a downline big enough to get you to the big money and in a slow growth environment the effect that product types have your income stream can be critical.

In standard MLM’s since you are basically playing a 5% ballgame from a commission standpoint and you are only getting pennies on the dollar, it’s going to take a fairly large downline to be able to even generate a $5,000 a month residual income.

MLM Income Steams The Real Truth

On average, all the special comp plan perks aside, it’s going to take a minimum of 2000 distributors in your downline to earn you $5,000 a month in residual income, and if you want to take your income to that magical success benchmark of $10,000 then it’s going to take on average 5,000 to as many as 10,000 in your downline.

Now unless you know some magical way to go out and sponsor 5000 people in the next 30 to 60 days, then to achieve that big of a group you have to rely on duplication and therein lies the problem.

In my opinion, MLM product types dramatically affect distributor longevity and that that in turn affects your bottom line income.


MLM Success – Product Types

So let’s talk product types. Well just about every type of product imaginable has been plugged into the MLM structure from 3-D cameras to pantyhose, sanitary feminine care products (yes its true), to real estate sales (Keller Williams), and so many other unique products it would make you head spin.

However generally there are about 3 broad product types that I think are the pivotal ones that probably 90% of all MLM products fall into.

  • Skin Care Personal Care

  • Nutritional

  • Technology

Now there is a 4th Product type area called Info (Information Products) but since those tend to be the mainstay of the Top Tier MLM business model and not Standard MLM’s we are going to ignore those for a moment.

In the years I have been in the Network Marketing industry I had the advantage of spending 17 years with one highly successful company that ended up using a strategy called “Divisionalization” in which they actually started sub-companies or new divisions over a series of years and branched into three different core product types and separately branded each of them.

Now this was great, since in effect it gave me the ability to work with the 3 product types mentioned about without ever leaving the “mother ship”.


MLM Product Types – The Time Factor

So as I recruited and started building an organization with the different divisions of this company, I found that a totally different distributor group evolved out of each company division and each had a different distributor profile. Also the growth rates and income streams that grew out of each were dramatically different.

mlm success

Case Study 1

Skin Care/Personal Care

Visual – Emotional – Consumable Products

This was interesting, I was in my 30’s and pretty much a soap on a rope type of guy, promoting a skin care company. I did not want to be branded a Mary Kay Man (that was not the company by the way) so I used an aggressive “Top Down” business building approach and grew a huge organization that was generating over a million a year in income in less than 3 years (see Nuskin Review)

In effect I focused on the business opportunity and income potential not the product, and no, I did not do product demos. Well, OK, I did a few, but not after one Ah-ha moment in which I found myself in the house of some strange woman in Aurora Colorado giving her a face lift demo and it suddenly hit me like a ton of bricks “how is this ever going to get me to $800,000 a year!


MLM Product Types – Product Ordering Longevity

I found that even years after attrition had eroded this distributor base, that there were still a good percentage of people buying and using the products because they were emotionally attached to them. They products affected how they looked and felt about themselves so once they started using them, they never put them down, they had an emotional attachment to them.


Case Study 2

Nutritional Products: Consumable Products

When the company branched into this division I loved it. It gave me the chance to get me away from that skin care image. I was a big believer in nutritionals, and I still eat handfuls of vitamins when I sit down to dinner that can scare people when I pull out of this baggie filled with pills.

I became a scientist of nutrition and turned my downline into the same. I mean I could talk to any nutritionist about leucoanthocyanins, and grape seed extract and the effect of Conjugated Linoleic acid on weight loss, etc, etc, etc.

I loved this stuff but after about 2 years the organization I built was hit by so much attrition that it became a revolving door and my income stalled.

Now a word about attrition here….

It’s an ugly word that we all hate in MLM and although we try not to acknowledge it, it’s kind of like divorce, it happens.

People come into network marketing with the dollar signs in their eyes and then 5 of their friends say “NO” and they are out of the deal. They say “You know, this is way too hard, I will just keep my day job and just use the products”.

So product type will totally dictate how long they stay in the consumption mode before they totally disappear and with nutritional products this cycle seems to be about 2 to 3 years.


MLM Product Types – The Nutritional Gotcha!

So here is the problem, nutritional supplements are a logic sale. We eat vitamins because we know they are good for us. They are not, visual emotional products. I mean I never ate a vitamin pill and woke up the next morning and said

“WOW, I feel great, my life has changed and I look so much better, I think I will eat this forever!”

So what generally happens in a nutritional company is that they may get ramped up and going pretty well but then as 50% ++ of your group falls back to just consumption and then within 2 years totally stop buying, your income stalls out and can go backwards in a hurry.

This was actually confirmed by one of the owners of a nutritional MLM who gave me the actual stats for his company, first year orders for a new distributor $1600 dollars , 2nd year orders about $900 dollars, 3rd year orders on average $0.

Now listen carefully here, those were not my numbers those were from one of the owners of a billion dollar MLM company.


MLM Déjà Vu – Been there done that, no thanks

Now once again I am not trying to rain on anyone’s parade her, there are lots of great nutritional companies out the in the MLM sphere with great products, but you just have to understand that if you choose to build them they will be affected by a particular type of growth dynamics based on product type.

They only ray of hope in the nutritional market has been the superjuices (See eXfuze Review, Kyani Review, Zija Review, and Jusuru Review) since they in fact can be an emotional product since probably 60% of the people that use them claim to get a tangible feeling effect but they seem to suffer from the same ill effect as the other nutritional products and over time still seem to become a revolving door of distributor attrition. See my company review on MonaVie

Diet products are another market area that seems like it should fill the bill of Visual Emotional Consumable, but diets are so trendy, that people love to jump from diet to diet, and so this product type tends to grow quicker and then die even quicker.


MLM Technology Products – Consumable Products

This one will fool you, it did me. I love technology and so does the general public. We are all awed by, and in love with technology. Our rabid purchasing of those sexy gadgets has always helped to power our economy.

But think about that, technology changes so rapidly, no one has a lock on that market.

Companies can go from billion dollar valuations to bankruptcy (Poliorid, Eastman Kodac, etc, etc) with just a slight shift in new technology that makes the old one obsolete, virtually wiping it from the face of the earth. If you don’t believe that main stream technology can become obsolete, then go try to retrieve some data you have stashed on a floppy disk or a zip drive.

Now because of our techo-love this MLM product category can if fact be one of the easiest to recruit for, but the flip side is that the volume can die in a heartbeat.

Now the argument for this type of product, that I have heard from several reps building this type of company in today’s market, is that people are already using this type of product already and so it’s a no brainer to just offer it to them cheaper and so why wouldn’t they switch?

Now this is true, but that is also a double edge sword, what happens when your slight edge over the competition fails or the market shifts.

With Technology you are marketing a commodity that is usually price sensitive and also easy to quantify in relation to the competition.

When the price shifts or newer sexier technology comes along, you’re done!

Sorry but as love as I may be with my new smart phone or my Sprint cell service, the love affair is over once there is a better device or a lower price.

Not convinced? Do you remember Excel Telecom? Huge, explosive MLM growth story that rode the wave of telecom deregulation. They rode that wave from 0 to a $ billion dollars++ and then back to 0 (out of business) in a pretty short period of time.

Enough said

So what is a hard working MLM Success seeker to do?

Well in my humble opinion you have 2 choices:

  • Build fast or

  • Change Your Business Model


The Truth & Illusion Of Network Marketing

Look network marketing is a business and just like any other business there are risks and rewards. The problem is that most hopefuls in MLM have been sold an illusion.

The illusion of Walk Away Residual income…….

You know, put in the time, hit the mark, retire to the Bahamas and have your grateful company wire the money to your bank account while you sip Rum Runners on the beach (now I have to tell you, I love that vision)!


Sorry this is a business and you are going to have to run it and keep building.


MLM Success – Business Models & Growth Dynamics

Now Growth Dynamics are the 2nd part of the MLM success puzzle. Now remember the example I gave where to generate an income of $5000 per month took over 2000 people in your downline? Well the critical factor that effects how quickly you can develop that army of distributors is company growth dynamics.


Growth Dynamics & The Momentum Growth Curve

The truth is that a standard MLM’s are totally dependent on growth dynamics, and continued consumption because it takes about 4,000 to 10,000 reps in your downline to make you $10,000 a month.

Now if you don’t want to take several years to get there, the only way you can hope to speed up the duplication process in a standard MLM is to hope the company hits one of those legendary accelerated growth curves often referred to as “Momentum Growth”.


MLM Momentum Growth – The Fast Track


mlm success


This is the main reason that MLM Pros tend to focus on new companies that have just launched, since they have a better chance of hitting an accelerated growth curve in the early days.

Now I know some large companies claim this is not true but let’s face it, from a business standpoint it’s a pretty well known fact that the go-go growth days for any company are usually in the early days where if they hit the mark they can rapidly expand into their easy market. However once they have grown to let’s say 500,000 or 800,000 distributors or so, the continued growth becomes slower.

Now this S shaped growth curve is a fact of life for all companies not just MLM’s.

However the only way you can take advantage of Momentum growth is to be properly positioned with a large enough group when it occurs which means you have to become a high volume recruiter.

Since you can’t foretell the future or control what happens with your company you have to learn how to build fast (10+ reps a month), bank the money, and realize that no matter how much you love the company, the time may come when you have to start over.

Also if you don’t see the growth dynamics materializing after a reasonable period of time just more on.

The other option which has been the mantra of the GPT, Get Paid Today, (See Coffee House Letter)  advocates for years is of course to adopt the top tier MLM or Hybrid Top Tier model (see Tidom)

The Top Tier Network Marketing business model, is not as dependent on company growth dynamics and consumption patterns within your organization. (See my Blog Post on Top Tier vs Traditional MLM, which is better) So you can generate a higher level consistent income stream sooner, as in a few months as opposed to 2 years or so.

The only downside to the Top Tier MLM business model is that its generally a pay to play ballgame so for you to be able to get the big dollar commissions of $1000 to $10,000 per transaction you need to have yourself bought those products.

Also when you go looking for $10,000 or $20,000 buyers you are fishing for the big tuna and you will generally sponsor fewer per month unless you just cast a bigger net (that’s how they do it with tuna by the way) and increase your lead flow and if you do it right, with high volume comes huge bucks!

Now one very attractive model that has come into the MLM market recently is the Top Tier Direct Sales MLM model (see Tidom). Now this model shares the best parts of the Standard MLM models with the same huge income potential that you get in a Top Tier MLM.

So in the final analysis you pay your money and you make your choice, and there are a lot of great companies out there that you can make money with. However understand what you are buying and what the risk factors are with a deal before you buy in.

I constantly advise students to look first at the business model and success factors before they simply fall in love with a product or a photocopied check.

 Register For My MLM Business Models Webinar Below and Learn The Real Truth About MLM Success

mlm success


MLM Success

Two Critical Errors That Will Kill Your Online MLM Success

online mlm successOnline MLM Success can be an elusive animal to hunt and capture.

Since being able to generate leads for you business online is supposed to be the quick way to Network Marketing or Biz Op success, why do so many opportunity seekers who try to take their business online seeking online MLM success end up totally destroying it instead?

Its true! Done incorrectly not only can marketing online totally empty your wallet, it can also doom your business.


Look most people who try to take their MLM business models online, keep doing exactly what they were doing offline and that’s a huge mistake. (Believe me I learned from experience)


  • Critical Online MLM Success Error #1 

Using a Direct Approach (Also known as the Pit Bull on the throat approach)

If you really want to be successful doing online lead generation then stop with the direct approaches and instead use a good Funded Proposal system like the Daily Income Team system or My Lead System Pro, that employ  indirect approaches.

This will not only generate 300% more leads for you but your actual conversion will also increase dramatically.


  • Critical Online MLM Success Error #2

Not Building A List (Auto-responders)

I cringe and feel slightly ill every time I think of how many hundreds of thousands or millions of leads I generated over the last 25+ years for the biz ops and MLM I was building and never built a list.

I mean I paid good money for years for those leads but the technology really was not there for a good automated follow up system so I basically just hit them between the eyes with my pitch and if they did not buy, I tossed them in the wastebasket

How stupid is that?????

I mean come on Marc, use the head boy! 

Just because they are not interested today….

how about tomorrow??

Or maybe Thursday??

Well don’t feel too sorry for me since I did make over a mil a year but what a waste. I wish I had all those leads now! Oh Baby….

Avoid this by using a good Autoresponder System like Aweber or GVO and leverage your success using technology.


Anyway I shot this short video today to give you a little FREE coaching on how not to sink your business online..

Check it out! 

Online MLM Success – Avoiding The Critical Errors

Numis Network Merges With WorldVentures – Yet Another MLM Business Bites the Dust

numis networkSo you are probably here looking for some information on the recent radical changes in what had been a couple of promising MLMs, Numis Network and WorldVentures.

The news flash that came out of Numis Network a few days ago is that they are merging with another MLM called WorldVentures.  So what’s up with that, or rather what does a gold and silver coin MLM have in common with a travel deal like World Ventures, and what we would really like to know is….

Is the Numis Network merger a good or a bad thing?

Well I guess that depends on whether you want to look at the illusion or the reality of what is really happening when two MLM’ merge.

Now after looking at all the glossy brochures and reading the glowing biographies of the company founder and corporate staff,  most people tend to buy into the illusion of this powerful company driven by unstoppable market forces that cannot be stopped,  blasting all obstacles away in their explosive growth curve, and then there is the truth,

Sometimes they fail…..

But sometimes the fate of a faltering company is not quite so clear cut, especially when they merge with another MLM.

Such is the case with the troubling recent merger of Numis Network with World Ventures

Numis Network Merges With World Ventures

Now mergers in the world of MLM are always spun to look like a synergy of powerhouse forces combining to form a new entity that is now greater than the sum of its parts. However the truth is that mergers in MLM business world are never, in my opinion, done from a position of strength, they are done in a last desperate attempt to salvage the only remaining asset of a failing company, its downline distributors.

Well let’s stop and examine that for a minute, what is Numis Network a collectible coin MLM doing merging with a travel company?

Wow, that seems like a good fit to me!

I am sorry, but I see no market synergy here at all.

Numis Network & World Ventures – Product Mismatch

So what are they going to sell commemorative limited edition vacation coins?

Or perhaps

Limited edition collector vacation programs

Now the failure of any MLM is a sad thing to me because of the dislocation of its distributor force and that sad fact that hundreds of thousands of distributors, many of whom may be counting on their checks to pay the bills are now in limbo or worse.

numis network


Now from all reports it looks as if WorldVentures is absorbing Numis Network in this merger so it’s obviously curtains for Numis Network.


Now in all fairness to Numis Network, I have seen instances where the absorbed distributors transition to the new company and do well, however it is generally the leaders with the most to loose who tend to embrace the new company business model and do well, however for the distributors who were in the deal because they loved the product, there is usually a mass exodus.

So will there now be a mass exodus of distributors from Numis Network? 

Well that remains to be seen

This always brings me back to the discussion of picking your business model first before you decide to let yourself get wooed by the glamour of some new MLM to make sure the business model you are picking is one that has the ability to get you to your financial goal within your time frame, and that you understand the risk.

Now when I say MLM business models, I am not talking about standard MLM compensation plans here,  it matters little if it’s a binary or a binary with a directors check match or a unilevel, or any one of a hundred different variations of the standard MLM compensation plan, it all boils down to one thing. Standard MLM’s compensation plans are very powerful in their ability to generate huge incomes however they do not do it overnight.

It constantly amazes me when I do coaching and mentoring sessions, the number of  people working an MLM program that say they want to be making $10,000 per month in six months  when I ask what their 6 month income goal is.  Which by the way,  is not a realistic business goal for a standard MLM.  Now with a different business model such as  a Top Tier MLM, or or other Hybrid-Top Tier Business Models (see business models webinar), then yes, but with a standard MLM, no.

Standard MLM compensation plans were never designed to give you huge incomes in a short period of time, they were designed to pay the big dollars over the long term as you develop a larger and larger organization.

In a standard MLM business model, once you take away all the special perks for sponsoring, etc, you are basically playing a 5% ballgame. So on average it will take a minimum of 2000 distributors in your downline to even make an average residual commission of $5,000 a month and in reality probably more like 4000 distributors since not everyone is active every month.

Now of course if you get some good coaching on high volume lead generation, and learn to use the internet as a marketing resource using online lead generation systems such as My Lead System Pro, then of course you can sponsor 10 or 20 people every month, however, unless you know of some magical way to sponsor 3000 or 4000 distributors into your team in a month or two, you are pretty much not going to get there in that time frame.

That means you have to rely on duplication, and that is what slows the process down.

Now if you stretch your time frame to 18 to 36 months then you have a shot at your $10,000 per month goal.  However that’s where the risk comes in. It takes a few years to develop your downline large enough to pay the big dollars, and if anything happens in the meantime, such as the company going broke, or regulators shutting your company down, or your main distributor leaving for greener pastures, or any one of a zillion other factors ( I call them X factors),  then you have done a lot of missionary work (unpaid or paid very little) for nothing.

Now if you are willing to shoulder that risk then go for it, but it’s important to know that in advance when you decide your business model.

Now there are business models in the home based business industry that have the ability to get you to that goal within the 6 month timeframe so that’s why it’s so important to look at your business model first before you your love affair with some MLM WOW product and then just assume the comp plan is going to get you there.

For a detailed look at home based and MLM business models and what you need to know to protect yourself in today’s market…


Register for my free MLM Business Models Webinar below and learn how the little known “X” factors control your destiny in an MLM business and how to immunize yourself so you can avoid the pain of regret 

animated-down-arrow 130-130

Numis Network, Numis Network Merger, Numis Network Review

150 Million MLM Prospects Right Under Your Nose – MLM Marketing Using Online Job Board Advertising

MLM MarketingSo if you searching for information on MLM Marketing approaches using online Job board Advertising to build your MLM business then you have come to the right place. In this online training review I will discuss the reasons why this little used but massive source of MLM leads can be used to successfully power your success in your MLM company.

Not too long ago in the days before I was an internet marketer, I had some pretty killer MLM marketing approaches that I used to dominate the world of MLM recruiting and sponsored dozens of new focused reps into my business each and every month.

Several MLM marketing approaches I used  were basically just variations of a number of old school MLM marketing approaches that I had used for over 20 years but revamped to use the technology of the present day.

They allowed me to build such an avalanche of lead flow and sponsor so many dead serious people into my MLM  that it propelled me to over 7 figures a year in income.

You know of course, that’s what it’s all about right?

Massive Lead Flow = Success

That’s the mythical secret of top producers that allows them to get rapidly to the coveted $10,000 per month and beyond.

05152013 MLM Marketing Using Online Job Board Advertising2

It’s a numbers game…..


The more leads you have, the more distributors you can sponsor, the more 20% ers you will surface, and the more 1% ers you will find.


Now there are some killer strategies that relate do strategically developing your organization that I do training’s on but that’s not part of our discussion today.

Today it’s about a pretty simple high volume MLM Marketing & lead generation approach that anyone can use.

Now I am going to be releasing some marketing information previously only available to my MLM Marketing  inner circle coaching team members about where you can tap into a inexhaustible lead pool of over 150,000,000 prospects for your MLM business.

This approach is simple, can be mastered by anyone and I used it to sponsor over 250 dead serious people into my MLM business in less than 2 years by using this one approach


Target Markets For MLM Marketing


Old School MLM professionals have traditionally targeted very broad categories of Transitional People for prospecting.

  • MLM Distributors of existing companies
  • MLM Hopefuls who are looking for a new company
  • Job Seekers
  • Opportunity seekers
  • Business Professionals looking for a change (Real Estate or Mortgage) 
  • Business Owners looking for a change
  • Entrepreneurs


Target Markets Online MLM Marketing


Now Online MLM Marketing and lead generation generally targets only the specific target market of  MLM distributors who are actively in the industry or looking.

However that leaves probably 150++ million potential prospects out of the equation since they are either not in Network Marketing, or not looking for network marketing or maybe they have been in MLM before but are not currently doing an online search for MLM.

So how do you tap into that huge untapped pool of latent MLM talent?


MLM Marketing Using Online Job Boards Advertising

Online Job Board Advertising allows you to tap into this fairly untouched segment of the market……

This approach allows you to tap into the more traditional MLM prospect marketplace.

Now Online Job Boards also known as “Resume databases” today represent a huge limitless reservoir of prospects, who because of today’s economy, represent prime suspects if not prospects.

What Are Online Job Boards


Online Job Boards today probably hold over 75 million ++ resumes of people who are transitional and looking for a change.……


Humm….. isn’t that who we are looking for?



Now there are hundreds if not thousands of  Online Job Boards on the internet but here are just a few of the big guys.

  • Monster.com 23 million + resumes of job seekers
  • Careerbuilder.com 36 million +
  • Beyond.com 26 Million +

To effectively tap this massive resource all you need is the right approach, good copyrighting, and a sales funnel system to filter your prospects.


Advertising approaches for Online Job Boards


Job Postings

Place Ad – Just like placing a newspaper ad only lots more traffic.

Capture Page – Target opportunity seekers into a custom capture page or  a video presentation overview of your opportunity (if you need an out of the box solution for setting this up see My Lead System Pro Review)

Application – Use application link through Google docs or Survey Monkey at the end rather than an opt-in form.

Direct Resume calls

Search Database – (Headhunter Approach) Use targeted search queries for the exact type of prospect with the exact skill you are looking for.

Categories – Business Owners, Independent reps, sales, realtor, mortgage broker, etc

Call Prospect & Sift – Call them directly and use the “Resume Database Call Script V3”  to build rapport and sift the prospects. Now this is just like doing regular MLM Prospecting calls except that you know that all these prospects are transitional and looking.

Resume Database Mining

Search database and then send  a custom sifting opportunity e mail (Resume Database E Mail Template) to sift the prospect and then direct them to your custom page or to a custom video with form. Now let me give you a word of advice here, do not send prospects to your MLM company replicated website and expect any results. That is not the way to do it.

MLM company replicated websites are only good for………

Well I can’t really think of anything they are good for, so my best advice is just don’t use them.

Rather go create your own simple online presentation using a video cam and post on youtube or if you really want to get serious use an out of the box marketing and squeeze page system such as My Lead System Pro where you can cut and paste for about 10 min and then you will have a professional looking capture page with a video stressing how hot your deal is to send your prospects to and you will actually sponsor some.

Search Database – Use a general query for skill set such as “sales” to get maximum search results.

Categories – Sales, Independent Sales Reps, work at home, Marketing, etc.

Sift Prospect Using e-mail – Click on the e mail hyperlink for each resume, cut & paste the “resume database letter” and send. Do one at a time – do not bulk e mail!

Rinse & Repeat: If going for volume you can average 200-300 individual e mails an hour or act like a true headhunter and target very specific skills (i.e. business owner or RE Broker), and personalize the e mail

So as you can probably tell I spent some time testing and refining this MLM Marketing process until it was a work of art and spit out new distributors like clockwork, but there is more detail than I can put into this short article, so you will just have to review the training video I did.

You will find the Scripts, ad copy, the approaches, it’s all there in the training I am going to give you access to.

Now as with all my MLM Marketing  training’s, they are free for a very short period of time and then they go into my paid training programs.

So if you want see the training webinar for free do it now or starting next week you can pay me $149.00 for it

Free is good………….

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 mlm marketing



MLM Marketing

MLM Business Models & Other Illusions

mlm business modelsSo let’s talk a moment about MLM Business Models.

Have you ever felt the thrill and frustration of being so close to success in something you could actually taste it?

Now if you have been there you know exactly what I mean, you can almost feel your hands on the steering wheel of the Ferrari, and if you close your eyes you can even smell the leather of that sexy interior, but most of the time there is this invisible barrier that keeps you away, and no matter how hard you tried to reach through and seize the success you deserve………..

it’s like trying to grab thin air.

Now a moment of truth here, if you really have the passion then you actually dream about it too, and in those dreams of course you also just can’t seem to get there.

Talk about frustration……………..


So what is the problem here?

Are we perhaps missing some critical MLM success gene? Too short, too tall, bad breath?

Well sometimes it may be that you are just too close to your object of desire to see the flaws, the faults and the mistakes.

That’s what happens when you want it so bad you can taste it,

You lose objectivity…….

If you are drowning in the heat of passion, all you can see is the object of your desire, not the flaws, not the limitations, not even the sometimes obvious solution that is staring you right in the face.

You are flying blind, and to coin an old saying “You can’t see the forest for the trees”

Sometimes you just have to pull back a few thousand feet, get a global view and rethink the objective and the goal.

So let’s for a moment strip our goals down to just the bare essence, set it on the desk top and step back and look at it.

So why are you doing this anyway? Now assuming that it’s not some love affair with the company’s products that set you on this journey, the answer is probably the same for all of us…….

Just show me the money!

So in reality what starts us all on this journey of financial freedom is the thought that there is the faintest glimmer of a hope that there may actually be a path to generating a large enough income to (dare we even dream this?) set us free to live the life we have always wanted.

You know that dream you had probably back in high school or college when the future was so bright you had to wear shades and you lived in a world of unlimited possibilities?

Well if you truly believe you can get there, and you can, then there are some things you need to know that will make your journey run much smoother. Let’s take a moment and look at the right and the wrong way to do it.

mlm business models

MLM Business Models – The Path of Frustration

• Most People join an opportunity and commit to a plan of action without ever bothering to look beyond the one company they were prospected into (The Truth & Illusion of Network Marketing)
• Once they buy “The Dream” most opportunity seekers continually bounce from one hot opportunity to another (see The Tyranny Of The Deal)
• Biz Op seekers today are constantly awash in a sea of the latest and greatest “Hot Deals” (see Is Network Marketing Dead?)
• Success here depends largely on “Random Luck”. Maybe you will hit a workable business model or not.

MLM Business Models – The Path of Success

• Map out your objectives
• Focus on identifying the correct MLM business models first, not the opportunity
• Pick MLM business models that will get you to your objective within your time frame (see Top Tier MLM vs Traditional – Which Is Better?)
• The final step is to identify the best company using those MLM business models and go for it

OK, so now let’s fine tune our search and do a planning

MLM Business Models Planning

• Do you want Immediate Income or Long Term Residual from your mlm business models?
• Single Income Stream or Multiple Income Streams?
• Location – Physical or Virtual?
• Capital required to startup, Large or Small?
• ROI – Return on investment
• Break Even Point – How long to recoup invested capital?

Yes I know that doing this the right way by deciding what you want from your mlm business models  first is a lot of work but let me try to shortcut this process for you.

MLM Business Models –  A Roadmap


mlm business models












So how do you get to the big dollars? What is the right path for your MLM business models, is it a Standard MLM or Top Tier MLM, Hybrid-Top Tier (Empower Network) affiliate marketing, or info product sales?

There are of course enough options to give you a headache.

Let me simplify it for you and give you a global view of MLM business models and a host of other business model options as well.

Here is a webinar I did a few days ago that outlined the best options in the market today for making that magical $10K a month in the next 90 days.


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MLM Business Models

Online Marketing Systems & The Funded Proposal

If you are here looking for information on Online marketing systems and Funded proposal systems then you have come to the right place. I will be examining the mechanics of how these Funded Proposal systems work , why in fact they work, and why if you want to be successful in generating leads for your home business it is critical for you to not only understand how they work, but why you should be using this unique marketing system.

funded proposal

The Mystery of The Funded Proposal

Now just about anyone from the home based business or network marketing industry who ventures online in search of better ways to build their business and generate leads sooner or later runs into the concepts of using Online Marking systems to generate lead flow and automate the process of giving a business presentation. They also run up against a unique but mysterious form of an online marketing system called the Funded Proposal.

Funded what??

Sounds exotic already…..

Now every industry and business model whether it’s franchising, network marketing, affiliate marketing or any host of other popular business models pretty much has its own language. Now for the uninitiated prospect who dives into that marketplace, the words and meanings can be downright confusing to say the least (i.e. capture page, landing page, funnels, slaps, plugins, widgets, and so many others it would fill a small dictionary).

 However words are just words and are usually easy to translate and understand. However the big stumbling blocks usually come with trying to understand different business model concepts, some of which are beyond the range of experience of a newbie, and since it usually represents something new and different, can be hard for a new person to grasp and get their arms around.

Implementing these new business model concepts can also be challenging since using them usually requires the rethinking or restructuring of an old well known approach, into doing something that is an entirely new business process.

Don’t ya just hate change…….

The Online Marketing System



Now this concept is pretty easy to understand since it is core to just about any business or sales model, and taking it online just uses a higher level of technology and automation than its non- internet based cousins.

Online Marketing systems are usually comprised of series of web pages that are linked together to first grab your prospects attention, capture their contact information, give them a video presentation, provide social proof of the product efficacy, and finally provide a buy option for the customer, all in an automated sales process.

In online marketing terminology these are called “Sales Funnels”

Here is what an online marking system usually looks like

  1. Capture Page (also called a Squeeze Page) – This is the initial webpage your prospect sees and its job is to provide them with just enough information and sizzle to make them want to know more. These pages may contain a short sales pitch video or sometimes just a few short phrases of powerful copyrighting designed to be so intriguing that the prospect is driven to want to know more. This page will also include an Opt-In form where the prospect has to enter their e mail address to receive more information and to gain entrance to the Landing or Sales Page of the Sales Funnel. Once entered the customer’s e mail address is automatically sent to an auto-responder system (such as Aweber or GVO) that will then provide automated e mail follow-ups with the prospect ever few days.
  2. Landing Page (Presentation Page) – Once the customer opts in or registers to get more information they are automatically redirected to a 2nd webpage containing a longer video sales presentation. In some online marketing system funnels there may even be a series of web pages and videos that the customer goes through step by step.
  3. Sales Page (Order Page) Usually the final step in the process is to offer the customer the ability to buy the product at the end of the sales funnel, usually with a “Buy Now” button that connects to a merchant account or shopping cart program that processes the customer information and sends the data on the customer to the company to process the order.

The Power of Online Marketing Systems

Now the power of the Online Marketing system is that your store or online sales funnel is open 24 hours a day, worldwide, and conducts the sales process for you automatically without you having to step in to manage the process or pick up the phone to close the sale.

A good online sales funnel selling a high profit product (such as Empower Network, Wealthmaster International, or other Top Tier MLM’s) and that targets a global market can make an online entrepreneur millions of dollars if done properly, and I might add, pretty much all on autopilot.

Yes Dorothy, that’s right you are no longer in Kansas, you are looking right into the eyes of your retirement in the Bahamas if you do it right….

FUNDED PROPOSALImagine sitting on your favorite beach enjoying a rum punch and smiling while you think about how much money you are making while you are not working.

Good grief, I want one!

Now you can see why internet marketing is so intriguing to so many business people.

Now of course as my economics professor used to stress “there is no free lunch” which means of course that you have to pay the price, but hey with a little study (well maybe a lot of study) and you laptop think about the life you could create.

Oh yes…….

Now online marketing systems are pretty straight forward, and as such pretty easy to understand but some forms of online marketing systems tend to leave newbie’s scratching their heads trying to wrap their head around a concept that radically different than what they are used to.

Enter the Funded Proposal Marketing System


Direct Approaches

Now most people in the world of business, home business, or network marketing are used to direct sales approaches. This is where you generate your leads, and directly pitch them on your business opportunity or product and present them with a buy decision.

Then the traditional sales model tells us to follow up until they buy or die (the Pit-bull on the throat approach).

Indirect Approaches

Now many sales people are also familiar with these approaches. These are slower but have a higher conversion ratio. This is where you don’t approach your prospect to buy right away but rather give them a chance to get to know you first, establish a Know-Like-Trust relationship first and then at some point they ask you to sell your product to them.

Attraction Marketing – The Know, Like, & Trust connection


These indirect approaches are also referred to as Attraction Marketing.

Now you may not know the label but you have seen it in action before, from stock brokers who do seminars to teach people how to trade stocks (so why do you think they do that?) to insurance agents who make friends with everyone in the community and never lay a sales pitch on anyone (and then write tons of business).

Attraction marketing is subtle and powerful, and the bottom line of the concept is that we would all rather do business with someone we Know-Like- and Trust, so if you establish that connection first then the sales process becomes effortless. There are even online courses that offer special training on how to implement these approaches online such as the Magnetic Sponsoring e book course.

The Funded Proposal

Now the funded proposal is also an indirect approach but this one is conceptually different, and probably confuses more people that try to market online than any other single concept because it goes against our basic desire for immediate gratification.

The World of Front End & Back End Products

In a funded proposal you usually will have a high profit product you want to sell your prospects but rather than approach them with that product first, you attract them with an alternate low ticket, high value product on the front end of your sales funnel to get their interest and attention and sell them that product first. (See EZ Money Formula)

Now once they are a customer you approach them with the higher profit back end product.

Now it’s important here that the front end product in your Funded Proposal be relevant to the primary business you are selling.

Funded Proposals Generate Cash Flow

One of the big benefits of the Funded Proposal is cash flow. Since generating leads costs money, why not monetize your lead generation efforts by selling a low cost high value product up front (see EZ Money Formula Funnel)

Funded Proposals and Top Tier MLM

Now Funded Proposals have been hugely popular in marketing Top Tier MLM programs. Since Top Tier MLM’s can cost anywhere from a few thousand dollars (Family IQ) to $20,000 or more for membership (Wealth Masters International), you are obviously going to have to drive a much larger lead flow than you would if you were selling a Matrix MLM membership for $25.

Funded Proposals – The Reverse Funnel System


Now the Reverse Funnel System is a type of Funded Proposal System, and it’s hard to say who actually invented the Reverse Funnel system but it is rumored to have been a Global Resorts International distributor in about 2006 who came up with the concept of setting up a powerful sales funnel presentation that sold prospects on a mysterious but powerful system for generating income and then had prospects submit an application and pay an application fee of $50 to see if they qualified for entrance to the program. This was later also used extensively by Carbon Copy Pro for their Wealthmasters International product.

The $50 fee generated the cash flow, and the back end product was a big ticket Top Tier Travel deal. Obviously more people paid the $50 than bought the big ticket deal but your business process generated cash flow while you were sifting and sorting for the qualified prospects.

There are many variations of this business system still in use today.

Funded Proposals and Standard MLM’s

Now the thought process of using a funded proposal to build a standard MLM goes something like this.

  • My high profit product is a Network marketing business opportunity
  • My target market is business opportunity seekers or existing MLM distributors in other companies
  • Identify the single biggest problem that people in that target market have in achieving success. (Now in my opinion that single biggest problem would be that most MLM hopefuls have real problems trying to consistently generate enough leads to power their business).
  • Next we generate leads from the target market and drive them to a funded proposal online sales funnel that offers them a solution to that problem, let’s say MLM leads, an online lead system, online marketing system such as My Lead System Pro, or an online training system like Empower Network that will teach them strategies on how to market online.
  • Then sell that market your front end product that will solve their problem of finding mlm leads,  and then once they are a customer sell then your back end high profit product or MLM.

Funded Proposals – Immediate & Time Delayed Sales Funnels

Now the process of offering the high profit back end product may be immediate and occur in the Funded Proposal sales funnel right after the initial front end product purchase (Empower Network), or it’s a delayed process in which you generate your leads, sell the front end product, and then contact your customers by phone and build rapport by getting to know them (My Lead System Pro) and give the Know-Like-Trust relationship time to develop before you try to sell them on your back end product (MLM company).

Now both these processes work well and which you use depends on what type of back end product you are selling. In the case of the immediate sale,  the back end product must be congruent to the front end product, and setup in such a way so that once the customer buys the initial product they can now see the benefit of the back end product and are much more likely to buy that also.

Empower Network which is a type of Funded Proposal actually does a great job on this since there are actually 5 levels of products that are immediately offered to the customer while still in the initial sales funnel, but each is offered to the prospect in ascending price order,  and only after the customer has completed the previous sales stage.

So in the example above the customer buys a $25 high value product, then they are offered a $100 training product, then after they purchase that they are offered the chance to buy a $500 training package and then a $1000 product and so on finally topping out at a $3,500 advanced training program.

Now using a Funded Proposal with a delayed sale such as with the My Lead System Pro marketing system, is necessary in that system since only about 1/3rd of the prospects coming into your sales funnel will probably be open to your back end business proposal immediately, but the other 70% of your leads will already be attached to some other MLM company or opportunity, so they will not be very interested in your sales pitch for why your MLM is better than theirs.

Why Wait?

Now since you know that Network Marketing is a transitional business, and  that the average time a new rep stays in a company before looking for some new and better opportunity is about 4 months. Now this is actually a killer lead generation approach since once you give the Know-Like-Trust relationship time to develop, you will convert a higher and higher percentage of your customers to the MLM you are building (see MLM Success The Tyranny Of The Deal).

Why Use The Funded Proposal?

  • Funded Proposals Generate More Prospects: Direct Approaches have lower lead flow and it’s harder to maintain list membership. Once someone has seen your deal and decided they are not interested they typically ‘Opt Out” of your list and they are gone forever
  • Funded Proposals Maintain Larger Customer Lists Over Time: Indirect Approaches allow you to build a much larger list of prospects that are all in your target market and also to maintain that list. Since you offered them something of value that did not conflict with their other business (tools, training, etc.) these customers tend to stay on your list.

Now if we think through our business process we know that if we approach enough leads directly about our business we would probably be able to sponsor the transitional prospects (those who are looking right now) and that probably represents about 2% or 3% of the total lead flow.

So we profit from the 3% but we lose money on the 97% who did not buy and to make it worse we know that since the MLM prospect market is very transitional, a very high percentage of the no-buy prospects will at sometime in the future be good prospects for your business once again.

  •  FUNDED PROPOSALFunded Proposals Give You Cash Flow: Funded Proposals allow you to cash flow your marketing efforts by the sale of your front end product, and to monetize your list on a long term basis by selling other products of value to that same list over and over.

Now if you learn to use tools like the Funded Proposal effectively you will find your success in building your home business will increase dramatically, and you may in fact find yourself on that perfect tropical beach smiling as you think about your laptop based business and that huge shopping cart in the Cloud that is now working for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Interested In Setting Up Your Own Funded Proposal Marketing System?

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Funded Proposal


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Stop The Financial Frustration!  Marc Barrett reveals the [MILLION DOLLAR GAME PLAN]

Here we are once again rushing head long into yet another year! Well you know the saying…


Time flies when you are having a good time, but of course time also flies when you are not.


It especially flies when you are not reaching your objectives and you goals and then the frustration curve hits you like a ton of bricks.


You start to wonder …


“What am I doing wrong?”


“Am I missing the critical MLM success gene?


“Why isn’t this working?”


Well let me give you the bottom line here……..


Unrealistic business goals! 


I don’t care how badly you want success, if you are trying to achieve a huge income in a few short months using the wrong business model, you are trying to get your business to do something it was never designed to do.


Its kind of like jumping into a an old VW beetle and pushing on the gas pedal and expecting it to go 120 miles an hour.


Its just not designed to do that.


However what I can show you is a network marketing business model that is the only one I have ever seen that has a realistic 5 figure income potential in 90 days or less.  


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The Million Dollar Game Plan

I will be sharing some very powerful information and private insights on…….

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From Bankruptcy to $1.5 Million a year – The power of an MLM Marketing System

mlm marketing systemIf you are here looking for information about what an MLM Marketing System is,  and how you can use them to achieve success then you are in the right place.

First let’s talk money……………….

So there I was less than 3 years into my first MLM marketing experience and after six painful months of stumbling around doing really stupid stuff………

Then BINGO! 

I found the  most powerful secret to generating income know to modern man and my income shot to over $1 million a year……………..

mlm marketing system


So what was the Secret?

Was it “LUCK” or “TIMING”?

Well actually it was much simpler, it was that I discovered the power of a system, and how an MLM marketing system that actually works combined with massive action, is without a doubt the most powerful success tool ever invented.

In short I found something that worked, jumped on it, and ran with it!

Now most people who sell the MLM success dream generally focus on only one key factor when they spin the tale of what it takes to have huge financial success in Network Marketing.


Now timing, being in the right place at the right time, can of course be a very powerful element that can acceleration your growth, but Timing in itself can’t create success.

So what can?


The MLM Marketing System…………….


Most people do not understand the power of a good system but it’s what really defines almost all success in the world today from huge corporations, to a franchise, to a successful online business model or store.

You see if you have a successful system, you can literally create success over and over and then you can use your system to leverage your success.

Having a successful MLM Marketing system was how I went from Bankruptcy ( with a big B )  to earning over $1.5 million in my first MLM business in less than 3 years.

Now of course I would love to tell you that it was all because I am a brilliant marketing strategist…

Actually I am really good at marketing but without a MLM Marketing system to leverage my own efforts that allowed me to do in one hour what it took others days to do, well I would still be back there doing one on one sales pitches like you are probably doing right now.

Now I am humble enough to say that I did not invent the entire system, but simply combined a few elements that were already there in such a way that it became more than the sum of its parts.

Then when I saw how powerful and quick it was at generating the success I wanted, I grabbed it and ran with it.


Then I leveraged the system to make millions


The MLM Marketing System – My Blueprint to $1.5 million a year

My original MLM Marketing system came out of discussions 25 years ago with two MLM legends and mentor’s of mine, Mark Yarnell and Jerry Campisi.


MLM Marketing System Key Element 1

The first part the system came from discussions I had with Jerry Campisi that changed my mindset from approaching MLM success as an “Identify and Sell” proposition to a “Sifting and Sorting” mass marketing mindset.

In short this proposition said:

Sift the population to find “Leads”, sift the leads to find, “Suspects”, sift the suspects to find “Prospects”, and sift the prospects to find the people who raise their hand and say “I’m In, sign me up”!

That in fact was one of my first “Ah Ha” moments in my journey to the word of MLM.


MLM Marketing System Key Element 2

Now trying to sift through huge numbers of prospects  by giving one on one presentations did not work well, the population of potential prospects is simply too large and the time it takes to do one off presentations is too long.

Enter mentor #2 Mark Yarnell

Now Mark Yarnell is a character to say the least, I could tell you stories all day long about his antics in the world of MLM, it’s the stuff of legend, but the key element I gained from him was “Duplication”

Now I was sifting and sorting but still doing it by direct presentation and not hitting the success or the numbers I knew I needed.  Then in talking to Mark Yarnell he told me flatly that he knew exactly what I was doing wrong.

He said that I was too good at what I did, too polished and when people looked at me, they listened to my presentation and probably saw the potential but the also looked at the process they also would have to do to be successful and decided they just could not do what Marc Barrett did.

In short I was not duplicatable

He told me to use a short video tape presentation he had done. I was to sit people down, play the tape and let the tape do the selling.

Later I gave a presentation to a CPA in Denver and after watching the video he asked me………

He said “I just want to know one thing, can I buy that video tape and do what you are doing”

The 2nd Ah Ha Moment strikes…………..


My MLM Marketing System


I then strung these two concepts together, added in several other elements and created my first MLM Marketing system

  1. Run ads in newspapers to generate 100 leads a week
  2. Prospect reads the ad and calls a Voice Mail number and listens to a 2 min screening recording sizzling the opportunity and leaves their name and number for more information
  3. I call prospects, give no details on the phone and schedule them into a group presentation for the next day at my home
  4. I group 6 to 12 people into each presentation and schedule 3 sessions per day.
  5. I play the video tape presentations for the group and then do a strong “Take Away” and tell them to go home and think about it, and to call me back only if they want to move forward. I also tell them if I don’t hear back in 2 days I am crossing their name off the list.
  6. No follow-ups

This simple system allowed me to sift and sort through large numbers of potential prospects quickly and the video presentation made it duplicatable.


No Follow Up?

Now the idea of not following up horrifies most sale people who are taught to follow up till they buy or die, however the no follow up strategy allowed me to free up massive amounts of time that I would have wasted trying to close unmotivated prospects into my business and instead gave me the time to focus on generating the volume.

I only signed the people who took action and came back to me. This allowed me to build an organization of action takers and not burn time trying to close and motivate the non action takers.


MLM Marketing System Key Element 3


Massive Action and Leverage

Now with a system that worked in hand, I had a blueprint that I could pass to my organization so I quickly gathered my team leaders and give them the exact blueprint of what to do and branched quickly all over the US.


MLM Marketing System Evolution

Now MLM marketing is always in a state of flux and evolution, and what works at one point in time tends to change from time to time.

Now that system does not work anymore, the technology behind it changed but when one door closes another opens and if you keep your eyes open you will always find the path.

Enter The Internet

Now today of course the target market  for MLM prospecting has grown from the local market or even local country to a seamless global market, and the larger the audience, the more powerful the MLM marketing system needs to be to cope with the huge scope of finding MLM Leads in a virtually unlimited global market.

The internet of course is where you will now find the most powerful MLM marketing systems like My Lead System Pro, Empower Network, or the Daily Income Team System  just to name a few.

These systems allow you to make use of technology to leverage the power of the internet to not only sift and sort your prospects but they can do it with the speed and scope that’s hard to even imagine.

Remember you job is not to invent the perfect approach but simple to find it, jump on it, take massive action, and then leverage your success.

Now I have always kept my eyes and mind open to changes in the marketing universe with special attention to MLM Marketing System developments.

I was reminded of how powerful some of the new Marketing systems can be when I saw this Killer video yesterday.


Check it out







MLM Marketing System

MLM Leads – Get Paid To Click Lead Generation – Killer Internet Marketing Strategy or Trolling For Trash

So if you are looking for information on Get Paid To Click marketing, you have come to the right place. In this review I will discuss if Get Paid To Click internet and online marketing strategies actually work and do an in depth review of whether a Get Paid To Click strategy should be part of your online marketing tool chest or if it’s just a terrible waste of time.

Get paid to click leadsHigh Volume Lead Flow

Now of course having adequate lead flow to power your home based or online business is not only critical to your long term success, but it will affect your bottom line in ways you probably can’t even imagine, like the difference between making $500 a month and making $50,000 a month.

In fact if you are courting success in the online marketing world you should already know the mantra.

“With high lead flow you fly… Without it you die…..”


I think this was best expressed by one of the all time greats in the world of high volume lead generation Daegan Smith who at one point in his internet marketing career was generating over 2600 leads a day.

2600 leads a day?

Holy crap that’s a lot of leads!

Sorry for the raw language but I get excited just thing about that the internet marketers holy grail, being able to generate several thousand leads a day.

Daegan recently spoke at the, the My Lead System Pro “Live The Dream 2” event in Orlando Florida , and as he was taking about high volume lead generation his face latterly lit up as he said…

“Traffic will set you free”

Well I guess so,

But is getting that high of a lead flow really that hard?

Is it really something that is reserved for the true masters of “Time And Space”, the internet market Gurus?

Well actually no…..

Leads are easy, heck in a recent blog post I reviewed a dozen ways I can show a total newbie to generate high volume lead flow (MLM Leads And Why You Don’t Have Any).

This may come as a shocker for some of you but generating a

get paid to click

high volume lead flow is not really that hard, (see my review 433 MLM Leads In One Day? ) the real issue is what you do with those leads.

Now that comes down to a discussion of business models and what you should be doing to get the biggest bang for the buck from monetizing that lead flow but that’s another discussion for another day.

Now for most people who have embraced the idea of online marketing and are desperately buying every new online course they can lay their hands on just to get a hint of how in the world you actually get leads online, the industry standard you hear over and over again is……

10 leads a day is good, at 25 leads a day magic starts happening, and at 50 to 100 leads a day you are pretty much a master.

Or so the masters tell you to get you to spend several hundred dollars on their training course.

But why settle for the slow lane? How about if I could show you an approach that could generate you 100 leads a day and cost you only pennies?

I guess that would make me the new guru right?

Well I will show you a trick here but what I want you to understand is that not only do you need to raise your sights on lead flow, but more importantly start focusing on what exactly are you trying to sell those leads.

Avoid Marketing Mismatch

Generating large lead flow is the first step in the process, but then you must also be offering them something they not only see the benefit in, but also want to buy.

Depending on the leads this could range anywhere from a standard MLM offering (low ticket) to a Top Tier MLM (big ticket) to an affiliate marketing tool (low ticket) to maybe even a Warrior Forum offer (very low ticket) or even several of the above products.

If you are too set on selling just one thing or opportunity to a lead group before you test to see what they actually want, then you could end up have a marketing mismatch, totally miss the mark and come away thinking that the lead source was bad when they were just telling you they did not like what you were offering.

Marketing is all about learning to be a matchmaker and making everyone happy.


Get Paid To Click Lead Basics – Monetize your Lead List

So you have probably heard that in the world of online lead generation it’s all about building the list, and that is very true. Now once you have generated a bunch of leads the next step is to monetize your list, so that you can make money off of your lead generation efforts.

Now there are as many ways to generate cash flow online as there are BMW’s in South Florida, however some are fairly low yield such as a Standard MLMs or affiliate marketing programs, while others give more bang for the sale such as Top Tier MLM or Hybrid Top Tier models.

But back to the whole point of this article which is to examine one of the little known niche markets where you can generate huge lead flow for latterly pennies per lead, it’s called Get Paid To Click advertising.

Now you may already be familiar with a lot of the different types of co-op marketing models out there such as Safe Lists or marketing sites where everyone becomes a member and then markets to each other but you probably don’t know about Get Paid To Click models.

Now Get Paid To Click advertising is not new but it is powerful and if you use it properly can provide you with not only a powerful testing ground for different marketing approaches, squeeze pages, and products but can also pretty much bury you in leads in a heartbeat.

Believe it or now Get Paid To Click Advertising sites have massive traffic, a recent Alexa.com search showed one of the industry giants Neobux had a traffic ranking of 100. Now that blew me away, a little old co-op ad site that is one of the 100 most trafficked websites in the entire world?

get paid to click


If you could see my face right now you would see total AWE!

Now the premise of these Get Paid To Click marketing sites is twofold, one is that they attract millions of members (yes I said millions)  who sign up for a free account so that they can get paid to Click  on and view different ads every day. The more sponsored ads you click on and view for time increments that vary from 15 seconds to 1 minute or more the more you can potentially make.


Now just so you don’t get confused here, don’t waste your time becoming a click monster to try to make money, that’s not your objective. You make such a tiny amount of money clicking on ads that if you spend every waking hour online mindlessly clicking through the ads you could make as much as a few hundred dollars a month.

I hope that’s not why you are here, remember set your sights higher. It’s really as easy to make $10,000 or $20,000 or more a month online as it is to make $500, so don’t waste your time in little league.

Now the flip side of this is that these Get Paid To Click ad sites sites also attract advertisers (that would be us) who pay the sites to be able to post their ads in front of that huge audience and try to generate traffic.

Now with most of the Get Paid To Click Advertising sites you will be paying per click, so that every time someone clicks on your ad and stays on it for the required time period that counts as a click for you.

So in fact you can place an ad, and pay maybe $16 for a thousand clicks and people will be waiting in line to click on your add and look at your squeeze page.

Yes, yes I know, that’s incentivized clicking, and initially the trough of paying people to go to your website does not seem like a good idea, but stay with me here, I am going to make a point.

  1. Who is your target market? Well if you are trying to attract biz op buyers to your MLM, affiliate marketing, or home based business model, then the audience on these Get Paid To Click sites are exactly who you want. These people are trying to make money online, they just don’t know a better way.  Now of course they are spending their time badly and not making very much but that’s what you are there to show them right, the higher profit way your business opportunity can provide them.
  2. They are paid to click, however they are not paid to Opt-in. Now this is an important point. They are paid to look at your website but that’s it, so if they decide to actually opt in, they have now become a qualified lead and I might add at a cost per lead that will blow you away, would you believe $0.16 to $0.30 cents a lead?


Get Paid To Click Lead Generation Strategies

Here are some simple marketing guidelines that will help you use this strategy to the fullest.

  • Use Simple Ads and don’t lose too many brain cells trying to develop some killer sexy ad Remember these people get paid to click on your ad so they are probably going to click on everything.
  • Test In Small Batches: Buy a group of 5000 or so clicks for $50 or so and then test your different offers and squeeze pages in batches of 1000 to determine the best converting offer.
  • Track Your Results: Remember you are now a marketer and not only is “Test” your new middle name but “Track” is now your new last name. Use tracking tools like Hypertracker or other online tracking tools to help you gauge performance of your campaign, otherwise you are flying blind.  These are simple and cheap to use.
  • Use Clicks To Test Your Offer and then use a fixed ad to open the doors to lead heaven. Most of these services will offer both pay per click services to advertisers and also Fixed ads where you may pay per day for an ad to run and you will receive unlimited clicks. ( I have pulled in over 1000 leads in 2 days using this approach)
  • Use Geo Targeting To Test: If you are testing in small batches and are actually paying for your clicks then it only makes sense to use their geo-targeting tools so that your ad only gets displayed in the countries your select. So if you have an offer that is only good in the US, you sure don’t want leads in the UK especially if you are paying for clicks. Now once you have established that your offer or squeeze page converts and you move to a fixed ad you may want to remove the geo targeting to maximize leads.
  • Test Several Different Get Paid To Click advertising portals: Results can vary between portals.


So there you have it, properly used Get Paid To Click Ad Sites can give you huge lead flow to jumpstart your business model.


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