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If you are interested in learning how to successfully build your business I can offer you several options.

  • Free Training Resources – When I develop and publish online training programs I always make them available for free for a limited period of time. Be sure to add this website to your RSS feeds so that you are updated whenever new material comes out. You will also find some free Marketing Training Resources below.
  • Personal Coaching – I offer personal one on one personal coaching sessions by the hour, please see the pricing schedule below.
  • Consulting – For big marketing projects or for companies looking for strategic marketing solutions I offer consulting services, please see the pricing below.
  • Work With Marc Barrett – I have a few marketing businesses in the MLM/Network Marketing arena that I promote. If you join me in one of my businesses then my training & coaching is available to team members at a discount. Please see the link at the top of the page “Work With Marc Barrett” for more information.

Marketing Training Resources

In the world of Internet Marketing today, even the novice knows that there is a massive amount of traffic online every day searching for everything.

The amount of traffic is so massive that no matter what you are selling or promoting there are probably hundreds of thousands of people right now looking for exactly what you have.

The trick is learning how to find and target that traffic or a better way to look at it is “How do you get them to find you”.

There are many powerful ways to do this in today’s market and you need to learn how to use them or be left behind. The list of marketing approaches is extensive: Google Adwords, Article Marketing, Viral Lists, Social Media Marketing, and it goes on and on.

Here are a few simple approaches that you can use to started. These are the best Free ways to get huge traffic that I know of.

  • Facebook Marketing: Social Media is massive in today’s market. Facebook alone has over 350,000,000 members. Here is a free training on how to capitalize on that huge market
  • Article Marketing: Many marketers have heard of SEO (Search Enjine Optimization) but there is an easy powerful way to do it that top internet marketers have been keeping quiet for the last few years. It has to do with (believe it or not) writing articles and posting them to the online E Zine article directories. Sounds easy enough doesn’t it. Well the secret science to this is…… well just check it out. I know one guy that used this approach and within 60 days was generating over 50 leads a day for his business, all free!


Personal Coaching

If you are interested in one on one personal coaching to take your business to the next level you can select from the Personal Coaching Packages below or contact us for a custom package that will meet your needs and get you moving quickly in the world of online marketing.


I offer three basic levels of marketing consulting services

Marketing Solution – I will give strategic targeted advice on the best way to market your product and service along with advice on specific tools and vendors to target your market.

Marketing Analysis – This includes the Marketing Solution consulting but also includes market research to determine the best course of action.

Business Plan Development – This includes the Marketing Solution consulting, Marketing Analysis Consulting, and also development of a business basic business plan that includes Branding solutions.