Marc Barrett’s Traditional Holiday Rant – Help I Am Trapped In A Time Warp!

Humm….. it’s that time of the year again.

You know, the time when things get busier and busier as we hit Thanksgiving, then all of a sudden it’s like we have been sucked into a time warp and it’s  a non-stop blast through the December holidays and suddenly here it is.

We stare across the gulf that separates us from the next year and we can feel it growing shorter and shorter by the day.

So our first thought is

December already?  No way! I want a “do over”!

Now tiding up all the loose ends and ending the year is a lot of work, so the first thing we do is to drag out our holiday greeting card list and reach out to that extended group of family and friends to say hello once again, to let them know they are still in our hearts and prayers (or that they are lucky to  still on our list), and maybe even toss in a little summary of what has happened in our life over the last year.

Maybe we even put in a little plug about getting on Facebook so they won’t feel so totally in the dark and shocked when they learn that cousin Mary Lou ran off with a 2nd string baseball pitcher from Missouri and now lives in Japan and teaches English (just kidding).

Well as I dragged out my list and then wandered back over what has happened in my life over the last year, I re-read my blog post from last December 25th , Holiday Best Wishes & A Special Gift. I smiled when I thought how true it was that the best gifts can’t be sent by Fedex, or special delivery, they are the gifts that we give of ourselves.

They are the friendship, the love, the understanding, the encouragement, and all the little and big ways we can reach out and give part of what we are to others.

This year as I did my review and tried to think of a gift I could give, I suddenly realized what an interesting transitional year 2012 was.

On one side we are still sitting in the middle of  an economic meltdown in the world economy and there was pretty much bad news spinning out of the media on a daily basis (does this ever change)? However I also discovered that if you plan your business model correctly you are pretty much immune to the ups and downs of the economy. I was saddened by the passing of my mother Helen, an amazing woman and a constant source of inspiration to me who almost made it a full 97 years, I  will miss her.

On the other side it was an amazing journey for me, I welcomed the new year in Geneva Switzerland by watching some killer fireworks, launched several  new business models (Empower Network, Marc Barrett’s Marketing Mastery University, and others),  spent lots of time hanging out with family in Colorado (my 2nd home),

IMAG0673 (2)Running The Boulder Boulder 10K With Aaron, Paul, Alli & Jacob

I becoming a grandfather for the 3rd and 4th time (what are my kids doing having kids??), and generally had a pretty amazing time.

IMAG0879 cropIMAG0944 crop
Paul & Kate                                                            Aaron & Preston

I also welcomed another birthday. I should rephrase that, actually I did not welcome it, however I know  that life is a journey to be lived to the fullest and we must cherish every moment on the way, even the stupid birthdays!

So I decided my gift to you this year would be the gift of “Choice”

I know, you already have choice so in a way this is kind of like re-gifting.

So the point is this, we all have a choice.

No one’s life is perfect, that’s simply an illusion. We all have challenges, disappointments, roadblocks, and the highs and lows.

However we can choose what we wish to focus on, that’s the gift of “Choice”

This holiday season more than ever before I hope you focus on all the good parts of the journey of 2012 and “Choose” to feel blessed, and I wish for you to feel all the infinite possibilities that life holds in store for you in 2013.

IMAG0950 crop

Happy Holidays



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