Work With Marc Barrett

Ever wonder what makes the difference between success and failure in Network Marketing?

  • Ever wish you could crack the code?
  • Can’t quite put your finger on what is holding you back?
  • Are you sick of your lack of success and would do just about anything to be able to turn it around and reap the rewards you see all around you in the MLM industry.

Well I have to tell you we have all been there. We have caught the vision and then been denied entrance to the kingdom.


We all enter the MLM world as beginners, we have our perception of what makes it work and we rely on our upline to coach us to success or we ignore their advice and go do it our way.

Since MLM works for an entirely different set of business principals than traditional business it can be hard to figure out even if we have been successful in other endeavors.

After the initial glow of sign up wears off we keep attending the meetings and watching what other distributors do to achieve success, trying to find some clue. This observational method can sometimes lead us down the wrong path. I have seen too many people try to pattern their business based on the pure luck of what has happened to other distributors to generate their success.

The odds are that we are going to hit the wall, we are going to fail or the company will and then the average beginner will dig a hole and crawl into it and hide vowing never again to venture into the world of MLM.

Here is a revelation for you, professionals, top earners, and leaders fail also. The problem with professionals who have been around the industry for a few years and have achieved success is that we know the system works, even if sometime the companies do not.

That’s what sets the top earning professional who seems to go from success to success apart from the frustrated beginner……..belief! The professional also hit bad deals now and again, but they know when to stop and move on and to keep swinging the bat until they hit another home run.


There could be many things standing between your desire and your lack of success but I will give you the short list:

  1. Insufficient lead flow
  2. Posture
  3. Poor phone skills
  4. Learning the discipline of the self employed
  5. Lack of good coaching
  6. Bad choice of company

Notice what is at the top of the list? It’s all about having a high enough lead flow to hit the numbers you need to find your leaders. Funny that the company is not at the top of the list, you probably thought it would be.

Learn the essence of how to successfully build a network marketing business and you can use your skills to be a top performer in any company. Of course once you have those skills, using them with the right deal will make the difference between creating a huge income and creating wealth. More on that later.

If you are dead serious about your success in Network Marketing and are coachable I invite you to contact me about the opportunity to work with me personally.

I work with a select group of entrepreneurs on my team to teach them the skills and the direction necessary to achieve their goals in the next in the next 90 to 120 days.


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