Top Tier Direct Sales vs Network Marketing

What Are Big Ticket Sales

So, what exactly are “Big Ticket Sales” and why should you even care?

Well to sum it up in one word, “profitability”


So, if you are an aspiring online businessperson, you will make more money and have more sanity working on the Big Ticket side of the equation.

Even if you are a sales employee working for someone else, why waste your time selling low end stuff and receiving a low end commission when it’s just as easy to change your focus to the big ticket end of the marketing spectrum and make a lot more.

A recent survey of jobs on ZipRecuriter, showed that Big Ticket sales job openings went as high as $225,000++ per year and more.

Big ticket sales are generally anything costing $1,000 or more. These could be any type of high-end product such as cars, high end bikes, jewelry, or online training and coaching courses.

In the world of online business, Big Ticket entrepreneurs can make 7 figures a year or more, many times selling coaching or training courses many of which run upwards of $20,000 to $50,000 or more, that can generate up to a whopping 100% profit!

Well right now you are probably thinking….


Yes Marc, so take me there, that’s the side of the tracks I want to live on!

Next, your excitement will probably be clouded by the insurmountable obstacle….

“Wait! I have no training program to sell and I don’t even know how to create one much less market it!”

Well, if you are not a creative genius, have no fear, there are others who have gone before you and have left trail markers. There are many affiliate programs where the training or info products have already been created, along with the websites, and you can always start by just marketing someone else’s material and collect commissions until that stroke of creative genius taps you on the shoulder.

As a matter of fact, there are a pretty large number of online business people who make over $1 Million are year just marketing Big Ticket affiliate products for others.

So, watch the video above and take a look at how this business model actually works.

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