A $10 Million Dollar Yacht Sitting Outside My Back Door… Now That’s Success!

Share Pick your poison….. Ferrari? Lamborghini? Bentley?   What would be your treat to yourself for having really made it?…. For many it would be a sexy car or a huge house, but for me…. The hot button would be a $10 million dollar yacht! Because I love travel and […] Read more »

The Gift of Time

ShareSo where do you want your “New Year” sent? It’s pretty amazing to think about really, Today we will receive the very special gift of a whole new year to play with. Untouched, untarnished, unused, a blank slate of 12 full months for us to write the days of our lives […] Read more »

The Million Dollar Game Plan Business Model

ShareStill Struggling To Get To The Magical $10,000 Per Month In Your MLM or Home Business? So lets talk business models here for a moment. It amazes me how many people I talk to every day that want desperately to achieve success in their home based business and finally enjoy […] Read more »