How FEAR destroys you life…

So lets talk FEAR…

We are all afraid of something you know,
  • its only natural
  • Its how we were built
  • Its a survival tool programmed into us
Its also one of the most destructive forces in our life
And once we let fear creep into our lives we are always 2nd guessing ourselves 
  • What if you make the wrong decision?
  • What if…
  • What if….
  • What if…
And if you really have it bad
  • you just stall out
  • you never take a chance because of the fear you might fail
But stepping through the fear can lead us to pivotal moments that forever change the course of our lives
Quick story here: 
“I was studying Spanish in a little town called Bocas del Toro in Panama, and one day at lunch I saw this beautiful woman at a table alone and I really wanted to strike up a conversation but then there was the fear that all single guys live with “the fear of rejection” 
For a moment I reasoned I really did not have the time, I had to go study that afternoon but then the other side of my brain told me “good grief get your butt over there and say hello, this could be the love of your life”
  • And I did talk to her
  • And you know what! She turned out to be the love of my life
  • And name is Julie
So what are you waiting for?
What is standing in the way of your life being all that it could be?
Are you going to fix it or hide?
Now here is some real fear below. Stepping off a 100′ platform with your feet tied together.
But you know what? 
I lived
life success

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