MLM Leads – Get Paid To Click Lead Generation – Killer Internet Marketing Strategy or Trolling For Trash

Do Get Paid To Click online marketing strategies actually work? I have heard many stories of people generating over 600 leads in an hour, but are these leads any good or just a terrible waste of time.This critical review takes a look at this high volume lead strategy to see if its a valid approach and if so should you be doing it? Read more »

MLM Leads By Tonight? No Way! An Approach So Simple You’ll Laugh

Can you ever have too many MLM leads for your business? Stupid question huh? Now you know of course that figuring out online lead generation can open the mystical floodgates of cash flow for your business but of course that's the challenge. How to figure it out the sometimes complicated world of online marketing. Heck even with a good coach, some of the online approaches take quite a bit of study and work and of course time to really get good at. So when a stupid simple approach that works comes along, I jump on it. Read more »