Happy Mothers Day Mom!

Well the double whammy happened in 1915!


It was mothers day and also my mom’s birthday.

Image that, being born on mothers day….

Just that one coincidence makes her unique, but of course that is only he barest hint of who she was and what a unique and powerful lady she really was.

Its been over 10 years now that she had been gone, yet the spirit she helped to instill in me will be with me always.

Below is a re-post of a blog post from 10 years ago

My mom is Helen, an inspirational lady in my life and she is 94 and loosing it slowly but surely. The love is still there but the daily mileposts and reminders and memories are now foggy. She still dances to the Beatles music when I take her for ice-cream but then it’s gone.

I visited her this last weekend as I do every week and I noticed something that reached in and seized my soul like an icy hand.

There were these little boxes outside the door of each of their rooms, boxes that they could put things into, mementos and pictures to symbolize them and their lives.

“This is what my life was all about, this is me. “

Wow, what as sobering thought. If we had to, right now  today, put our lives in a little glass box outside our door, what would it say about us?

Would you be proud of your own life? Would you have done all you wanted, or would you still be waiting with the big dreams unfulfilled?

Look before the thought overwhelms you, I will tell you I had a really hard time with that thought. I have had some great success, some huge incomes, I have kids that love me, but wow  my life in a box, that was disturbing.

Those boxes were filled with old pictures of wonderful people in their prime, in the passion of life, living in the moment and looking forward to a future of joy.

I looked at my own life and knew there was so much still left undone, so much still unwritten in my story. Sometimes life presents us with these moments of clarity, of clear view, and challenges us to either hide, or embrace the idea of change and move forward.

I choose forward, you know  its never too late.

May that box at your door be overflowing with a life well lived and with no stone unturned (your bucket list fulfilled). Like the ancient Romans used to say…..

Carpe Diem (seize the day)

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